SML C64 Do You Intend to Jump Me?

The two of them finished eating dinner and Mo Fang helped Li Ming put away the dishes to make sure he noticed just how useful having him around was. Originally, Li Ming had wanted to refuse but considering that he wanted Mo Fang to feel welcome and as if this was his home as well, he finally decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to always refuse. Thus, he just smiled and let him be.

With their meal finished, the first day that Mo Fang was living with Li Ming already came to an end. That brought about a new problem though.

Li Ming looked from the kitchen over to the living room and then to the door to his bedroom and gave another faint smile. “Well, I guess I should go and change the sheets for you. I’ll sleep on the couch.”

Mo Fang raised his brows. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy with that idea at all. He wanted to spend as much time with Li Ming as possible and naturally, sleeping in the same bed was something he especially wanted to do. After all, the closer they physically were, the better. That was one of the easiest ways to attract another man’s attention. He definitely wasn’t willing to just give up on such a good opportunity. “Bro Li, I really don’t feel comfortable making you sleep on your couch in your own apartment. This is your place after all.”

Li Ming just smiled, not feeling bothered at all by the prospect of having to sleep on the couch. Anyway, it was just for a certain time. After that, things would go back to normal. How hard could that be? “You really don’t need to worry. I don’t mind.”

He already regarded the topic as finished but Mo Fang naturally had other ideas. “That … I really don’t think it’s good to do it this way. Anyway, your job is physically much more demanding than mine. Just imagine if there was a fight and you’d have to intervene with your back hurting. If anything, then I should be the one to sleep on the couch.”

Li Ming’s gaze couldn’t help but soften at Mo Fang’s worry about him. “You’re my guest though. How could I let you sleep on the couch?” He really didn’t think that that was an option.

Seeing how determined Li Ming was, Mo Fang was actually in a good mood. That just went to show what kind of great character his future boyfriend had! He treated people so well, it was really nice to see. And anyway, with his refusal, things were even simpler. “That … well, actually there’s no reason to be like this, right? After all, we’re both men. What’s so bad about us sharing a bed? I think it’s big enough.” He was pretty sure of that since he had already spent a night there. Ah, and this was why it was so important to know the place where your crush lived. Like this, he was able to use this knowledge to his advantage.

Li Ming didn’t immediately react though. While it was true that they were both men, that wasn’t all there was to it, right? “Well … We’re both gay though.” That was probably not that different from a man and a woman sleeping together, right? It was the same principle.

Mo Fang just laughed though. “And that is why we can’t share the same bed? Why that? Do you think I’d ambush you in the middle of the night?”

Li Ming was immediately embarrassed. “Of course not!” Mo Fang had just separated from his boyfriend. Naturally, he wasn’t even open to anything new. How could he arbitrarily get in a situation like that? That wouldn’t be like him.

Mo Fang smiled slightly. “Well, then could it be that you intend to make a move on me?”

Li Ming was at a loss for words and could only hurriedly shake his head. Of course, he wasn’t! Could it be that Mo Fang really thought of him like that? The thought made him a little anxious but he didn’t dare to complain.

Mo Fang just smiled. “So since we’re both men and I don’t intend to jump you and you don’t want to jump me, then what’s that about not being able to share a bed? Why don’t we just do us the favor and go with what will make sleeping better for both of us? I don’t mind it. I really don’t. So if you don’t either, then I don’t see why the two of us would need to hold back just because of some arbitrary standard. What do you think?”

Li Ming was at a complete loss. He hadn’t imagined things to turn out like this but in a way, Mo Fang was right. Why was he being like this? Mo Fang had just broken up with somebody because that guy had cheated. There really wasn’t any risk. And if Mo Fang himself didn’t mind, then why should he?

Thinking like that, Li Ming finally nodded. “Alright, let’s do it like that then. I’ll still go and change the sheets for you.”

Mo Fang nodded but he couldn’t help but add a sentence. “Thank you. Although I don’t think it’s really necessary. Anyway, didn’t I already sleepy there last night? It’s the sheet I used anyway.”

Hearing that, Li Ming was once again tongue-tied. It was true. Mo Fang had really slept there last night. It was just that he hadn’t thought of that just now. He rubbed his neck again and finally smiled with a bit of embarrassment. “Well, I guess I’m thinking too much then. Let’s just get ready for bed then. It’ll be a long day tomorrow.”

Mo Fang nodded happily and then rushed out, making sure that he would show Li Ming his most irresistible side when they were lying together in bed.

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