SML C44 I See!

The two of them quietly finished breakfast. Mo Fang continued to sit at the table while Li Ming did the dishes, both of them wondering where to go from here. In the end, it was Li Ming who looked over his shoulder. “Do you want to go home before going to the station? Getting there in time might be a bit tight though.”

Mo Fang looked down at the clothes he was wearing and then shook his head. “No, I think it’s alright. Anyway, I’ll change for my shift and I still have clothes in the locker, right? I can just change there.”

Li Ming nodded. “Well, that’s also true.” He turned back to the sink, once again deep in thought. When they went to the station together, he could only go to Boss Mo after his shift had ended to ask about changing the schedules. That was a bit inconvenient but he could still live with it. Anyway, since this was also about his son, he was sure that Boss Mo would be open-minded.

Behind him, Mo Fang pursed his lips. He had no idea what exactly Li Ming was thinking about but from the way he was treating him today, it didn’t seem like his thoughts were on how sexy his body was. It really was troublesome, ah! Who would’ve thought that this Li Ming was such a tough nut to crack? It seemed he’d have to put in some more effort in the future.

Soon enough, Li Ming finished doing the dishes and turned around to Mo Fang with a smile. “Alright, I’m done. If you want to, we can go to the station together.”

Mo Fang happily nodded and got up from the table, walking over to him with a small smile. “Alright then. I hope I’m not making any trouble for you.”

Li Ming shook his head. “No, why should you?” He couldn’t help but feel a bit bad when he said that though. In a sense, he was currently lying to Mo Fang. Maybe that was why Mo Fang was starting to develop feelings for him? It seemed he had to be less nice to him. It was just that doing so also wouldn’t feel right.

Li Ming sighed, still not sure what to do. Well, he could still figure that out later. Maybe he would have a chance to talk with Rui Lan later on. He seemed to know Mo Fang a bit better than him so maybe he would have some advice for him. Or maybe he could also ask Boss Mo what else he could do other than changing his shifts. After all, as his father, he would probably know him best.

Despite what Mo Fang had said yesterday, he did believe that Boss Mo loved his son very much. In fact, he had always felt that he was one of these proud parents that loved to bring up their children at every opportunity.

The two of them left his apartment together and went to catch the train to go to the station. When they arrived, they went straight to the locker room but on the way, they coincidentally ran into Zhi Bao Yu. She looked from one person to the other and then excitedly waved for Mo Fang to go over.

His lips twitched and he turned to Li Ming. “Bro Li, why don’t you go to the locker room already? I’ll stay and see what Sis Zhi wants.”

Li Ming glanced over, feeling a bit worried about what it might be that Zhi Bao Yu would bring up. Still, that was none of his concern. He had to hold back. Thus, he finally nodded. “Mn, sure, make sure you don’t get to your shift too late.”

Mo Fang beamed at him. “Of course! Until later then!” With that, he went over to Zhi Bao Yu in a great mood.

Li Ming sighed again and then went to change his clothes, feeling even more worried when he opened his locker and saw Mo Fang’s clothes inside. Yes, this had really gone too far. He needed to stop things before it could become even more difficult.

Meanwhile, Zhi Bao Yu had inched closer to Mo Fang and looked at him with glimmering eyes. “What did I see there? Did you and Bro Li …?”

Mo Fang shifted on the spot, clearly happy that he was being asked. “Sis Zhi! What are you saying? It’s just that I was too drunk yesterday so Bro Li took me back home.”

Zhi Bao Yu nodded slowly. “Oh. And then you somehow put on his clothes this morning. I’m sure nothing happened at all.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips. Actually, it was a bit sad that she wasn’t right. Well, it was still nice to have somebody who could see just how nice of a couple they would be. “Don’t say that. I was really drunk. I can’t even remember what happened yesterday. I’m sure that somebody as nice as Bro Li would never take advantage of me in such a situation.”

In fact, he was pretty sure about this. Li Ming just wasn’t the type of guy to do this. He’d rather spend the night outside in the cold than to get too close and have the other person misunderstand. It was a bit vexing. Why couldn’t he be a bit more of an asshole in this situation? If Li Ming had at least slept next to him, he maybe could have tried something! Well, then again, he couldn’t even remember how they had left the restaurant …

Zhi Bao Yu just continued to nod. “I see!” What exactly it was that she saw … It was hard to say. “Well, since he so nicely reminded you, you should probably go and change for your shift. Anyway, I also need to go back to the service counter. I was just getting some painkillers.” She waved at him and then rushed back as if she had grown a pair of wings.

Mo Fang furrowed his brows, not quite sure what this was about but then shrugged his shoulders and went to the locker room as well. Anyway, having an additional minute with Bro Li would make his day even better.

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