OMF V3C53 A Master and His Disciple

Jing Yi’s lips twitched. “Mister Pi.”

Mister Pi’s eyes widened. These people actually knew his name! Had his reputation traveled this far? He was sure these people couldn’t be from any of the villages up to twenty li around theirs. He would have known about them otherwise. After all, one of them was an extremely handsome man.

Speaking of which … Mister Pi walked over with a bright smile and looked at the two of them from up close. The robes they were wearing reminded him of that Daoist Master that had come by back then. It wasn’t the exact same robe but it did look similar and with the white color, it did give them a very otherworldly appearance.

He rubbed his chin, wondering who they might be. Two immortals? But one of them looked really very young. He shouldn’t even have come of age yet. Then maybe the handsome man was the Daoist Master and the youth was his most-prized disciple? Ah, that sounded much better!

Thinking of that, Mister Pi naturally turned to Qiu Ling and gave him a polite smile. How could he greet the disciple first when the Master was standing right next to him? “This Daoist Master, what might have brought you to our humble village?”

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes and then looked at his beloved.

Jing Yi’s lips twitched. It had clearly been him who had called out. Yet why was it Qiu Ling who was acknowledged by Mister Pi? He cleared his throat and stepped forward. “Mister Pi, do you not remember me? I’m Jing Yi, the son of the Zhongs. My family went to the capital city about six years ago.”

Mister Pi looked at the boy and examined his face. Now that he mentioned it … “You do resemble your parents a bit.”

Jing Yi’s smile grew strained. What did he mean, ‘a bit’? He looked quite a lot like them!

Qiu Ling also turned to look at his face. His mortal self did indeed look quite a bit like his parents. The shape of his face and his nose resembled his mother more but his lips and eyes seemed to be more like his father’s. Anyway, he could be considered cute, even though he lacked the breathtaking beauty of his immortal self.

As for Jing He … Qiu Ling looked away and sighed to himself. No words could adequately describe his beauty. And even though he had no idea how that Heavenly Emperor had looked when he was young, he was sure that Jing He couldn’t look a lot like him. After all, his beloved would definitely still be just as beautiful when he grew old one day! Mn, that was a given. His beloved was the most beautiful in all the realms.

Jing Yi glanced at Qiu Ling and raised his brows. Where was he looking? He followed his gaze with his eyes but couldn’t quite pinpoint what he was looking at. Maybe he was just taking in the scenery since he had never been here?

Ah! Come to think of it … Jing Yi turned back to Mister Pi and then motioned at Qiu Ling. “Mister Pi, this is Qiu Ling. You don’t know yet but I was taken in by a deity sect. Qiu Ling is my senior martial brother there.”

“Oh! A deity sect!” Mister Pi’s eyes lit up. “Is it a good one? Or is it like the one where that Qiguan Cheng Da went?”

Behind him, the villagers had already picked up their ears to find out what was going on. Hearing something about deity sects and Qiguan Cheng Da, Madam Pan couldn’t help but hurry over, making sure that she wouldn’t miss out on any news. “What happened to Qiguan Cheng Da at the deity sect?”

Mister Pi shook his head. “No, no, you’ve misunderstood. This is Jing Yi, the son of the Zhongs. He became part of a great deity sect and now brought his senior martial brother to bless our village.”

Jing Yi’s lips twitched. Had he said anything like that? Qiu Ling wasn’t even a cultivator!

Before he had time to explain, Lian Mei came running over though and pointed at Qiu Ling’s face. “It’s you!” She then turned to the other villagers with a triumphant expression. “This is the Daoist Master I saw that night when Madam Zhong was in labor. The other one must have been a fake!”

The villagers all looked at her and then turned to look at Qiu Ling, starting to make up the wildest stories in their minds. Seeing them behave like this, Jing Yi wanted to facepalm. He really couldn’t help but regret bringing Qiu Ling here. Why had he forgotten how crazy these people were? Especially when compared to the people in the sect and somebody as grand as Grandmaster Zhangsun, Qiu Ling would certainly be shocked at their behavior!

Qiu Ling was indeed shocked. How could he have forgotten that this woman had seen his true appearance?! He hurriedly looked at his beloved’s expression but seeing that he only seemed embarrassed, he heaved a sigh of relief. Anyway, he had to make sure she wouldn’t blab on!

He cleared his throat and gave her a smile. “My apologies, but you must be mistaken. I’m obviously not that old. Maybe your memory is failing you? Don’t worry about it! It does start to happen at a certain age. Nobody is going to blame you for it.” He put on a good-natured expression, looking at her as if he was truly worried for her sake.

Seeing his behavior, Mister Pi couldn’t help but adopt the same attitude. After all, even if he was only Zhong Jing Yi’s senior martial brother he would soon be a great Daoist Master! This person couldn’t be wrong with his observation! “Madam Shen, is that true? Could it be you haven’t been feeling well these past few days? Is that also why you made up that story about the girl of the Fas?”

Lian Mei stared at the Daoist Master and then Mister Pi with her mouth agape. These two! How come she always ended up in such embarrassing situations when this Daoist Master was involved? Could it be the Heavens were playing a prank on her?!

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