RMN C168 Who Should Leave?

Mei Chao Bing slightly raised his brows but nodded for her to speak. To be honest, he wasn’t too surprised that Liu Bao Ru could figure this out. She wasn’t easily impressed by others and just a few words wouldn’t make her give up her stance if she had other thoughts on the matter. Also, she was a logical person. Thinking this through wasn’t a problem for her at all. And she would never be afraid to speak her mind. “Please, go ahead then.”

“Originally, the Elders also thought that this place was safer than the areas that we had to inspect before this. Thus, they split our original group of nine people into one of five and one of four.

“This might also be because senior martial brother Mei and senior martial brother Song are of the highest level among the disciples that were sent to the border region but it doesn’t change that the Elders think it is appropriate to have just four or five people make this journey.

“Now, our two groups have joined for the time being so that we would be a little safer. That means that we are actually more people together than we would have been originally which isn’t necessary to stay safe but just a safety precaution that was decided on by ourselves.

“On the other hand, senior martial brother Yang’s level also isn’t low. In fact, I think he isn’t much weaker than senior martial brother Song. There are two more people with him, putting him only one or two people behind what our groups would have been originally. If two people of our groups accompanied them, they would be five people as well. And as long as we travel together, it wouldn’t put us at any risk to have two people less since we would still be three people more than the Elders originally intended.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded slowly. “That is true. The question is who would accompany them? And what about the time after our group reaches the Zhen Yan Sect? We would split up by then.”

Liu Bao Ru wasn’t about to be discouraged by these questions. “I can’t say for sure who would be the best candidates to go with senior martial brother Yang and the others. But as for your second question, I think it is rather simple to solve: Either we could continue on our way is one be group, or we could have one or two people of our group accompany senior martial brother Song further.”

“That would only leave three people in our group though. And Yun Bei Fen is the person with the lowest level. That would definitely put us at a disadvantage.”

Liu Bao Ru nodded. “Nonetheless, we would have already brought the message we need to deliver to the Zhen Yan Sect and we could stay there while senior martial brother Song and the others deliver the message to the Jian Chu Sect.

“After all, it is not necessary to immediately return to the town. We can do that as soon as senior martial brother Song’s group returns or we could also ask the people of the Zhen Yan Sect if they would be willing to send some people with us. It could be that they will send a delegation over to the town to speak to our Elders in any case.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded, indicating that what she said wasn’t wrong. “I guess it would solve the problems.” He didn’t say whether he wanted to do it like that or not though.

Nian Tao and Ran Wu immediately started to worry. They didn’t know why exactly Mei Chao Bing was hesitating but considering who he was, they feared that there might be some secret plot to this.

Thus, the two of them turned to Song Mu, trying to convince him that he should give his okay. In the worst case, it would also be alright if senior martial brother Song just sent the two of them with Yang Wu Huang and the others so that they could return to the town. While they would like to go to the Jian Chu Sect and deliver the message, it was still better to go with Yang Wu Huang if that meant that they could save their lives.

“Senior martial brother Song, I think that what senior martial sister Liu says makes sense. Why don’t we do it like that?”

Song Mu gave a hum but looked as if he still needed to think about it. “Well, she’s right in a sense. I just … I also don’t know who we should send. Neither senior martial brother Mei nor I can go with the two of them. Junior martial brother Yun and junior martial sister Yi also shouldn’t go since their level is pretty low. They wouldn’t offer much help to Yang Wu Huang and the others and might actually be in danger. That doesn’t leave many people though.”

Liu Bao Ru furrowed her brows. “In our part of the group, that only leaves senior martial brother Yuan and me. Senior martial brother Yuan is teaching Yi Ju how to track though so I guess I would have to be the one then.” She didn’t look too happy with that.

Naturally, she wouldn’t mind doing this but her impression of Yang Wu Huang wasn’t too great. Having to associate with him definitely wasn’t something she was looking forward to. Still, since there was a need to do this, she would do it. Also, she was a little worried about the others. If she went back with them, she would be able to find out what was going on.

Song Mu nodded and then turned to the members of his own group. Other than those two junior martial brothers, there was still Tan Xin. Unfortunately, her level also wasn’t too high so Nian Tao and Ran Wu were the only ones actually eligible for going with Yang Wu Huang.

They exchanged a glance, not quite sure what to do. Neither of them was against it and with Liu Bao Ru being the other person that would accompany them, there was even an added benefit in this.

Song Mu looked from one person to the other and then glanced at Liu Bao Ru. Finally, he couldn’t help but speak up again. “Actually, how about junior martial brother Nian and junior martial brother Ran go together while junior martial sister Liu stays with us?

“The two of you know each other quite well so you would be able to work together better. Even though your level is slightly lower than that of junior martial sister Liu, that might be beneficial overall.”

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