OMF V3C35 Bidding the Capital Goodbye

This kind of stalemate continued for half a week. Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel that he was making more and more trouble for his mother, as well as for his uncle and aunt. On one hand, there was Qiu Ling who would constantly buzz around him, not caring at all whether the customers could see or not. On the other hand, there was Guanyu who couldn’t care less whether her temper tantrums would displease anybody.

In that kind of atmosphere, it really was hard to work for anybody and it was even harder for the guests of the teahouse to relax. Since they couldn’t do what they came to do, wouldn’t they soon stop to do so in the first place?

Then he would be the reason why his mother wasn’t able to work anymore. As much as Jing Yi wanted to spend time with her, he also didn’t want to bring her trouble. Thus he felt that it wouldn’t be a good idea to stay in the capital city any longer.

That day, after they finished closing up the teahouse, he took a long look at it and sighed. Then he turned to his mother. “I feel that with how things have been going, it wouldn’t be too good if Qiu Ling and I continued to stay here.”

Madam Zhong looked at her child, a knowing smile on her lips. She had already guessed that he would bring it up soon. She had hoped that he would at least wait until the end of the week but it seemed that he couldn’t bring himself to do even that. “It’s because of Guanyu, isn’t it?”

Jing Yi gave a wry smile and glanced at Qiu Ling who was waiting next to him with the same happy expression as usual. “Well, she likes Qiu Ling. Since he doesn’t want to be with her, isn’t it normal that she’s a little upset?” In fact, he felt that she was more than just a little upset and he felt that she was making too much of a big deal of it but that was hardly something that he could say out loud, was it?

Madam Zhong sighed and patted his shoulder. “I understand. In that case, we should spend some more time together today. I guess you’ll leave before breakfast with him, won’t you?”

Jing Yi nodded before he turned to look at Qiu Ling. “That means … If that would be alright with you.”

Qiu Ling nodded with a confused expression. “If that’s what you want, that’s naturally what we’ll do. If you don’t want to though …” He didn’t know what exactly to propose but if his beloved didn’t want to leave and it was all just because of that stupid girl, then he would definitely help him out somehow.

Wasn’t there some other dragon he could call over to seduce her? Well, it might be a little difficult considering that he was absolutely the most beautiful person in all the immortal realms so after falling in love with him, it should be difficult for her to find somebody better but it might not be impossible. In the worst case, he’d just let somebody kidnap her and only bring her back after his beloved wanted to leave the capital on his own accord. He just wouldn’t tell Jing Yi that that was what he had done. Problem solved.

Thankfully, Jing Yi had no idea what Qiu Ling was thinking about or he might have left the capital immediately to make sure that nothing would happen to Guanyu. Even though he wasn’t happy with her behavior and felt that she wasn’t taking anybody into consideration, she was still his cousin. The daughter of his uncle and aunt who had taken them in back then and given them a new life. They also hadn’t sent them away after what had happened with his father and had instead taken care of his mother for him in the five years he hadn’t been there. How could he be ungrateful to these two people?

Anyway, it wasn’t like the situation was completely unacceptable. It was just that there were too many problems if he continued to stay. He didn’t want to be the reason for that so he felt that it would be better to take care of it himself.

He would probably tell his uncle and aunt today but make sure that Guanyu wouldn’t find out. That way, they wouldn’t feel slighted but there also wouldn’t be another tantrum. After all, she definitely wouldn’t like it when she heard that Qiu Ling would leave the capital.

But there was nothing he could do, was there? Qiu Ling didn’t like her. That was nothing he could change. And they had decided to travel together originally anyway. Now, they were just stopping in the capital city for a little less long.

In the end, it might also be good. The longer he stayed, the less he would be willing to leave. Spending time with his family again and being in these familiar places … The temptation of that was way too big for him. If he could, he would’ve liked to lead this life every day.

So maybe it was good that he left. When he was out there and could see a bit more of the world, he might remember why he had chosen to become a disciple of the Yun Zou Sect in the first place. Yes, he still wanted to become a cultivator or at least a practitioner. What it would be in the end would depend on whether or not he could comprehend either of the two sometime. But with Qiu Ling’s help, it might not be impossible. He would just give it a try.

Thus, the two went home that evening and Jing Yi spent one last evening with his family before he finally quietly bid his goodbye and left the capital city of the Long kingdom behind him, going out together with Qiu Ling to explore the rest of the kingdom and maybe even the places outside of it.

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