SML C30 You’re One of Us!

The two of them arrived at the restaurant that Mo Fang had chosen much earlier than the agreed-upon time so none of the others were there yet. Mo Fang didn’t mind though and just grabbed Li Ming’s arm, pulling him inside.

“Don’t worry, Bro Li. We should go and get a few seats. The others can just come over later on. Or do you mind spending time alone with me?”

Li Ming’s lips twitched when he heard that question but he couldn’t say anything when he glanced over and saw Mo Fang’s cute smile. It seemed that he had only been making a joke. He really was too sensitive if he had any problem with that. “You’re right. Let’s go in then.”

The two of them walked over to the counter and Mo Fang smiled brightly at the barkeeper. “Bro Yao, a few of my coworkers will come over later on. I am treating them to drinks. Can your reserve some of the tables for me? Pretty please?”

Li Ming raised his brows and looked at Mo Fang in astonishment. He actually knew the barkeeper by name?

Before he could ask any further, the guy flashed them a smile and nodded, taking out a few signs. “Do you want to choose which ones?”

“Ah, make it a few close to the bar if you can. It’ll be easier to get our drinks in a short time then.”

The guy nodded and then motioned at one of the waiters that were serving the few customers that had already come here for dinner just as early as them, to put the signs of the tables.

“Is there anything else you need? Wanna have some food prepared?”

Mo Fang pursed his lips, silently pondering. He didn’t know what everybody would like to eat if he didn’t count the few people that he was more familiar with. So even if he ordered something, who knew if it would be the right thing?

Thinking for a while, he turned to Li Ming. “Do you know what everyone likes? If you don’t, it isn’t a problem but we should at least get the right dishes.”

Li Ming was at a loss for words. While he did have more or less of an idea what the others would like, he couldn’t be sure. And then, Mo Fang might be losing money. Considering he had just started working with them and it had sounded as if his working situation before that hadn’t been too secure, he didn’t feel like he could let that happen. No, it was better to first make sure. “How about I send them a message and ask? They can just tell me.”

“That would be great!” Mo Fang leaned closer, grabbing Li Ming’s arm, and looking over his shoulder when he took out his phone and opened the chat.

The barkeeper looked at the two of them and then turned away, taking out his own phone as if he didn’t care at all, writing a message of his own.

Li Ming glanced at Mo Fang but then just continued to type. Anyway, the answers he was asking for was for him.

Mo Fang smiled even more brightly when Li Ming didn’t try to lean away, feeling as if he had just accomplished something great. After all, you wouldn’t let just anybody read your messages. It definitely had to mean that Li Ming was considering him to be boyfriend-material.

“Say, this chat … Is it only for the security guards or is everybody on there?”

“It’s just the security guards in this one but there’s another one for everybody else. Aren’t you in there yet?”

Mo Fang shook his head, looking a little sad. “Do you think it’s because I’m the son of everyone’s boss? Maybe they would be uncomfortable if I was in there as well. And that is why nobody asked me?”

Li Ming hurriedly shook his head even though he did feel like this was a likely explanation. “How could that be? I’m pretty sure that everybody knows that this doesn’t make any difference. You’re one of us.”

Mo Fang immediately showed a happy smile again. “I’m so glad you see it this way. Thank you, Bro Li.” He blinked his eyes at him, feeling as if he was making a lot of progress today.

Meanwhile, the orders from the others were coming in. Li Ming counted and then waved at the barkeeper, telling him the results.

“Sure thing! Then I’ll let them prepare it. When do you think they’ll come here?”

Mo Fang glanced at the time on Li Ming’s phone. “It shouldn’t be long anymore. Maybe half an hour? Anyway, you can have it brought over a little later. It’s not a problem if they don’t have it the minute they sit down. Actually, that might be quite good. I’m pretty sure everybody would like to catch up a bit first. So maybe make that an hour?”

“Alright. I’m telling them not to rush it.” He waved the piece of paper where he had written everything down and then handed it over to another server, sending him to deal with everything. Anyway, he was normally only in charge of the drinks. He was only doing this because it was Mo Fang in front of him.

Meanwhile, Mo Fang turned back to Li Ming, giving him a sweet smile. “So … I guess we still have a bit of time to ourselves before the others get here.”

Li Ming nodded, not quite sure what else to say to that. While he hadn’t had a problem talking with Mo Fang back at work, there had always been a subject to talk about.

Right now, he wasn’t quite sure what to bring up. Especially since he didn’t want to bring anything up that Mo Fang might get to hear very often tonight. People would probably be talking about the usual stuff from the railroad station quite a bit and would then ask him lots of questions about himself. If he started with that, it might be awkward for Mo Fang just to repeat things later on. Or maybe he was thinking too much?

Mo Fang glanced at him, wondering just why Li Ming wasn’t talking. Just when he wanted to give it a go himself, somebody patted him on the back though. He turned around, and his brows raised when he was faced with the brilliant smile of a handsome man.

“Xiao Fang, you’re looking really good. If I wasn’t in a relationship right now, I would really like to get back together with you. So, what are you up to?” The man sat down next to him, completely ignoring Li Ming and the awkward atmosphere that was suddenly surrounding them.

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