OMF V7C353 A Famous Scholar

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Surprise! Since my project “Choosing You” recently finished over on Patreon, I’ll be doing additional chapters for other projects every Saturday now. Naturally, these will also go public when we reach the day we’re ‘catching up on’ the early releases. Since we’re currently about 10 days or so behind for this project that means that day is today.

There will also be additional chapters for SML, RMN, and RSH in the future so stay tuned for suprise chapters every now and then! 😊


The Elder looked at him with some confusion, not quite understanding why he would say something like this. He didn’t refuse though and merely nodded. “Of course. I will mention that this was thanks to this senior’s help as well.”

Xin Lan smiled with satisfaction and then turned to the people of the Yun Zou Sect. “Speaking of the spirit beast tribe … are they still staying at your sect?” He hadn’t heard that they had left but he had left before the envoy of the Yun Zou Sect did so he couldn’t be completely sure.

Zhangsun Xun Yi had watched what happened between Xin Lan and Zheng Yin before so he could imagine what was going through Xin Lan’s mind. He was also pretty sure that Zheng Yin wouldn’t be as happy as Xin Lan hoped he would. Obviously, he hadn’t reacted very well before either. Still, since the question had been asked and the content was innocuous enough, he still answered. “They are. From what I heard, they intend to stay until Elder Geng’s disciple is completely healed.”

Xin Lan nodded slowly, a thoughtful expression on his face. That meant that he probably didn’t have much time unless he followed them over to the spirit beast tribe’s territory. That was something he would actually like to prevent.

While it wasn’t a problem going there, he would like to be a little closer to his Master in case something happened and he needed to rush over. Also, there was still the matter was that fallen god. It would be best if he could appear in front of him every now and then to make sure that he wouldn’t forget about him. Then he would likely be more susceptible to starting a relationship with him as soon as he came of age.

Having gotten the response that he wanted, Xin Lan nodded. “Then I will leave for now. I guess my presence isn’t needed any longer for this discussion anyway.” He glanced at Fei Bai Mu again, wondering if he should say something about Xiang Yu’s mortal reincarnation. In the end, he just sighed and then turned away, leaving without even having seen Hua Lin Yu. Anyway, the child was still too young.

The young boy immediately deflated in the arms of his senior martial brother. He had been so happy to see Xin Lan but now, he hadn’t even been held by him for a single moment. He wanted to go back to that other sect! At the very least, there was somebody pretty to hold onto him every now and then!

Fei Bai Mu’s bigger disciple got flustered when he saw his junior behave like this. He hadn’t seen Xin Lan before so he had no idea what it was that his little junior wanted. He could only try to coax him but the success was not very good. This child … It really made him feel helpless on a regular basis.

With Xin Lan having left, the people of the sects turned to glance at the other two dragons again, waiting for what they would do next.

An Bai turned to look at Xiang Yong as well and raised his brows. “I think we’ve said what we had to say as well, everything else is a matter of the human race. We should probably follow Senior Xin Lan’s example and leave.”

Xiang Yong slightly furrowed his brows. “This will affect the spirit beast tribe though. I think we should at least stay and listen to what is going to happen so we can inform them of this.”

An Bai fell quiet for a moment before he nodded. “You’re right. You should go and speak to Yi Zan though. I can stay here and listen. That really isn’t something two people need to do.”

The idea wasn’t bad but Xiang Yong still hesitated though. “What about you? You didn’t have much time to rest after … you know.”

An Bai merely smiled. “It’s not like I was tortured. And I don’t think any of the people gathered here could be dangerous to me. I’ll just stay back and listen in. After that, I’ll return to the dragon realm immediately. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Xiang Yong examined his expression and seeing that his complexion actually wasn’t as bad as before, he finally gave a nod. “Very well. Since you insist, then we’ll do it that way. If you really can’t hold on, then you should call one of the others over so you can hurry back home. It’s not worth it for you to tire yourself out.”

An Bai shook his head. “Alright, I already know. You should hurry up now.”

“It’s not like much time will have passed in the Nine Heavens. I’m sure Yi Zan can wait one moment longer.”

An Bai sighed. Indeed. Over there, not even a few minutes would’ve gone by when Xiang Yong returned. Still, Yi Zan had already needed to wait there for a while since the time his nephew had returned. They shouldn’t make him wait any longer even if it was just for such a short moment. “Just do it.”

Hearing that, Xiang Yong sighed and then turned to Fei Bai Mu, nodding his head. “I will take my leave as well. An Bai will stay here and give his input if there is something you need our race’s perspective on. He is a famous scholar of our race so I am sure that he will be able to answer any questions you have much better than me or anyone else could. Farewell.”

He waited for Fei Bai Mu to say a few more words before he also left.

The people of the cultivation sects were quite awed though. So this person was actually a famous scholar of the dragon race. Who would’ve thought! The gazes they used to look at him became even more respectful.

An Bai could only smile wryly, trying not to stand out too much.

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