OMF V7C376 Yet Another Death

Author’s Note:

Today, yet another roulette chapter is due for OMF so here you go! 😊


Meanwhile, Xiao Li finally reached the restaurant. Thanks to his status, the servants currently standing at the door just greeted him with a friendly smile and didn’t make him wait.

Xiao Li ignored them and rushed in, calling out as soon as he was through the door. “Master, Master! Bad news!”

The people currently dining in the hall looked over, whispering among themselves. To them, it looked very much as if a madman had just come to disturb them. Who would rush into a restaurant and yell like this? Anyway, what had even happened? They couldn’t help but be a little curious as well.

Xiao Li ignored them though and ran up the staircase to where Zhong Gang’s study was located. Thankfully, Zhong Guanyu and that so-called father-in-law of his had dragged him over here more than once so he knew just where he had to look.

He continued to call out all the way up, already alarming Zhong Gang long before he reached the door.

With his brows tightly furrowed, Zhong Gang got up from his seat and went toward the door to see what the fuss was about. This really wasn’t like any of his servants. Especially not like Ma Tao. Normally, he was really level-headed. That was why he had given him such a high position. He couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about this.

Just when Zhong Gang opened the door, Xiao Li arrived in front of it, almost colliding with him. Zhong Gang hastily stepped back, giving him a doubtful look. “Xiao Tao, just what happened?” Looking him up and down, Zhong Gang felt even more weirded out.

This person who normally made sure to look impeccable and even make sure the other servants followed his example so as to not give their guests the wrong impression of the restaurant, looked nothing like his usual self. His hair was disheveled, his robe crumpled and dirt-stained as if he had fallen to the ground. The most notable was his face though: All color had drained from it and his eyes were widened further than it even seemed possible. He looked as if he was possessed or had maybe seen a ghost.

Zhong Gang shuddered at the thought. It hadn’t been that long since Ru Chen passed away. Something like this would really be too unlucky. No, he didn’t even want to think about it.

He forcibly pushed the thought away and gulped. “Xiao Tao, just what happened?”

Xiao Li pointed outside. “Master, Mister Xiao … Mister Xiao, he … he’s dead!” He made sure to screech the last part so the other people in the restaurant would be able to hear it as well.

Zhong Gang staggered and had to reach out for the doorframe. “What? Xiao Li? How? How could that be?” He straightened up again and stepped closer, grabbing Xiao Li by the lapel. “Xiao Tao, you answer me! Just what happened to my son-in-law? How could he suddenly be dead?!”

Xiao Li almost smiled at Zhong Gang’s freaked out face but he forced himself to subdue his actual feelings and just squirmed in his grasp. “I also don’t know, Master! I went to your house as you told me but when I opened the door to one of the storage rooms, he was suddenly there. He just … he just sat there, tied up like a dumpling with his head hanging down at a weird angle. I … I just didn’t know what to do!”

A few of the other servants had been lured over by Xiao Li’s screeching. They raised their hands when they heard what had happened, clasping them over their mouths. Most of the younger ones didn’t even know this son-in-law of their Master’s since he hadn’t returned for more than a decade. But just imagining that he had died just like that in the house of their Master … And being tied up spoke leagues about what kind of death that had been. They just couldn’t help but worry what kind of unspeakable secret might be behind that.

Who had killed him? A member of their Master’s house? But why that? Had he cheated on their Master’s daughter? Had he stolen something? And what would happen now that things were coming to light?

The longer they thought about it, the more their desire for gossip was ignited. It was only a matter of time until half the capital city would know about this.

Zhong Gang’s face fell when he realized that this sensitive matter wouldn’t stay in the family for long. He cursed inwardly but there was nothing he could do to change it anymore. He could only make sure to react appropriately now.

He took a deep breath and then lowered his hands, restoring his expression. “Are you sure that it was Xiao Li? And are you sure that he was dead?”

Xiao Li nodded heavily. “I’m completely sure, Master! There’s no doubt about it!”

Zhong Gang sighed and his shoulders slumped. “Oh, my poor Guanyu. She loved him so much …” He shook his head and then motioned for Xiao Li to follow him. “Let’s go home. I’m sure the yamen runners will have some questions for you. Right, somebody first has to call them.” He turned to the bystanders and nodded at one of the servants. “You, go and inform the authorities that a death has occurred in the house and that they’ll need to investigate it. Xiao Tao and I will go over and wait there for them.”

The servant hurriedly nodded and then rushed out as fast as he could. If there really was somebody in his Master’s family that was capable of even killing the family’s son-in-law, then he definitely didn’t want to get on their bad side.

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