OMF V3C42 Fight to the Death

Before Jing Yi even had the time to scream, the blade was in front of his face. His eyes went wide. He wanted to leap back but the chair was behind him.

Qiu Ling’s gaze darkened. He reached out, grabbed the sword with one hand and pushed the man back. “You have a death wish?! There’s no need to react like this just because of a bit of rice!” He leaped from his seat and right over the table, landing between the man and Jing Yi.

Before the man could even comprehend what happened, his shoulder was grabbed as well and he was hurled to the side, smashing against the rest of his group and tumbling down a flight of stairs that Jing Yi and Qiu Ling hadn’t even seen before.

The group lay on the ground, staring up at the person that appeared on top of the stairs in a daze. What had happened just now? These two were obviously disciples of the Yun Zou Sect so they should have come to investigate their base again. But what was he doing talking about rice?

Qiu Ling, on the other hand, tilted his head and looked at the group of people curiously before turning to the door next to him. There was some kind of spell on it that seemed used to be used to conceal it but as a dragon, he had been able to see through it from the beginning. He just hadn’t thought that it was anything special and had thus ignored it. As it turned out now, behind this door hadn’t been another room but a staircase leading to below the house instead. Weird.

He couldn’t quite understand why somebody would have something like this, especially in this type of small village but he still used his senses to see if he could find out anything. He really couldn’t be careless. These people had attacked his beloved on sight. Obviously, they weren’t good people!

When Qiu Ling concentrated, he couldn’t help but blink his eyes. This … Why was there a town below this village? Was this how humans normally lived? Why hadn’t he seen something like this in his beloved’s village?

Thinking of that, he turned to Jing Yi to inquire further. His beloved was human right now so he should understand this better than him. “There’s another village below this village. Do you think that is normal?”

Jing Yi stared at him, not quite comprehending. “Another … village?” How could that be? And how did Qiu Ling want to know? He hadn’t gone down there, had he?

Qiu Ling just nodded. “Yeah, there are lots of people down there as well. I guess that explains why nobody was in the houses.” That also meant that it wasn’t a problem they had taken the rice, didn’t it? In that case, we had they attacked?! These guys were really overreacting!

Meanwhile, the expressions of the people at the foot of the stairs derailed.

“Fuck! He knows!”

Another one of them pushed the man out that had originally attacked Jing Yi. “You go and kill them! We can’t let them report back to the Yun Zou Sect or everything will be for naught.”

The man cursed and slapped the woman’s hand away. “What the fuck are you saying? Don’t you think that if it was easy to kill him he would be dead by now? Didn’t you see him throw me through the room?” Obviously, he wasn’t a match for this guy. Otherwise, he would’ve been able to defend against him for at least a while. The fact that he hadn’t even seen him coming could only mean that this person was much stronger than him. “If you’re so eager to get rid of him, then why don’t you do it yourself?”

The woman furrowed her brows but didn’t say anything. Anyway, they couldn’t let their plan go to waste. They had managed to fool those disciples of the Yun Zou Sect five years ago so they couldn’t just give up now. Even if it cost them something, they needed to make sure that their secret stayed a secret.

Yes, these people were none other than the demonic practitioners that Wu Min Huan and the others had gone to investigate back when Yu Jin joined the sect. While they had also just found an empty village, they had left soon after and their investigation had been put on hold for the unforeseeable future after they also didn’t manage to find any clues in the rest of the Long mountain range. Now, Qiu Ling and Jing Yi had unwittingly stumbled upon the reason for the disciples’ failure: These people had still been in the original village but had drawn back below the ground. The disciples hadn’t even thought of that possibility.

The woman bit her lip and then slowly sauntered up the stairs, giving Qiu Ling what she thought to be a charming smile. “This fellow cultivator, you wouldn’t attack a weak woman, would you?”

Qiu Ling looked at her with a confused expression. What was she even talking about? Those humans were all weak to him and he hadn’t hesitated to attack that man. Why should it be any different with her? If she dared to try and attack his beloved, then he naturally wouldn’t hesitate to teach her a lesson!

Seeing him not respond, the woman smiled to herself and continued upward. She stealthily reached into her sleeve and grabbed her concealed weapon. When she was only five steps away from him, she flicked it toward him.

Qiu Ling glanced in it and caught it. It seemed to be some kind of very small knife or maybe some kind of needle? How despicable! Had she tried to hurt his beloved with this?!

He raised his head and glared at her, making the woman involuntarily take a step back. Qiu Ling scoffed, reached to the side and slammed the door shut. Hmph. He didn’t want to see these disgusting people any longer. Might as well make sure they couldn’t come up and then continue to spend time with his beloved. That was much better than wasting his time with these pests.

While Qiu Ling went back to the table and sat down as if nothing had happened, the demonic practitioners at the foot of the stairs could only stare at the closed door in a daze. This … Was this really the way a disciple of the Yun Zou Sect should treat their lifelong enemies? Wasn’t something wrong with this way of dealing with things? Where was the fight to the death they had been expecting?!

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