SML C41 He Was Pretty Sure He Was Naked

The next morning, Mo Fang woke up with his head hurting like hell. He pressed his eyes shut close, wincing at the pain, and then covered his head with his hands. Oh God, he would never drink again!

Squinting against the light that seemed to be especially bright this morning, he reached out for his phone only to find empty air next to him.

He frowned and then opened one eye, trying to see if he had misplaced it because he was too drunk. To his horror, what he saw wasn’t his room. He opened both eyes and stared at the unfamiliar furniture in a daze.

Just what had happened? This wasn’t his parents’ house but it also wasn’t Si Tao’s place so it couldn’t be that he had thrown himself at his ex-boyfriend again. It didn’t seem like he had gone crying to that asshole Lan Heng either.

So what had he done? Hooked up with somebody from the restaurant? Maybe there had been some handsome guy he couldn’t remember right now?

Neither of those options was very good. Especially if he considered that his coworkers might have seen. Putting that on top of everything else he had done wrong yesterday, his chances with Li Ming would’ve turned to ruin by now.

Mo Fang closed his eyes again and covered his face with his hands, wishing that there was a way to turn back time. Ah, just why had he drunk so much? He should’ve known that this would happen again!

Unfortunately, no matter how much he regretted, it wouldn’t change what had happened. Taking down his hands, he gingerly looked over his shoulder to make sure whether or not somebody was lying behind him.

Thankfully, he was alone. So whoever he had gone home with yesterday, it seemed that the person at least wasn’t the clingy type. That was good. He definitely couldn’t need any complications right now. Since he had already decided on Li Ming, he would be faithful! Even if they weren’t together yet, he was sure that it was only a question of time. He should keep himself as pure as possible until then.

He turned back and then pulled down the blanket a bit, looking over the edge of the bed to see if his clothes were still in a state that could be worn. Otherwise, he would need to borrow some from that person.

To his horror, he had to find out that his clothes weren’t even there. He winced again and then wiggled over to the other side of the bed, risking another glance. Unfortunately, they weren’t lying there either. Wherever they had lost their clothes yesterday, it definitely wasn’t in the bedroom.

Mo Fang slammed his forehead against the pillow, cursing himself. What was he supposed to do now? Calling out and asking that guy where they were? Just going over to look for it? Anyway, he was still a little afraid to find out just who it was.

Before Mo Fang could come to a conclusion, slow steps could be heard from outside the room.

Mo Fang’s eyes widened and he turned in the other direction, pulling the blanket up as far as he could. Normally, he wouldn’t be shy after hooking up with somebody but the situation currently just wasn’t good.

He closed his eyes and held onto the blanket tightly. Before the guy could come in, he already called out. “You … Don’t think too much. I’m sure you’re really handsome and probably also good in bed but there’s already somebody I like. I just went home with you because I was terribly drunk yesterday. I normally wouldn’t have done that.”

In the doorway, Li Ming raised his brows. “The latter is definitely true. You were actually too drunk to tell me your address. In the end, I couldn’t do anything but take you home with me. I hope you don’t mind.”

Mo Fang’s eyes sprang open and he lowered his hands, turning around in bed. To his surprise … the person standing behind him was actually Li Ming. His expression was a mixture of being serious and slightly amused. Something he hadn’t seen from him before.

“You … Bro Li, what exactly happened yesterday?” Mo Fang reached down and patted his body, making sure that he hadn’t imagined being naked. No, he really was. Well, he was still wearing his underwear so he wasn’t completely naked but he was pretty sure that this was an indication that they had done it yesterday.

Li Ming came over and sat down on the edge of the bed, handing him a tray with a glass of water and a painkiller. “Don’t worry, nothing happened. I got you safely back home but you finally threw up. I helped you out of your clothes and washed them. I actually wanted to help you wear something else but you staunchly refused.”

Mo Fang winced again. “Was I really terrible?” He burrowed back under the blanket until only his eyes could be seen over the edge.

Li Ming almost laughed out loud but forced himself to hold back to make Mo Fang not even more embarrassed. “Don’t worry. You were quite alright. A bit clingy maybe.”

Mo Fang raised his brows. “Clingy? Did … Did I say anything strange?”

Li Ming shook his head. “Nothing too strange. Come on. Take the pill and you’ll feel better. I already called the station to let them know that you’d be there a bit later. They’ll cover for you.”

Mo Fang bit his lower lip. “Does my father know?”

Li Ming shook his head. “No. I called Sis Zhi. She promised to keep it quiet. Anyway, she was pretty drunk herself so she would get into trouble if she told him and he noticed she was hungover.”

Mo Fang nodded and then sat up. He picked up the pill and the glass of water, feeling that Li Ming really knew how to take care of somebody. That definitely was another trait his perfect boyfriend should have. “Thank you. You’re doing so much for me.”

Li Ming just nodded. “It’s alright. I would’ve done the same for any of our coworkers.”

Mo Fang looked at him, wondering why he said it like this. Couldn’t he let him be happy about the fact that he finally had him to himself for a while? Anyway, this was actually a really good situation. After all, not only had they spent quite a bit of time together, he had even been in Li Ming’s apartment for the first time. And he had been naked while he was. That should be a step forward, right?

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