OMF V7C304 Not the Kind of Person He Was

Getting the go-ahead from both Jinde and Zheng Yin, the Grandelder didn’t lose any time. He rushed over to the shelf where the pill was lying and took it out of its vial, returning back to the table. He ground it into dust, mixed it with some water and a few fresh herbs to heighten the effect it would have, and then imbued everything with his spiritual energy.

The whole process took about half an hour. Considering just how little time Ma Zhi Wu had left by now, he couldn’t help but feel anxious about even that. But when he returned to the table where his disciple’s lover was lying, his condition was still pretty much the same. Maybe he looked a little paler but that was all. Considering the overall situation, that was already pretty good. He could have been dead by now. Thankfully, he had given him those makeshift potions before. Otherwise …

The Grandelder pushed the thought away and focused on what was ahead of him. “I finished. I can’t promise how much time this will buy him though. I’ve added some fresh herbs so it should be a little more. But considering his condition right now and that his core still remains broken, I guess it won’t be more than a few hours.”

Jinde nodded. “That is already more than enough. I’m sure that my husband will return soon.” He motioned at Nian Hong Fang who took the makeshift potion from his Master and then gently gave it to Ma Zhi Wu.

Ingesting the potion, Ma Zhi Wu’s eyelids fluttered but he didn’t wake up. Everyone around could feel the energy dispersing throughout his body though. It wasn’t much but it seemed that he wasn’t doing quite as badly as before. At the very least, it didn’t seem like his life would give out at any moment now.

They all heaved a sigh of relief. Nian Hong Fang teared up and leaned down while still clutching Ma Zhi Wu’s hand, kissing his forehead. “You’ll pull through. I’m sure that you’ll pull through!”

Jinde smiled when he saw the two of them but finally had to turn away and walk to the other side of the room. This kind of moment … He would’ve given a lot if he had been able to have it with Chun Yin back then. Not being allowed that and only finding out that he had died years after it had become a fact was one of his greatest regrets.

Watching something like this was a little hard for him. If he could, he would’ve gone and thrown himself into his husband’s arms. Unfortunately, Leng Jin Yu wasn’t back yet. He would have to wait until he was before he could do so.

Xin Lan watched his Master and almost wanted to go over but in the end, he reconsidered. He likely wasn’t the person his Master currently wanted to see most. He would only disappoint himself if he went there to try and comfort him. After all, he wouldn’t be able to do it. He would only be able to distract him a little until his Master’s husband returned and did what he couldn’t. That really wasn’t something he wanted to do to himself.

Thinking of that, he turned back to Zheng Yin, feeling the need to distract himself as well. “So … When have you come to the human realm?”

Zheng Yin gave him a look and also stepped away from the table where Ma Zhi Wu was lying to give the pair of lovers some space. “Some years ago.” He kept it short in hope that the dragon would leave him alone.

Unfortunately, the wants of the two of them were completely opposite. And Xin Lan had never bothered thinking about what other people wanted. Since he didn’t really care about this person, why should he?

Thus, he followed him. “Then what made you come here?”

Zheng Yin glanced at him, feeling frustrated that there was nothing he could do. He glanced in the direction of Jinde but it seemed that this person was somehow distracted right now and wouldn’t come to help him. “I’m looking for something.”

“What is it? I do know my way around the human realm a bit. Maybe I could help you out.”

Zheng Yin gave him a look. “There’s no need. I can do it myself.”

“I always treat my lovers well.” Xin Lan crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at this spirit beast person with a question in his gaze. Honestly, he normally wasn’t with somebody for a long time but since this one kind of fit his taste, he might make an exception.

Anyway, he had some years to pass until Xiang Yu grew up. Until then, he might as well find somebody he could stay with. It might alleviate his boredom and he wouldn’t mind doing something for that person in return either.

Zheng Yin tightened his lips. “I’m sure they are very grateful for that. Now, if you would excuse me. I’ll see what else I can do.” He turned around, not waiting for Xin Lan to say anything else, and then rushed over to where the disciples of the Grandelder’s peak were working. He looked over what they were doing in general, then just sat down next to them, starting to refine some potions as well.

Xin Lan sighed. It seemed that somehow, he had just been rejected. Well, it didn’t matter. There was certainly somebody else he could find. He turned around, half wondering if he should go to search for somebody immediately when he saw that fallen god’s reincarnation look at him angrily over Jinde’s shoulder.

Xin Lan stared back at him for a moment and then just turned around. Whatever. The child wasn’t old enough to remember things like this when he had grown up. Even if he did, he would certainly be able to get out of this. He definitely wouldn’t keep to himself all these years just because somebody might be butthurt. That just wasn’t the kind of person he was.

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