SML C28 As Innocent As Could Be

Li Ming didn’t know what to say for a moment. He awkwardly stood there, letting Mo Fang hug him. Finally, he cleared his throat. “Well, let me help you pack your things then?”

Mo Fang let go and stepped back as if he had burned himself. “I’m sorry! This … I … I was just feeling so emotional. I guess it’s strange to have a bit of good luck finally. You’re so nice to me.”

Li Ming gave an embarrassed smile and then motioned into the locker room. When he turned around, he saw Rui Lan standing there who was slowly buttoning up his shirt, giving the two of them a thoughtful look.

He went rigid, wondering just what Rui Lan might be thinking now. This probably had seemed like a strange interaction? Well, there was no time to think about that right now. He went over to his locker and unlocked it for Mo Fang.

Mo Fang went to get his suitcase and gave Li Ming an apologetic smile. “It’ll only be for a bit. As soon as I get an apartment, I’ll take everything with me at the very latest.”

Li Ming nodded, his thoughts still on the matter from before. “Sure. Take your time.” He watched him put the clothes from his suitcase into the locker without actually seeing anything. His thoughts were completely occupied with what had happened before. Was what was happening between the two of them strange? He didn’t quite know. He felt like it shouldn’t be but maybe he was wrong?

With the addition of Li Ming’s locker, Mo Fang finally managed to put all his clothes away. He turned to Li Ming and gave a bright smile. “Thank you so much, Bro Li. You’re really such a big help.” He reached out and lightly touched his arm, trying to get a little closer.

Unfortunately, Li Ming didn’t seem to be quite there with his thoughts. Mo Fang almost wanted to sigh but thinking of the fact that Rui Lan was still there and that Li Ming might notice despite his absent-mindedness, he held back.

“Well, I guess we should go then. Ah, wait!” Before he could turn away, he finally remembered that he still hadn’t told Li Ming about his grand plan for Friday evening. “I didn’t manage to tell you yet but for Friday, I’m planning to host a little gathering for everybody working here. You know, since it’s my first week here. I already told the others from the counter but I haven’t gotten around to tell the security guards. So, consider yourself invited. And if you see the others, you could also tell them for me, alright? Or maybe you have their numbers and can just ask them for me? That would really be much appreciated.”

Li Ming was finally pulled out of his thoughts now that he got a task and hurriedly nodded. “Of course! Just consider it done.”

Mo Fang gave him another bright smile. “Thank you so much! Then, I guess I should really go now.” He wanted to turn to the exit but then noticed that Rui Lan was still standing there, looking at them. “Of course, you’re also invited. I hope you haven’t planned anything for Friday?”

Rui Lan shook his head. “Nothing planned. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure to be there.”

Mo Fang nodded and then waved at the two of them before he swaggered out of the locker room. He had also remembered to take his suitcase with them to bring it back home. Anyway, while he really didn’t want to take everything home because of what his father would have to say about it again, this had actually worked out quite well. And with his things in Li Ming’s locker, he might even be able to use that to get a little closer to him. After all, if he needed something, he would have to ask Li Ming to come and open the locker for him. Then they could at least meet for a few minutes. That was better than nothing.

Back in the locker room, Rui Lan closed his locker noisily and then went over to the other side, leaning against the one next to Li Ming’s. “You better be careful there.”

“Hm?” Li Ming looked at him, not quite understanding what he was trying to say.

“With Mo Fang. He’s a schemer.”

Li Ming raised his eyebrows. “A schemer? Mo Fang?” He really couldn’t believe that. In his mind, Mo Fang was as innocent as could be. He just couldn’t reconcile him with the word schemer. “What are you even talking about?”

Rui Lan crossed his arms in front of his chest and narrowed his eyes, thinking back to what had happened before. “I think he’s into you.”

Li Ming shook his head in turn. “He just broke up with his boyfriend. He’s not open yet for something new. And anyway, didn’t you want to set us up? You should be happy if he’s really into me.”

“I would be if you had told me that you liked him. But you said the other day when I brought it up that you weren’t interested. So it is a problem if he’s into you. You don’t know Mo Fang. He looks cute on the outside but … Well, he can be pretty feisty otherwise.”

Li Ming looked at his friend with surprise but then shook his head. “Are we talking about the same Mo Fang?”

“Are we not? Then why are you trying to find him an apartment? And why are his clothes suddenly in your locker? Don’t tell me that’s all just a coincidence.”

Li Ming wanted to retort but when he just wanted to speak up, the words failed him. Well … It probably wasn’t that. Just that … He couldn’t quite say the truth. He would feel bad if he did. “Anyway, it’s not because Mo Fang is trying to do anything. He … He might feel a little grateful to me because I’m trying to help him but that’s all. He doesn’t have any deeper feelings.”

“I sure hope you know that for sure. Otherwise, you might end up in deep trouble. I wouldn’t want to see you in there.” He pushed off the locker and then waved at Li Ming’s direction. “Never mind. If you’re sure, then just go for it. Anyway, if it makes you get over Su Yan, I would already be quite happy. Just make sure that you don’t lose your heart to the wrong person again.”

“Will do.” Anyway, Li Ming wasn’t worried about it. Right now, his heart was still hanging completely onto Su Yan. There was no way he would fall for somebody else. So why should he even bother thinking about it?

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