OMF V3C49 A Charlatan

Qiu Ling inwardly grumbled to himself but finally, he put his arms around his beloved’s reincarnation and hugged him. Anyway, it was great that they were able to embrace each other like this. It was just a pity that it didn’t happen while he was his usual, handsome self. Well, that would also happen sooner or later!

Jing Yi was so happy to see his grandfather again that he didn’t quite notice that something was strange at first. Finally, when he wanted to pull back, the other person didn’t let go though. He blinked his eyes and his lips twitched. Could it be that the people around him were all a little strange? Not only Qiu Ling but now even his grandfather behaved like this. “Grandfather?” He lightly called out, trying to remind him that now was a good moment to relax his grip.

“Mn. I’m here.” Ah, this was actually a very good moment …

Jing Yi sighed and patted the old man’s arm. Most likely, his grandfather was just too happy to see him after all these years. It was normal to be a little more emotional, right? “I’m also very happy to see you. What are you doing here?” He once again tried to pull back and this time, Qiu Ling let him out of his arms albeit with some reluctance.

He lightly pursed his lips. “I was in the vicinity.”

“Oh.” Jing Yi looked at his expression, remembering the days back then. He had still seen his grandfather a few times in the capital city but not afterward. And even in the last few months of the time he spent in the capital, his grandfather hadn’t appeared. So it had almost been six years since they saw each other the last time. Well, it was good that they had been able to meet now. “Did you notice that I was close by so you came to see me?”

Qiu Ling nodded. “Mn, that’s what I did. Who would think you wouldn’t notice at all? Who were you expecting?” He looked around as if curious and then his expression turned strange. “Your husband?”

Jing Yi almost choked. Why was that the first thing his grandfather came up with?! “That … that’s not it.” Although he did ask if I wanted to marry him … “I’m currently traveling with a senior martial brother of mine. Ah! Right, you don’t know yet! I have become a disciple of the Yun Zou Sect. I’m also trying to become a cultivator like you. Although …” He looked down and his expression turned embarrassed. “I haven’t really made any progress since I started. I don’t even know how to take in spiritual energy.”

While Jing Yi was explaining, Qiu Ling’s expression morphed into one of suffering. Ah! How heartless! How could his beloved just dub him some ‘senior martial brother’? Weren’t they much closer than that?! My beloved, your words make my heart bleed! Anyway, when Jing He woke up, he should complain a bit and have him soothe the wounds he had inflicted on him while on his trial. Mn, a kiss would be nice …

Qiu Ling’s expression got better when he thought of that and he continued to pay attention to Jing Yi. Just then, Jing Yi’s expression had also turned bright and he was looking at him with bright eyes. It was almost as if … he had asked him a question and was waiting for a reply? Uh … What had it been?

Qiu Ling scratched his head and then rubbed his chin as if he was thinking about it deeply. He really had no idea what he had just been talking about. “Uh … You’ve done very well?”

“What?” Jing Yi blanked and finally raised his brows. Even though he didn’t want to assume it, there was only one explanation he could come up with for this sentence. “Grandfather, you … you haven’t been listening?”

“Uh …” Qiu Ling awkwardly cleared his throat. It seemed his beloved had not been asking for his opinion on becoming a disciple. “You can’t fault me for this! You just told me you became a disciple of such a prestigious sect. Naturally, as your … grandfather, I’m very proud. You need to give me a few minutes to come to terms with this. I’m not that young anymore.” He put on a self-righteous expression of ‘you should have known this, it’s not my fault’ while Jing Yi could only gawk.

This … had his grandfather always been like this? He remembered him to be a very knowledgeable person. Ah, but then again, he himself had been much more ignorant back then. It probably wasn’t strange that he had felt his grandfather was all-knowing and couldn’t be wrong about anything. Actually … Jing Yi’s brows twitched. Come to think of it, this was the person who had told him all girls were mud-monsters! How had he actually ever believed that?!

Jing Yi’s expression darkened considerably from one moment to the other, making Qiu Ling tense up. “Ah, little one, don’t blame me! I really was just too surprised! You can tell me again. This time, I’ll definitely listen carefully.”

“I don’t think you need to. Do you care to explain to me what this thing with the mud monsters was about back in the village, huh? What’s with they’re dangerous and I shouldn’t tell anybody lest they would also be in danger?” Actually, the more he thought about it, the more he understood just how ridiculous it was. That ‘don’t tell anyone else!’ had probably only been added so his darned lies wouldn’t be exposed. “Are you actually a Daoist Master at all? Or could it be you’re just a charlatan that’s good at tricking people?!”

Qiu Ling gulped. Why was his beloved always angry at him these days? Whether it was his real appearance or this fake and ugly one, it was always the same. This was simply reason enough to cry!

Now was not the time to complain though. His gaze darted around and he suddenly leaped to his feet. “Ah! I … I forgot something! You wait for me here while I take care of that matter!” With that, he fled, leaving a fuming Jing Yi behind.

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