OMF V3C45 I’m Looking forward to It

Even though Qiu Ling didn’t like it, he still laid down on his own bed and just stared over at his beloved’s small frame with longing. Jing Yi smiled when he saw him so obedient and finally closed his eyes.

A short while later, the sound of furniture being moved could be heard. Jing Yi’s eyes flew back open and he stared into the darkness. “What are you doing?”

“I was afraid you’d be afraid so I pushed the bed over.” Qiu Ling’s voice sounded from close by. Most likely, the bed …

Jing Yi reached over and indeed. When he reached the edge of his bed, there wasn’t even a finger’s widths left before he touched the edge of Qiu Ling’s bed. This guy … He really couldn’t tone it down a bit, could he?

He might have scolded him but even though Qiu Ling certainly did this for himself, there might be a bit of concern in there as well. Scolding him for that … And anyway, he hadn’t really gone overboard. With how Qiu Ling had behaved until now, he would have expected him to do something even crazier. The fact that he was still lying in his own bed was already very good.

“Mn, that’s awfully considerate of you. Say, tomorrow, what should we do? Wait here for your Master to react and send somebody over?”

Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “No.” There was no way he’d wait here with his beloved for some love rival or something to turn up. They should better leave tomorrow morning so that they’d be far, far away when anybody came over to check things out. That way, nobody would distract his beloved from him and interfere with his plan.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but smile to himself in the dark. Even though Qiu Ling hadn’t given any explanation, he could imagine just why he thought like that. “Alright. Then what should we do instead? Continue with the original plan?”

Qiu Ling gave a hum. “Why not? Or did you think of something better?”

Jing Yi turned onto his back and stared up at the ceiling even though he could hardly see anything. “There isn’t any place I’d definitely have to go and see so I don’t care much. Actually, even when you suggested it when we left the capital, I thought it wasn’t too important to go there. But … you know, after not only seeing my mother and my uncle’s family again but also coming here to this place where I once was with my parents, I’m thinking that maybe it would really be nice to see some of the other places I knew as a child as well. So I’m actually looking a bit forward to it right now.”

Qiu Ling sat up and then leaned over, peering into his beloved’s face. “So you’re eager to show me where you lived.”

By now, it had gotten so dark that Jing Yi wasn’t able to see Qiu Ling’s expression but he was still able to perceive that he had gotten closer. He froze slightly but when Qiu Ling didn’t do anything, he relaxed after a moment. “Well, if you want to see it like that, I guess you can do so. Actually, I just feel like I’d like to see the place again. I’ve made a lot of memories there. Seeing the people that were around me while I grew up … I think that is very nice. Even if it’s just to see how things turned out over there.”

Qiu Ling gave another hum. “Then let’s do that. There’s nothing speaking against that. The Yun Zou Sect can investigate here on their own. And I’d also like to see that village.” Officially. Yes, when his beloved brought him over there on his own accord and explained all the things to him, then there was no way he’d give himself away in the future when he talked about anything of that. That was very beneficial to their future together. So he definitely had no reason at all to reject this. Instead, he really couldn’t wait for the next morning to come so that they could set off!

Jing Yi smiled to himself. “Alright. I guess we should go to sleep then. It wouldn’t do if we were tired tomorrow.”

Qiu Ling lay back down but couldn’t help and stare over at his beloved. “If you’re tired, I can always carry you, you know? There’s no need for you to strain yourself too much.”

“If I’d let you do that, I don’t think there’ll ever be an opportunity for me to become a good cultivator though. There’s nothing for me to learn in that, after all.” Come to think of it, this right here actually would’ve been a good opportunity for him. But since he didn’t know the first thing about cultivation and couldn’t even take in spiritual energy, it probably wouldn’t be such a good idea for him to stay and try to help with the investigation. He was afraid that instead of helping, he’d actually be making more trouble for the sect. If that happened, it wouldn’t be good at all.

No, it was still better to go on and look for another opportunity. Maybe by then, he would’ve made some progress with his own cultivation. The likelihood of that wasn’t big but there was still a chance. He just had to work hard.

“Alright.” Jing Yi pulled the blanket up higher and closed his eyes. “Let’s sleep now. Tomorrow morning … We should get up early and then be on our way.”

This time, Qiu Ling hummed an agreement. Even though he really would’ve liked to have the chance to carry his beloved around, it was also good to just spend some time with each other. Mn, if things continued like this, his beloved should fall in love with him in no time. When they reached the village, they might even get married immediately. Thinking of that and imagining their bright future together, Qiu Ling fell asleep with a smile on his lips.

As for the demonic practitioners that had attacked the two of them before … Well, they used the time and packed up their things, rushing out of the village as fast as they could.

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