OMF V3C56 The Place He Grew up in

When the two of them returned to the village, they were just in time to hear what the news of their arrival had morphed into. A group of men from the village will had gathered in front of one of the houses and were listening to the latest version that Mister Pan had acquired from his wife just half an hour ago.

“I’m sure that all of you remember that Daoist Master who came by our village in the night when Zhong Jing Yi was born. That day, this great immortal took pity on poor Madam Zhong and saved her child from certain death. Thanks to this favor, Zhong Jing Yi was blessed with incredible luck.

“Thus when the family to the capital city six years ago to help out Mister Zhong’s family that is living there, they soon made a fortune that none of us could ever imagine.

“One day, an injured man walked up to the back door of the estate they had bought just a few weeks ago and asked for help. Now, we all know that Madam Zhong has always been a benevolent woman. She also raised her child very well so when Zhong Jing Yi saw this injured person, he couldn’t find it in himself to reject him in his time of need and thus asked the servants to bring him inside.

“In the following days, he helped this man care for his wounds until he was completely healed. When the Zhongs wanted to bid him farewell, this man revealed his true identity: In fact, he was the Sect Master of a great deity sect and had been attacked by those vile demonic practitioners because of that. He had barely been able to save himself and escape before he collapsed in front of the Zhongs’ doors. If not for Zhong Jing Yi’s help, he would have never been able to live. Thus he was immensely grateful and wanted to show his gratitude by inviting Zhong Jing Yi into the sect as one of the disciples.

“Naturally, the Zhongs who are well-acquainted with Daoist Masters already didn’t hesitate. Obviously, this was their son’s fate so they sent him with the Daoist Master. Soon after Zhong Jing Yi went to that sect, he met the charismatic son of the Sect Master. This young man was also very thankful that Jing Yi had saved his father’s life so the two of them spent a lot of time together, slowly getting to know each other, and finally falling in love.

“Naturally, the Sect Master had no objections so it was soon decided that the two of them would get married. Now, Zhong Jing Yi has brought his future husband here because he felt that his luck is also because he was born specifically in this village so he felt that he should give us an opportunity to ask the Daoist Master some questions to acquire a good future for ourselves.”

The men were all stunned when they heard what kind of great fortune Zhong Jing Yi and his family had had and couldn’t help but mumble about it.

The one who was most stunned about how his life seemed to have turned out was Jing Yi himself though. Did these people know no shame at all? Obviously, not a single word of this was true! Never mind that Qiu Ling wasn’t affiliated with the Sect Master at all, his family also hadn’t been that lucky since they left. On the contrary, there had been a lot of mishaps occurring all these years to the point where he was wondering if he might be cursed. He really didn’t know if he could still call himself fortunate.

While Jing Yi wondered just what he should do in this situation, Qiu Ling couldn’t help but clear his throat. The men that had been listening to Mister Pan turned around and their eyes widened when they saw precisely the Daoist Master that Mister Pan had just mentioned.

Qiu Ling flashed them a bright smile and put his arm around Jing Yi’s shoulder to show just how close they were. “Actually … I’m not the son of the Sect Master but the only disciple of the Grandmaster of our sect.”

The men stared at him, wondering if they had just heard right.

Jing Yi looked up at him as well, his brows twitching. Qiu Ling wasn’t taking this seriously at all, was he? If he said something like this, wouldn’t they think that he was implying that the rest of the story was true and only this detail had been wrong? That wasn’t the case at all!

Jing Yi wanted to say something but he had no idea what kind of reaction would be the right one in this situation. Anyway, the villagers probably wouldn’t even believe him if he told them that the story wasn’t true. Most likely, this might even escalate the rumors further. Wasn’t that what always happened? At the very least, he had experienced that several times while he had lived here.

In the end, Jing Yi just sighed and tugged at Qiu Ling’s arm. “Come on. Didn’t I promise to show you the house?”

Qiu Ling beamed. “You did!” He happily followed Jing Yi over to the house and then pretended to excitedly look around as if this place was indeed completely new to him. In fact, he was only amazed that nobody had moved in here in the past six years.

Mister and Madam Zhong hadn’t told anybody whether they intended to stay in the capital city forever or return one day. Well, they hadn’t known for sure so that was a given but after they hadn’t returned for some years, he would’ve expected that one of the other villagers would use his house for themselves. With how they had behaved up until now, this wouldn’t have surprised him at all.

But to his astonishment, they had held back all this time. Maybe this was also due to what had happened when Jing Yi was still young? Maybe they were afraid of angering the Daoist Master that had been helping the Zhong family? That would actually explain it.

Nodding to himself now that he had found his explanation, Qiu Ling turned to Jing Yi. “It’s a very nice place. The people seem very … imaginative but it also looks like they care a lot about you. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be this happy that you found a person to spend your life with. I’m happy to see that you grew up in such a place.”

Jing Yi didn’t know if he would agree with everything Qiu Ling had said just now but he was still happy to hear him say that. “I’m happy you like it here. This place … it’s where I grew up so it’s a special place for me. I think that showing it to you was a good idea.”

Qiu Ling stepped in front of him and took his hands. “Well, now that we’ve done this, don’t you think we should get back to finishing the conversation we had previously? Just what happened with that old man you told me about?”

Yes, he naturally hadn’t forgotten about his plan!

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