OMF V7C371 A Little Brother Couldn’t Be Kept Forever

Xin Lan continued to lie next to Hua Lin Yu, unable to fall asleep. He looked at the youth in his arms for a while before turning onto his back again and staring up at the ceiling. Ah, he kind of missed Zheng Yin right now.

He and Hua Lin Yu were actually similar types in terms of appearance just that Zheng Yin’s features showed a little more maturity. The good thing was that there wasn’t anything forced about their relationship though. With Hua Lin Yu, he had to do this or the consequences for himself would be bad. With Zheng Yin, it had just been a way to kill some time.

Well, it couldn’t be changed anymore. He turned onto his side once again, pulling Hua Lin Yu closer. After a while, he would probably get used to this person as well. It had always been like this and he didn’t think that there was any reason for that to suddenly change.

No matter what he told himself, Xin Lan still wasn’t calm enough and finally, Hua Lin Yu woke up from his nap before Xin Lan had a chance to sleep for even a minute.

The youth stretched and then looked up at Xin Lan with his eyes sparkling happily, a beautiful smile lighting up his features. “You’re already awake.”

Xin Lan gave an unenthusiastic hum but Hua Lin Yu didn’t seem to register the change in his mood. He was just happy that his favorite person was there when he woke up, unlike all the previous years. It seemed that getting married would be very nice. Then they could spend every day together just like his parents had done when he was young.

He sat up and smiled at Xin Lan. “I should probably go and see my senior martial brothers now.” He hadn’t thought about it before but now, he felt that those two should be pretty anxious. It would be better to go and explain to them.

Xin Lan turned around and watched him, seemingly not wanting to move at all.

Hua Lin Yu blinked his eyes in return. “What’s the matter? Don’t you want to come with me?”

Xin Lan barely held back a sigh and finally propped himself up on an elbow, resting his chin on his hand. “It’s not that I don’t want to. Rather than that, I think that your senior martial brothers would probably like to talk to you in private. I’ll just wait here until you’ve finished so as to not interfere.” Anyway, while he did want a few moments to himself, he also knew that he shouldn’t say that kind of thing out loud anymore. Not until the two of them had become lovers.

Hua Lin Yu was a little disappointed but considering how his two senior martial brothers had behaved before, he really couldn’t fault Xin Lan for this. He just sighed and then nodded. “Alright, then I’ll go to see them on my own. I’ll make sure to come back soon.”

Xin Lan nodded and then waited for him to leave the room before he lay down again. Once again staring up at the ceiling, he sighed to himself. Who knew how things would really be in the future? Somehow, he wasn’t too eager to find out even though he knew that the sooner they got into that relationship, the faster it would also be over.

While Xin Lan continued to pity himself, Hua Lin Yu went outside only to come face-to-face with the two Huo brothers. Innocently blinking his eyes, he looked at the two of them in confusion. “Senior martial brothers, what are you doing here?”

Both Huo Cheng and Huo Hai looked at him aggrieved. They had waited outside because they had wanted to make sure that he was alright, wasn’t that obvious? Oh well, actually, they had wanted to follow him inside but somehow, they had been kept outside by that guy’s spiritual energy. So they hadn’t been able to do anything but stand outside. And they really didn’t dare to leave in case something bad happened and they needed to charge inside and rescue him.

Huo Cheng swallowed his complaints and then looked Hua Lin Yu over from head to toe before finally grabbing his shoulder. “Xiao Yu, be honest, are you alright?” Since they hadn’t been able to go in, they could only go by what they had heard. But then again, who knew how accurate that would be? While it had sounded as if there had only been a conversation going on, that didn’t have to be accurate. And who knew what exactly had been said even if it was nothing more than a conversation?

Hua Lin Yu still didn’t quite understand what he was talking about. “Of course, I’m alright. Why shouldn’t I? Are you still worried that I’m tired? You don’t have to. It wasn’t that bad in the first place. I just took a nap and now I’m completely energized again!”

The two Huo brothers exchanged a glance, feeling happy that their little junior seemed to be doing well while also being worried that things might not stay like this.

Finally, it was Huo Hai who cleared his throat. “Anyway, let’s go and get something to eat. You’re probably hungry.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then wanted to turn back to the room but the two Huo brothers hurriedly stepped in front of his path.

“Xiao Yu, where do you want to go? The dining room is downstairs.”

Hua Lin Yu looked from one to the other and then at the door behind them. “But … shouldn’t I tell Xin Lan if we are going to eat? He might also want something.”

His two seniors smiled wryly. “Well, I’m sure that he doesn’t want anything. Anyway, there are a few things we want to talk about. In the worst case, we can just bring something to eat back for him. How about that?” His heart bled a little that he had to think on the behalf of another man for his little junior but for the time being, it was alright as long as they managed to say to Hua Lin Yu need to be said. It still was hard seeing his little junior’s happy expression though. Ah, it seemed that a little brother couldn’t be kept forever.

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