SML C70 A Bit Dangerous

Mo Fang hesitated for a moment but then opened the door to the corridor and poked his head outside. “Bro Li?” He delicately called out to him, and put on a nervous expression, making sure that he was ready when Li Ming came over to ask what was going on.

A moment later, Li Ming already appeared in the doorway from the kitchen, giving him a smile. “What’s the matter?”

Mo Fang turned his embarrassed smile up a notch and even looked down so he would seem a little bit more vulnerable. “This is very embarrassing but … I just noticed I don’t really have the right clothes with me to go running.”

Li Ming looked at him in stunned silence and then glanced at the clothes that Mo Fang was wearing: A pair of pants that was basically hugging his body and a shirt that clung to his skin just a little less. Yeah, that didn’t seem very suitable. Come to think of it, outside of work, the clothes Mo Fang wore seemed to be a little more tight-fitting in general. It probably wasn’t strange. As a model, he should be confident in his body and was used to showing it. But this definitely wasn’t the kind of thing you should go for when wanting to jog.

He reached up and rubbed his head, wondering what to do. “Then … do you want to stay home after all?” He really couldn’t think of anything else. After all, Mo Fang’s clothes were at the train station. They could hardly go there and get them right now, could they?

Mo Fang looked up in confusion, wondering what was going through Li Ming’s head. How could he say something like this? Shouldn’t he try to be more helpful? Still, that was hardly something he could say to him. “Well … I guess it would be rude to ask to borrow something from you, wouldn’t it? I guess I won’t have another choice then. It’s a pity though.” He turned to the side, giving Li Ming a good look at his profile, looking even more vulnerable.

Seeing him like this, Li Ming felt a pang in his heart. He really couldn’t bring himself to do this to Mo Fang. “Ah, how could that be rude? I don’t mind at all. I just don’t know if you would be comfortable wearing something that has been worn already.”

Mo Fang had just waited for that comment. “Actually, I’m not very particular about that kind of thing. Anyway, when modeling, we would often wear clothes that others have worn already. It’s nothing special, really.” He blinked his eyes at him, hoping that Li Ming would really go and find something. Anyway, this was a very good opportunity once again.

Seeing that Mo Fang didn’t seem to mind, Li Ming nodded as well. “Very well. Then I definitely won’t make things difficult. Just give me a moment. I’ll try to find something that’ll fit.”

Mo Fang happily nodded and then waited for Li Ming to vanish in the bedroom again. He counted in his head and then went outside, taking off his shirt while he was at it.

At that moment, Li Ming was looking through his wardrobe, trying to find something that would be good as running clothes. Mo Fang was about the same height as him so there was no problem in that regard. He had a slightly smaller frame though, so it would be best if the pants could be tightened a little around his waist.

“Can’t find anything?”

Li Ming gave a start and then looked over his shoulder. As a result, he was presented with Mo Fang’s bare upper body. He couldn’t help but take a glance before he looked up again, feeling a bit shameless.

Anyway, Mo Fang was really good-looking. Looking away was not that easy but then again, they were friends. He probably wouldn’t appreciate it if he just looked at him like this. “Well, I think there are a few that would be alright.” He casually pulled out one of the pants that he had been eying before and handed it to Mo Fang. “How about this one?”

Mo Fang nodded good-naturedly, not caring too much. Anyway, it was just about wearing Li Ming’s clothes. He didn’t care how exactly it would fit. This was just for getting the two of them to become closer.

“Thank you so much.”

Li Ming just nodded, and then pulled out a shirt at random, handing it over to him as well. “It’s cotton so it should be quite suitable. It’s also pretty wide so it should fit you.”

Mo Fang nodded and then motioned over to the bathroom. “Then I guess I’ll go and change. I’ll be done in a jiffy.”

Li Ming nodded and then watched him head over. Originally, he had thought that it would take a moment considering how long Mo Fang had always taken to change when they were at the railroad station but to his surprise, he was already back out after just a minute indeed. He raised his brows, and couldn’t help but comment on it. “You were indeed pretty fast.”

Mo Fang laughed at that. “Well, I’m a model. I don’t do any runways but it’s still necessary to change clothes between shots every now and then. If I always took long to get ready, the photographers would probably not be very happy with me.” He laughed again and then went over to Li Ming’s side, motioning to the door. “So, should we leave? I’m afraid I’ve stolen us more than enough time already.”

“Is that why you hurried up so much?” Li Ming couldn’t help but inquire further but still went over to the door so they could leave. It was indeed true that they might get into a bit of trouble time-wise if they didn’t leave soon.

Mo Fang gave him a sweet smile in return. “I wouldn’t want to make trouble for you, Bro Li.”

Li Ming looked at him, slightly dazed. He couldn’t help but feel that … this was becoming a bit dangerous.

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