OMF V7C306 What If He Made It Worse?

The two of them looked at each other for a moment and Wu Ya finally motioned to the gates. “Some of our people came back so I guess you won’t have to stay here. You can return with me later on.”

A trace of delight flashed across Zheng Yin’s face. He had already known that quite a few of their people had been saved after Jing Yi told him what happened at the Chun Feng Sect. But it was still much better hearing this from one of their own people. After all, you could never know if somebody else would lie to you for their own gain. With Wu Ya, it was completely different.

He already wanted to agree when he looked over to where Jinde stood. He did want to return but … he also couldn’t help but feel a little reluctant. His race had quite a few manuals on refinement but he felt like none of them would be able to compare to what this man would be able to show him.

But then again, this person was of the dragon race. He couldn’t just ask him to teach them, could he? Well, even if he was shameless enough to give it a try, it likely wouldn’t work out. No, he might just laugh at him. That wasn’t worth it.

Thinking of that, he retracted his gaze and turned back to Wu Ya, nodding. “Of course. I did promise to help out with healing this person though. Can you wait until then?”

Wu Ya rubbed his shoulder. “But of course. Anyway, there was something I wanted to do here as well.”

Zheng Yin’s eyes widened in surprise. Wu Ya normally didn’t leave the territory of the spirit beast clan’s people. In fact, he normally wouldn’t even leave that mountain range. He had trouble imagining any reason for him to do so and even stay in the human realm for a while longer.

Wu Ya didn’t explain though. Instead, he also turned to Jinde and walked up to him, giving his figure a discerning look. Unfortunately, the only thing he could say for sure was that this person was of the dragon race. He slightly furrowed his brows but still spoke up. “You should be his husband, right?” He motioned at Leng Jin Yu when he said so but didn’t take his eyes off Jinde at all. He wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t miss even the slightest sign of his reaction.

“Mn.” Jinde gave a hum. He didn’t say anything else though.

Wu Ya continued to look at him, his eyes narrowing. “Then … Was it you who gave him that box to seal the mountain peak cloud her inside?”

Jinde felt increasingly awkward. “It was.”

He said so but his voice sounded unnatural, making Leng Jin Yu look at him. In fact, it had very much sounded as if he was trying to alter his voice. That really made him have a few thoughts. He couldn’t guess the reason but with his husband clearly uncomfortable, he couldn’t help but step up. “If there’s a question that you have, just ask. If we know the answer, we will tell you. If it is something that we don’t know, then I’m afraid you’ll have to search for it somewhere else. Anyway, you’ve helped us with allowing me to take the herb. If we can use this opportunity to repay you, we would naturally do so.”

Jinde glanced at his husband, slightly raising his brows. Obviously, Leng Jin Yu should have been able to see that he wasn’t quite happy to talk with Wu Ya. Why was he still saying such nonsense?”

Leng Jin Yu reached out and interlaced his fingers with his. He even gave a happy smile as if there was nothing to worry about.

Wu Ya felt slightly reassured after he had heard that. “What I am wondering about is the origin of the box. The seal used on it doesn’t seem to be quite common.”

Jinde’s expression became even more strained. Yes, of course, that seal wasn’t common. It was one that he had invented himself to keep the herbs fresh that he had gathered in his youth. But how was he supposed to say that?

Leng Jin Yu faintly glanced at his husband and understanding dawned on him. Obviously, this person somehow must recognize that this was something that came from Jinde. So now, his identity was once again at stake. Thinking of that, he gave Wu Ya a smile. “So that was the reason why you actually wanted to accompany me? You could have just asked me.”

Wu Ya’s gaze flitted toward him before it returned to Jinde. “Is that so?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Of course. That box was given by the dragon king.”

Jinde glanced at him, startled for a moment before he eased up. Right. That was actually a very good explanation. After all, not only was Qiu Ling the person who had inherited his throne, as Chun Yin’s son, it wouldn’t be strange to have received some gifts from his father’s good friend. Wu Ya shouldn’t find this too strange when he discovered these things.

He already wanted to echo Leng Jin Yu’s words when his eyes suddenly widened. No. This wasn’t good at all! When Wu Ya knew, that this might’ve come from Qiu Ling, and he was intent on finding out, then he would go and try to meet with Qiu Ling. And with the way that the spirit beast people were able to sense the presence of the dragon race, who could say for sure if he wouldn’t detect that Qiu Ling wasn’t a full-blooded dragon?!

His hands tightened around Leng Jin Yu’s, alerting him to the fact that something wasn’t right.

He turned to look at him but in this situation, he couldn’t ask. Unfortunately, Wu Ya had already taken an interest in this matter. “Why would the dragon king give this box to you?”

Leng Jin Yu felt queasy with how Jinde was tightly grabbing onto him while somebody still had to answer this question. What if he made things even worse?

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