OMF V7C290 The Other Person

Nian Hong Fang clutched Ma Zhi Wu’s hand tighter, unable to believe it. “No … It can’t be! I’m sure there’s something we can do.” He turned to Jinde. “What about the thing you wanted to refine? Wouldn’t that be able to help him recover his core?”

Jinde showed a complicated expression. For a human, it would be more than enough to get him back on his feet. He wasn’t quite sure if it would be able to help somebody with the blood of the demonic beasts in restoring their core though.

He turned away, looking for Qiu Ling to hand him another paper scroll but his stepson still hadn’t returned. He sighed and then turned to the Grandelder. “You wouldn’t be able to give me brush and paper, would you?”

The Grandelder immediately motioned at one of his disciples that had brought to Jinde what he needed in just a few moments.

Jinde sat down and unfurled the prescription he had thought of. He looked up and motioned for Zheng Yin to take a look at it. “This is the potion I want to prepare. We have most of these herbs already here and I have sent people to gather the missing ones. The potion should be able to let him recover physically and maybe even restore some energy. Would this be able to heal his core as well?” In fact, he felt that there might be a chance but it wasn’t a certainty. But a person of the beast clan might be able to tell them more about the chances of that.

Zheng Yin slowly looked it over, feeling more and more astonished the more he read. “This … This is ingenious.” He stared at the beautiful handwritten words with wide eyes, clear excitement visible in them.

Jinde gave a smile behind the veil, feeling a bit pleased with himself. This was actually a prescription he had come up with on his own when he had been younger. “I created something similar for a friend and slightly adapted it to human needs by changing some of the herbs that are to be used. Considering that the demonic beasts’ physique is better than that of the humans, it should be even better for him. But I do not know if his core can be healed.”

Zheng Yin pondered for a moment longer and then nodded. “It should be possible. Although … a full recovery might be difficult. There is a herb in the land of our people that might be able to improve the chances of that though. It is just … It is difficult to procure. So I’m not quite sure if it would be possible to get it and it such a short amount of time no less.”

Jinde pondered for a moment and then his face lit up. “You’re talking about the mountain peak cloud?”

Zheng Yin looked at him in a daze. “You know …” He shut up, hurriedly lowering his head and putting the prescription down. Why was he even surprised? Somebody who was able to write something like this would naturally know a lot about alchemy and herbs. What was so special about knowing a herb of their realm? Especially so if the person wasn’t human but a dragon instead.

Jinde didn’t bother about Zheng Yin’s surprised expression and just pondered the issue at hand. If a person of the beast clan said that this herb might help, then they should definitely try to get it and use it on Ma Zhi Wu. If he had decided to help somebody, then he wouldn’t just go halfway. No, he would definitely go the whole way. It was just … “Well, it’s difficult for the beast people to get it. I’m afraid I’m also not in the shape to do it myself. The others are busy …” It seemed that they were running out of options.

Once again, Zhangsun Xun Yi stepped forward. “Maybe I could go and do this?”

Jinde looked at him, wondering if it really was a good idea. Zhangsun Xun Yi definitely was of a high enough cultivation realm that he would be able to contend against most of the spirit beast. But … That specific herb was still difficult to get.

Seeing that Jinde didn’t answer, the Grandmaster sighed. “I see. Then is there nobody else we can ask?”

Jinde continued to ponder but he really wasn’t sure who would fit the bill.

Zhangsun Xun Yi kept quiet for a moment longer and then stepped closer, lowering his head. “What about … that person?”

Jinde gave him a puzzled look. “That person?”

Zhangsun Xun Yi looked around, obviously not quite happy with having to say it here. “In the dimension.”

Jinde blinked his eyes. “That Sect Master of the Jian Yi Sect? I guess that might work.” Thinking back to his first impression of her, he did feel that she was quite strong. Compared to Zhangsun Xun Yi, she should be a bit stronger. It wasn’t that much though.

Zhangsun Xun Yi gave him a strange look. “Actually, that wasn’t the one I was referring to.”

Jinde was still puzzled. Another person? But other than that …

His expression changed and he felt like face-palming. Right. There was one other person in his dimension that he had almost forgotten about.

He could just ask his husband. To think that he hadn’t thought of that … He should really be ashamed of himself. Then again, he just was so used to the fact that Leng Jin Yu stayed at his side all the time that it was difficult to think of sending him somewhere. Yes, that was definitely the reason for this.

He cleared his throat and then got up. “Well, I guess I’ll go and ask then.” He wanted to leave but then turned to Zheng Yin. “You …”

Zheng Yin tensed, not quite sure what this person might want from him.

Jinde hesitated for a moment longer and then sighed. “Why don’t you stay here for the moment while I go and ask? After that, I might need your help with something.”

Zheng Yin lowered his head. “Naturally.”

Jinde nodded and then left, returning to the array. His husband probably wouldn’t have a problem with this. And knowing him, he might even be fast in solving the issue. Ah, it still was bittersweet having to let him go …

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