LBM C14 A Little Ice Cube (2): How to Successfully Raise a Disciple

Mei Chao Bing went over to his senior martial brother’s place and knocked on the door. He had only come to the Teng Yong Sect several months ago but he had met some of his senior martial brothers with Qu Yijun being the one he saw most often. It wasn’t a wonder, after all, this was the person his Master mostly pawned the younger disciples off to when he didn’t want to deal with them any longer.

Mei Chao Bing didn’t think it was strange either. From what he had seen of the other Elders and their disciples, it was perfectly normal not to teach them directly. The Elders would only do so if a disciple turned out to be especially talented. So, if he wanted his Master to take note of him and spend time with him directly to teach him, then he would need to work hard and show him that he was worth the effort!

Qu Yijun didn’t open the door immediately and when he did, he raised his brows in surprise. “Little one, what are you doing here?”

“Greetings, senior martial brother Qu. Master told me to come here and ask you to show me the next move.”

Qu Yijun slowly nodded. “Alright, give me a moment to grab my sword.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded and waited in front of the door, well-behaved.

Fa Ai Jun who was hiding not far away sighed to herself. “No wonder Elder Feng likes this disciple. He’s really doing well.”

Meanwhile, Mei Chao Bing slightly tilted his head when he heard voices coming from inside the house.

“Eh, one of my juniors came over. My Master has a task for me so I need to head out for a while.”

There was a short pause and the rustling of fabric before another voice sounded out. “Ah Jun, you’re really going to leave Luo Lin all alone here? Maybe Luo Lin should leave then instead?”

Qu Yijun cleared his throat. “Well, it’s not going to be for long. You can wait here. No problem at all.”

“No, Luo Lin doesn’t want to stay alone. Luo Lin will head back home then.”

“Ah? But then …” Qu Yijun didn’t quite know how to continue so he could only sigh. “Very well then. I really need to go. We’ll see each other later.”

A moment later, Qu Yijun stepped out of the house again, giving Mei Chao Bing a smile. “Alright, little one, I’m back.”

Mei Chao Bing gave him a deep look, his gaze finally traveling to Qu Yijun’s empty hands. So much for getting his sword … He didn’t say anything though and just nodded. “Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me.”

“Sure, no problem at all.” Qu Yijun reached out and ruffled Mei Chao Bing’s hair, closed the door behind him, and then strode over to an empty square not too far away. “Alright, show me the first movement once.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded, took out his sword, and then started to demonstrate the technique they had been taught before. Then, he turned back to his senior martial brother, waiting for instructions.

Qu Yijun nodded. “Very well. Then let’s continue with the next one.” He took out his sword from his spatial bag and started to demonstrate.

Not too far away, Elder Fa was nodding along. “This guy isn’t bad. He should be one of Elder Feng’s older disciples.” Maybe she should try and ask him? But that would be awkward.

Before she could decide, there was a flash of red next to her and a soft voice sounded. “Elder, what are you doing here?”

Fa Ai Jun looked up, only to find a beautiful youth standing next to her. “Uh … I’m checking something.”

The youth looked over to where Qu Yijun and Mei Chao Bing were training. “Elder Feng’s disciples?”

“… yes.”

“Why though?”

“Uh … I was made an Elder recently so I want to see how to successfully raise disciples of my own.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t look at Elder Feng as an example then. That man is an ice cube. If they’re not careful, his disciples will just end up the same. You should go and look at Elder Baili instead or maybe Elder Rong. They’re doing a better job.”

“Oh. I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.” Elder Fa nodded and the youth wandered off. She continued to look in that direction before turning back to the two disciples on the square. “An ice cube … that’s not completely wrong, actually.”

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