SML C52 It’s Progress!

Mo Fang smiled happily when he saw Li Ming’s expression. There was no denying that his mother was a beauty. Naturally, Li Ming would be awed. “I really hope that I’ll look just as good as her when I’m older.” He switched off the screen and slipped the phone back into his pocket while giving Li Ming a smile. “If I did, then even twenty years down the road, I would still be able to model.”

Li Ming gave him a look and couldn’t help but nod. To be honest, he wouldn’t have doubted that even without seeing a picture of Madam Mo. Mo Fang just had the type of face that seemed to really photogenic. And after getting to know him a bit better, he could also see that he wasn’t shy. This was probably a dream for any photographer. And these days, models had become slightly more varied. Being an older model wouldn’t be too strange.

Seeing his crush lost in thought, Mo Fang lightly touched his arm and then motioned inside. “So, do you know what we have to get? I could help you find the right things.” Actually, he wasn’t too sure if he wouldn’t make even more trouble. After all, just like cooking, grocery shopping hadn’t really been high on his priority list before. But … when it came to capturing Li Ming, he was willing to try out new things.

Li Ming pulled himself out of his thoughts at Mo Fang’s reminder and nodded, taking one of the shopping baskets before entering. Looking around, he slowly led Mo Fang through the aisles, not telling him to actually go look for something on his own. Anyway, he really didn’t feel that he should make Mo Fang do so much. While he did understand where he was coming from with wanting to help, to him, he was still a guest at his place. How could he make a guest work?

Mo Fang wasn’t too bothered by this. While he did want to show Li Ming that he would be great boyfriend material, it was much nicer to spend the time directly with him. Ah, if he was able to hold his hand while they were strolling through the market, that would be even better!

Glancing at Li Ming, Mo Fang gave a smile but didn’t say anything. He definitely couldn’t seem too eager or he would soon figure out that something was up. Right now, it was too early for that. He needed to give it at least another week or so before I could slowly start to show some faint interest. With Li Ming, he needed to play the long game.

While Mo Fang was silently plotting, Li Ming started to pick up groceries. Since he liked to cook, he normally went for fresh ingredients. He picked up some fruits and vegetables, added some rice since he had been running low, and also got some fish. Then, he went to the aisles with the wine, adding one bottle that worked nicely for sauces.

Mo Fang watched him, having no idea what kind of dishes Li Ming was planning. Fruits, vegetables, rice, fish, and wine? That did seem like a very strange combination. Feeling puzzled, he just looked on, wondering if he should say something. He was a bit curious but then again, he also didn’t want to look as if he was completely clueless.

Just when Mo Fang wanted to retract his gaze, Li Ming looked over and caught him right in the act. He raised his brows, wondering what was going on. “Is something the matter?”

Mo Fang gave a short laugh and inched a bit closer, pointing at the basket. “That … Say, Bro Li, what’s that supposed to be?”

Li Ming looked from Mo Fang to the basket and back again, not understanding what he meant. “What?”

Mo Fang didn’t quite know how to answer that and just shifted on the spot, finally grabbing his arm. “Ah, don’t bother. Let’s just continue. What else do you need?”

Li Ming raised his brows, once again looking at the things in his basket and understanding finally dawned on him. It seemed that Mo Fang felt that his choice of groceries was strange? Well, considering that he had said that he didn’t really like to cook, it might not be too unexpected. He couldn’t help but smile though and there was a hint of teasing in his eyes when he turned back to Mo Fang. “Well, you’ll see when we’re home and I start cooking.”

Mo Fang’s eyes widened and he stared at Li Ming in a daze. He didn’t even know to what he should react to first: Li Ming calling his apartment ‘home’ as if the thought of living there together was already completely normal to him or that he was imagining cooking for him? Or maybe how, for the first time since knowing each other, he was teasing him? Actually … the latter seemed more relevant right now.

“You … You’re teasing me, Bro Li.” Thinking about it, he was still in a bit of a daze. With how Li Ming normally was, this had to be a sign that he was slowly treating him like more of a friend than just a new co-worker. After all, co-workers were still somebody you kept a polite distance from especially if you didn’t know them well but with friends, you were able to joke around like this because you knew they wouldn’t fault you for it.

Seeing Mo Fang’s reaction, Li Ming felt bad. “I … I’m sorry. I didn’t want to —”

“It’s alright.” Mo Fang hurriedly shook his head to make sure Li Ming wouldn’t backpedal. This was progress! He couldn’t let that go to waste! To make sure Li Ming understood him right, he gave him a cheeky smile. “I was just surprised. Bro Li always seemed so refined before. Who knew you could joke like that?”

Li Ming coughed at that. So this was how Mo Fang saw him? “Well, as long as I didn’t make you feel awkward …” To be honest, he was afraid that the only one feeling awkward was him. Maybe … he hadn’t thought this through too well.

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