SML C71 A Classic Scene

The two of them left the apartment and Li Ming pushed the thought away. Anyway, just because he had noticed that Mo Fang was really good-looking, that didn’t mean anything. Anyway, while good looks were always a nice addition, it wasn’t necessarily the first thing he would look for in a partner.

No, someone’s temperament and beliefs were something that he felt were much more important. If that didn’t match up … Naturally, there would be some trouble later on. It was exactly why his last relationship hadn’t worked out. Well, there was no need to think about that for now. He should take some more time for healing and then he could think about this again.

While Li Ming was lost in thought, Mo Fang glanced at him, once again showing a beautiful smile. “Say, Bro Li, do you have a special route that you normally use?”

“Not quite. But the Huangxing park is close by so I normally go over there and take a random route through the park as part of the jog. I’m not getting in anyone’s way there and the scenery is also quite nice.”

“Ah, that does sound good.”

Li Ming nodded and then led the way. It was a few streets from his apartment to the park but as it turned out, Mo Fang was in pretty good shape and they didn’t need long to arrive there.

With the trees on both sides of the way, it seemed a little cooler than out on the street and the sounds of nature around them made the spot pretty peaceful. This early in the morning, there weren’t as many people in the park yet save for a few seniors that were also doing sports in the early morning to keep fit.

Mo Fang glanced at them but didn’t say anything and just made sure that he kept up with Li Ming, showing him that letting him come along in the future wouldn’t be a problem. He was actually still pretty tired but he also felt that it was worth it. Anyway … “I actually thought jogging here wouldn’t be this nice but the temperature is quite good and the level of emissions around here should be quite low.”

Li Ming gave a smile at that. “That’s true. It’s not that good later in the day but at this time, it’s really nice. When it fits with the shift, I usually jog at this time or I’m going late in the evening but I think mornings are nicer.”

Mo Fang gave a hum at that. “Well, I guess a structured day also isn’t bad.”

“True. And it’s really beautiful. If we’re lucky, we can watch the sunrise at the lake later on.”

“That sounds great. Let’s definitely do that!”

The two of them kept quiet and then just followed the winding paths of the park. Normally, Li Ming would just run for half an hour or an hour depending on how much time he had until his shift. It wasn’t a long route. The one around the lake itself was barely two kilometers and even added with the other paths, it wasn’t much so he normally added on some other routes to finally get to a dozen kilometers in that time.

Today, he was deliberately going a little slower to accommodate for Mo Fang. After all, he really wasn’t sure if he would be able to keep up. It might not be much of a problem right now but who knew if that wouldn’t change after some time? The beginning was often the easiest for people.

Surprisingly though, Mo Fang didn’t seem to have much trouble. Well, that was also good. He didn’t mind running alone but doing it together was actually quite nice.

Just like yesterday, Li Ming couldn’t help but think that being in a relationship with someone who shared at least some of his interests would be really nice. Getting up together in the morning, getting ready together, going on a jog … And then returning home to eat before they bid each other farewell to go to their respective jobs … How nice it would be!

He could really imagine that lifestyle. To be honest, he felt that he was somebody who was family-oriented. Having a partner was something that he really wanted. In fact, even having a child would have been good but as a gay man, what were the chances? That was definitely something he couldn’t achieve in this life. But a partner …

Even though he had almost given up on that thought, he was slowly realizing that maybe things weren’t as bad as he had thought. Yes, why should he give up? He had made mistakes and while he did think that it was unforgivable, it didn’t mean that he had to put his life on hold forever. No, he could only try to be better and make sure that he did not make the same mistake again in the future. Maybe he could even come up with a way to make something good out of what had happened before.

The longer he thought about it, the better he felt. In a sense, while he had taken in Mo Fang while he was in a bad situation, it seemed that the one actually being helped was himself.

Thus, when Mo Fang glanced over, he saw a magnificent smile on Li Ming’s lips that made his heart beat faster. Ah, his taste in men was really godly! Well, save for that moment when he had chosen Lan Heng. Who knew what happened back then? His brain must have gone offline or something … Anyway, this time, he had hit the jackpot!

Ah, he couldn’t wait to finally become his boyfriend. Maybe he should try to speed things up? How about the classic scene of a beauty twisting their ankle? Normally, he would think that that type of thing could only work in movies and even the unrealistic kind but knowing Li Ming, he felt that there was a certain chance to take advantage of it.

Just when Mo Fang was plotting how to make it feasible, Li Ming turned around to him with that same magnificent smile, shocking him silly. Thus, Li Ming who had just wanted to thank Mo Fang again for listening yesterday finally made Mo Fang actually stumble and fall right into his arms.

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