OMF V7C392 Not That Old

Seeing his expression, Hua Ning Shun wondered if he had asked about something that shouldn’t have been mentioned. Just when he wondered how to backpedal, Xin Lan already sighed.

“I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure how to say it. Anyway, as long as I remember, there has never been a time when it was different. From what I know of the younger generation, there hasn’t been a change either. It’s not just the dragons either. The gods and demons are very much the same.”

Hua Ning Shun was relieved but still raised his brows in surprise. “Oh, I heard that there were differences in the Nine Heavens from the people of our families that ascended before. But the contact with them isn’t very frequent so I wasn’t sure about the particularities. It does seem like a few of them do have a family name?”

Xin Lan inclined his head. “That is true but it has to do with the unique situation of the god race. The trueborn gods don’t have them. But the ascended deities bring their names from the human realm so the situation is different with them. If they get involved with a trueborn god, then it is up to them how to name a child. Thus, there are a few that will have family names. Normally, children will be named like it is usual in the Nine Heavens though unless both parents are ascended deities. It helps them blend in.”

“So it was like that.” Hua Ning Shun nodded slowly, feeling that he understood somewhat better what he had heard of the Nine Heavens before.

Hua Ming Jun couldn’t help but look at Xin Lan with some profoundness in his eyes. “You know quite a lot about the other races.”

Xin Lan smiled, not quite sure if he should say that this was a compliment or rather the beginning of some interrogation. Anyway, neither would be a problem. If it helped convince the family of his qualities, he would gladly let himself be interrogated. “In fact, I do. I guess it is not a secret that I am … of a slightly older generation of my race. With that kind of time, there are many things one will encounter. I’m sure that you know that yourself. Compared to when you were young, there are probably a lot of things that you are only now aware of whether that be in your own race or in others.”

Hua Ming Jun nodded, unable to refute that. It was indeed true. With just enough time, you would naturally learn more about the things around you if you went through the world with open eyes. That was likely even more so true for the dragon race. From what he knew, they aged slowly so a man like Xin Lan that looked to be in his thirties was probably much older than he could even imagine.

The Hua brothers were also thinking about what Xin Lan had just said. Huo Hai couldn’t help himself and tried to make a jab at him. “So you were actually that old. Aren’t you ashamed to go after Xiao Yu at that age?”

Hua Lin Yu himself slightly frowned when his senior martial brother dared to say something like this but Xin Lan just laughed.

“I see what you mean. But the dragons are an immortal race. What generation somebody is, is hardly relevant to us. I can imagine that it is somewhat different for humans. If Xiao Yu was uncomfortable with my advances, I would naturally stop at once.” He turned to the side, lightly grabbing Hua Lin Yu’s chin and giving him a smile. “It’s the truth. If you are, you can tell me. I would understand.”

Hua Lin Yu shook his head and inched closer, grabbing Xin Lan’s hands. “I don’t mind your age. Anyway, you don’t look that old.”

Xin Lan looked at him, not quite sure what to make of that second sentence. “Not that old, huh?” Even though it sounded like he was chastising him, there was still a smile on his lips.

Anyway, a beauty could be forgiven quite a few things. And contrary to most of the other people of the dragon race, age wasn’t really something he was sensitive to. After a certain time, it wasn’t playing a role anymore. He had lived for so long that he didn’t even want to count the years anymore.

There were quite a few people like him but as the oldest person of the dragon race still alive, it was probably the worst with him. The only reason he was able to tell even roughly how old he was, was because he had been born just a few months after Tian’s curse took effect. Others could only remember which king’s reign they had been born under. That was the only thing they could go by.

The Hua family looked slightly embarrassed at what their youngest son had said. Well, save for Hua Lin Rong who had a hard time keeping the corners of his mouth from rising in a complacent smile.

Hua Lin Yu just laughed though. He really didn’t care about Xin Lan’s age. Even though this kind of relationship between people of different generations was frowned upon even in the cultivation world, he didn’t think it was a problem. Anyway, Xin Lan wasn’t even human. What did a mere number matter in that case? Him being a dragon might be more of a hindrance between them. Speaking of which … “What about marriage with your people?”

Xin Lan slightly raised his brows. “What do you mean?”

Hua Lin Yu didn’t quite know how to answer that. “I mean everything. How is it done?” After all, he wanted to marry Xin Lan soon. He should know about these things, right?

Even though he thought so, the rest of his family was mortified. Was that really the type of thing you should ask over breakfast? And in front of other guests as well? And Xin Lan hadn’t even formally asked to marry him. This really … wasn’t a good situation.

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