OMF V7C275 It Would Be a Miracle

The group finally made it back to the entrance. The disciples they had passed on their way down were still unconscious so they weren’t hindered at all and only had to pay attention to the traps they hadn’t disarmed on their way down. Thankfully, they at least knew where they were now so they could evade them more easily.

Hao Zan glanced over to where Xiang Yong was still fighting with Sect Master Xian and then waved for the others to leave the dungeon. He turned to the one who was carrying Xiao Dong. “Bring him back to the dragon realm as fast as possible. We have to see if he was hurt or will have any lasting damage from whatever happened. The others will also return with you. As for that person …” He turned to the dragon who was still carrying Ma Zhi Wu and frowned. Since this person had helped one of their people and was the only reason that Xiao Dong was still alive, he didn’t feel like abandoning him. But what were they supposed to do with him?

Once again, he turned to Shao Hai. “Child, do you know where his family lives or …?”

Shao Hai immediately perked up when he heard that question. It seemed that these people weren’t going to abandon them! “He’s also from the Yun Zou Sect. Just like Xiao Dong and I. I can lead you there!”

Hao Zan pondered for a moment and then nodded. “Very well. Then we will bring him there.”

Shao Hai’s eyes lit up and he rushed over to Ma Zhi Wu’s side. He carefully reached out and took his hand. “Senior martial brother Ma, did you hear that? They’ll bring us back to the Yun Zou Sect. You’ll be able to see senior martial brother Nian again soon! You have to hold on until then, alright?”

Ma Zhi Wu lightly cracked open his eyes as if he had heard him but they fell shut just as fast.

Shao Hai bit his lip, not sure what else he could do. He had hoped that the hope of finally seeing Nian Hong Fang again would help him hang on a little longer. But maybe that wasn’t enough anymore.

Hao Zan was also worried. He waved at the other dragons to leave immediately and then turned to glance at Xiang Yong.

Qiu Ling’s adviser sped up his efforts in dealing with Xian Xun and motioned for Hao Zan to leave already. Anyway, he would be able to flee as soon as he could turn into his other form. He’d really like to see how this person would be able to fly faster than a dragon. Furthermore … while the demon hunters despised demons, their thoughts on dragons were mostly different. After all, most people thought of dragons as sacred animals or maybe even as descendants of the gods. He couldn’t be quite sure about this Sect Master Xian but it was a possibility at least.

Hao Zan nodded, picked up Shao Hai, and motioned for the other person to follow him. He changed into his other form and the other half-blood climbed onto his back. Unfortunately, he himself didn’t have such a form so he wouldn’t be able to keep up if he didn’t.

With Shao Hai giving the directions, they finally sped toward the Yun Zou Sect.

Meanwhile, Xiang Yong finally shook off Xian Xun and also changed his form, rushing after them. He did not bother to glance behind him to check if that guy was really letting him get away or if he just couldn’t catch up. Anyway, time was of the essence. Since their king and his beloved’s reincarnation were staying in that Yun Zou Sect right now, he felt that it was only right to help those people out a bit.

Xiang Yong caught up to the others just as the group arrived at the Yun Zou Sect’s gates.

Seeing two huge dragons flying toward them, the disciples guarding it stared up with wide eyes and their mouths gaping open. They didn’t know what to do. Was this the moment where they should run to inform one of the Elders? Or maybe they should go to the Sect Master directly? Maybe it would even be better to notify the Grandmaster. After all, who knew if he wouldn’t be the only one who could stop a dragon. Or, well, two.

The disciples didn’t need to make any kind of decision. As soon as the dragons appeared in the vicinity of the sect, all the Elders, as well as Grandmaster Zhangsun, rushed out and looked at the two of them.

Zhangsun Xun Yi narrowed his eyes and then went ahead to greet them. Anyway, his disciple was one of them and there was also that person in the dimension. He could imagine that these dragons didn’t have any bad intentions. “Greetings. May I ask what the two of you came here to do?”

The dragons came to a halt and Xiang Yong turned back, motioning over to Shao Hai was who was still sitting on the back of Hao Zan. “We’ve brought your disciples back. Well, two of them. Unfortunately, one of them was rather severely injured. I suggest you bring him somewhere where he can be treated.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi turned toward the dragon and then flew over, taking a look at Ma Zhi Wu. Seeing the battered state he was in, he furrowed his brows. “Thank you for bringing him back. Might I be so presumptuous to ask you to bring him inside? I don’t think transferring him from one person to the other would be a good idea with his wounds.”

The dragon nodded and then got off Hao Zan’s back, flying after Zhangsun Xun Yi, and toward the palace of the Grandelder, Shao Hai, as well as Xiang Yong and Hao Zan, trailing behind.

The Grandelder who had also come out rushed after them, immediately preparing everything he had in place to treat the disciple in question. Stepping up to the table, he fell into a daze though. He hadn’t seen who this person was before but … It turned that this was … his disciple’s lover?

He gulped and then turned to Zhangsun Xun Yi. “Grandmaster, I’m sorry for asking, but could you send somebody to inform my disciple?” He glanced at Ma Zhi Wu once again, surveying his wounds. His face scrunched up and he closed his eyes for a moment. “I will do my best but … Honestly, I don’t know if I will be able to save him. If I can’t, then I want Xiao Fang to at least have had the opportunity to say goodbye to him.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded and then went to inform one of the disciples. In fact, he had also feared as much. The injuries this person had sustained were just too severe. It would be a miracle if he was able to recover from that.

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