OMF V7C379 Destroying Evidence

While the people of the yamen investigated the case, Xiao Li was hiding on one of the roofs, watching how things proceeded. He didn’t mind that they were gathering information. He just couldn’t let anybody from the dragon race get close before the actual evidence was destroyed. Thankfully, while the yamen runners did inquire about Jing Yi and Qiu Ling, they didn’t ask either of them to come over.

When evening fell, the yamen runners stopped their investigation for the time being and returned home while the subprefect also returned to his rooms in the yamen after reading their report of what had been found so far.

Right now, there were only a few guards on patrol but Xiao Li wasn’t worried about them. He turned his spiritual energy into dark one and then dissolved his body, disappearing from the roof and reappearing right in the room where the body was being kept. He glanced out of the window, making sure that nobody had noticed anything and then smiled to himself. Really, being a demon was so nice.

He raised a hand, bringing sparks to life that turned into a small flame. Once again, Xiao Li glanced toward the window to make sure that nobody had seen him and then, he bent down to ignite the floor right below the body.

He didn’t stop there though. He had to make sure that the fire wouldn’t be visible immediately but would definitely destroy the body until it was completely impossible for anyone to tell who this person had been. Only that way could he get the dragon race off his tracks completely.

Xiao Li set the tables that the body was lying on aflame, as well as Ma Tao’s clothes and hair. Then, he walked through the room, leaving a trail of fire behind. Soon enough, all the small fires grew in size and congregated, turning the room into a blazing inferno.

Xiao Li once again used his ability to leave the room, starting to set the rest of the building on fire as well.

By now, the flames could be seen from outside. At first, the yamen runners on patrol had thought that somebody had gone to the room to check on something but then, they realized that the light wasn’t disappearing. When somebody went to check, the paper windows had already caught on fire, making them recoil.

“Fire! There’s a fire!” The yamen runner went to sound the alarm and soon, everybody was running to get water to try and expunge the flames. Unfortunately, they had no luck. While they were able to make sure that the fire didn’t reach the other buildings, the one that had started burning first was destroyed in large parts, the room with the body burned down to its foundation. Ma Tao’s body itself … there was nothing left of it save for some charred bones.

Xiao Li smiled when he saw the result of this night’s work. Thankfully, everything had worked out. Now, he wouldn’t need to worry anymore. He could leave and finally be free.

He got up from where he had once again been crouching on a roof and then just turned around and left not just the yamen but the capital city of the Long kingdom as a whole. In fact, he traveled up north, until even the border of the kingdom itself was left behind. He had no goal in mind and just followed the wind, intending to never return.

At the same time, the capital was still in an uproar, most of the citizens and visitors getting up to take a look out of their windows to find out what was happening outside.

Hua Lin Yu was one of them. He rubbed his eyes and turned around in Xin Lan’s arms, glancing at the patch of the night sky that could be seen outside. “Why is it so bright? Is it already time to get up?” Today was the day they were supposed to leave the capital city. They had been sightseeing the whole day yesterday after sending a message to his family so there was no reason to stay here any longer. Thinking about it, he felt a bit at a loss.

Xin Lan glanced over as well but shook his head. “No, there seems to be a fire. You can still sleep for a while.” He tightened his grasp around Hua Lin Yu’s waist and pulled him closer, his lips brushing over the youth’s temple.

Hua Lin Yu nodded but he couldn’t help but continue to stare at the window. “Where do you think the fire is?”

Xin Lan raised his brows. “Is it important? It’s not that close by so you don’t have to be afraid.”

Hua Lin Yu glanced at him and smiled faintly before pursing his lips as if put off by what he had said. “I’m not afraid. Why would I be? I’m a cultivator!”

Xin Lan looked at him but only gave a hum. “It’s good if you aren’t. Now, do you really not want to sleep? We could leave early.”

Hua Lin Yu shook his head, not happy at all with that suggestion. “No, I want to stay for a while longer.”

Xin Lan’s brows rose even higher. “Why? Do you like it here?”

Hua Lin Yu hurriedly turned in his arms, facing the wall again. He clung to the edge of the blanket and hurriedly shook his head. “No, not at all.”

Xin Lan slightly furrowed his brows but didn’t say anything. Whatever. If the boy wanted to stay longer, then they could do that as well. It wasn’t like taking a few more days would change anything. And anyway, he wasn’t in a hurry to get married.

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