OMF V3C69 Why Hadn’t He Used the Opportunity?

Yuchi Bing Xia frowned, trying to come up with an explanation for Yu Jin’s response. Well, Yu Jin had also said back then that it was alright not to get these demonic practitioners. Maybe he was still scared? After all, even his old Master had lost against them and he had probably looked up at him and regarded him as the strongest existence he knew.

Yuchi Bing Xia’s gaze softened when he thought of that. Even though Yu Jin never had trouble doing any of the tasks he gave him or reaching the cultivation goals he set for him, he was still young. Being talented and hardworking didn’t mean that there was nothing that could faze him. No, this reaction was probably normal. Maybe it was the most normal reaction that this disciple of his had ever shown.

The Sect Master reached over and took Yu Jin’s hand, making the youth look up at him. “I know this is hard. You … probably still miss him and you might feel that there is no way for you to win. But you won’t be alone. There will be other disciples with you and this time around, you know what you’ll get into. If not because these demonic practitioners despicably attacked your Master from behind, he likely wouldn’t have lost.”

Yu Jin kept quiet for a moment. Finally, he shook his head. “Master, don’t you think you’re being too optimistic. Attacking from behind is to be expected of demonic practitioners. As is ambushing somebody. So wouldn’t everybody take precautions and pay attention to these things?”

Yuchi Bing Xia sighed. The poor boy was probably traumatized by that event. Regardless of what he said, he wouldn’t give in that easily and change his mind. “Then what do you think was the reason for your Master to die?”

“There are likely stronger practitioners around. Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple only had a run-in with a small group. He didn’t pursue them and didn’t fight so he doesn’t know how strong they are. But it seems there is a village below the village.”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded but he didn’t quite understand what Yu Jin wanted to say.

“Master, we don’t know anything about that underground village. Who is to say that it is indeed just a village? Yes, it is located below that village but it could be much bigger. In fact, wouldn’t it be likely for there to be more than one entrance and exit? Otherwise, they would be trapped there, if somebody found the place Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple stumbled upon.”

“Yes, that is true.”

“So if there is more than one exit, it should be that the underground hideout of the demonic practitioners is bigger than the village. After all, we searched the village back then. Missing one exit is possible but missing several is unlikely. Unless … they are much stronger than us.” He looked at Yuchi Bing Xia deeply, his gaze not flickering in the slightest. He didn’t seem afraid at all. Instead, he just seemed to have thought about the situation and given his best judgment. “If we go there, we would either be confronted with a place that exceeds our expectations and that maybe by far or we would be faced by an enemy much stronger than us. Neither is advantageous for us. In fact, if it is the latter, I doubt any of us would return alive. After all, you did send Elders later on, didn’t you? They also didn’t find anything so the person who hid the entrance from view would be even stronger than them. How are we supposed to win that fight?”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded slowly. That was indeed true. If he sent the disciples over, he might just be sending them to their death. How could he think that was a good idea? If anything, he should send the Elders over again to scout the situation out and deal with it as they saw fit. But even then … the situation also wasn’t clear. It could be that it might be for the best to ignore this. Then again, this was close to their sect grounds. How could they let demonic practitioners remain close by? Wouldn’t that just invite trouble?

He pondered for a while but couldn’t quite come to a conclusion. This kind of thing required a second opinion. Maybe he should go and ask the Grandmaster? That might be for the best.

Yuchi Bing Xia looked up and patted his disciple’s hand, giving him a faint smile. “Alright, you’re not wrong with that. Give your Master some time to think things through. I’ll tell you about my decision afterward.”

Yu Jin nodded, getting up when Yuchi Bing Xia got to his feet.

The Sect Master patted his hand again and then turned to leave, going back to the inner sect and then ascending Grandmaster Zhangsun’s peak. Only when he was already halfway inside did he stop in his tracks and look back, his expression stunned.

Wait! Had … had Yu Jin just spoken in whole sentences with him and even so many after each other?! Why hadn’t he used that opportunity to let him say some more?!

The Sect Master cradled his head in endless regret, finally making the Grandmaster come out on his own to see why his guest still hadn’t arrived. When he saw Yuchi Bing Xia in that situation, he couldn’t help but raise his brows but he decided not to say anything. Anyway, he would tell him later on if it was a problem he wanted his help with. If not … he shouldn’t get involved.

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