SML C8 Accompany Me, Please?

Mo Fang hurriedly calmed himself down to make sure he wouldn’t give anything away. Then, he reached out and grabbed Li Ming’s arm. “Bro Li, you’re so nice. Thank you so much for listening to me.”

Li Ming gave him a slightly strained smile. Normally, he wouldn’t mind hearing something like this but he felt a bit guilty when Mo Fang brought it up. After all, hadn’t he just wondered how to get rid of him? And now this person thanked him so sincerely. He really wasn’t a good person to have thought so badly about him before. “This … It’s alright if you feel better.” He patted Mo Fang’s arm and then wanted to pull back but Mo Fang still held onto him.

“Actually, I think I would be a bit embarrassed if you told Zhi Bao Yu. You know, I’ve known her for quite a few years. She’d probably be upset if she saw me crying over a man like this.”

Li Ming gave a small nod. Most likely, a lot of people wouldn’t want somebody close to them see them like this. It was understandable for Mo Fang to react like this. “Then should I just go out and see that nobody comes in while you calm down a bit?”

Mo Fang shook his head and then once again dabbed at his eyes with the tissue. “It’s alright. I already feel a bit better. It’s just that … Whenever I think about it, I can’t help but feel so helpless. You know …” He inched a bit closer and gave Li Ming a deep look. “I also don’t know what I was thinking but I’ve actually moved in with him a while ago. So now, all of my things are still at Lan Heng’s place and I don’t even dare to go back and pick them up. Right now, I have nothing at all. I’m actually quite happy that my father let me work here. At the very least, we have uniforms. Otherwise, what would I even be wearing today?”

Li Ming couldn’t help but feel compassionate when he heard that. “Can’t you call him and discuss the matter?” It couldn’t be that Mo Fang was supposed to just never get his things back, could it? How could his ex-boyfriend do that to him? Even if they weren’t together anymore, that wasn’t how one should behave!

“I really don’t dare. I’d probably start crying as soon as I hear his voice. You know, I really liked him. Who knew he’d be like that? Actually daring to cheat on me like that …” He looked down, once again raising the tissue as if he was going to cry again the next moment.

Li Ming looked at him, unsure of what to do. The situation … He couldn’t even imagine it. Before he fell in love with Su Yan, he had also had a few short relationships. He had never gotten to the point where he would move in with any of them or let them move in with him but in two cases, they had been together long enough that the other person would stay over at his place for a few nights or he would be at their place every now and then so that some possessions had been moved over with time.

In the end, when they broke up, they were still able to talk about things calmly though. There had been no problem picking everything up, looking around to make sure that they had everything and then leaving the other with good wishes for the future. To think that a break up could also be this ugly that one of them would be without anything to even wear for the next day … He did not even want to think about it. But, well, this did explain why Mo Fang had looked like that the other day.

Li Ming pondered the matter for a moment and then felt that he might have an idea. “Then can’t you ask somebody to go over with you? You might feel better if there was somebody else there with you.”

Mo Fang’s hand stopped moving and he slowly looked up, blinking his eyes. Li Ming couldn’t help but feel even more pity for him when he saw how red-rimmed they were and that there were still a few tears gathered inside.

Mo Fang squeezed his arm and then gave him a careful smile. “Bro Li, you’re really such a good person.”

“It’s … It’s just an idea.”

“But it means a lot to me that you would think about my situation so much. You …” He looked back down, his hands moving from Li Ming’s arm to his hand and clasping it. “I don’t know if I should say this but … Would you maybe accompany me? I really don’t know who else to ask.”

“That’s …” Li Ming didn’t actually feel too happy with that. He didn’t know Mo Fang very well and he had never met his boyfriend before. Should he really get involved in their private matters? If he was friends with him, it would be another story but to butt in as an outsider … Was this really a good idea? But looking at Mo Fang’s teary eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to say no either. “Well … I guess if you have nobody else to go …”

Mo Fang revealed half a smile and then leaned forward, hugging him. “Thank you, Bro Li. You’re really too good to me.” He continued to hug him for a moment, almost wanting to turn around and give him a kiss. He held back at the last moment though. Li Ming definitely wasn’t the type of guy that would move so fast. It was important to first get to know him a little better and spend more time with each other. This was the perfect step to do that. He couldn’t mess it up.

Thus, after a moment, he reluctantly leaned back and let go, giving Li Ming an embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry. I … I was just too overcome with emotion.”

Li Ming felt awkward but still patted his hand. “It’s alright. You … You are in a bad situation right now. It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed every now and then.”

Mo Fang nodded and then motioned at Li Ming’s uniform. “Then … I guess I should let you change first. You were also getting off work right now, weren’t you?”

Li Ming nodded and then stood up, going over to his locker.

Behind him, Mo Fang once again opened up the mirror and pretended to touch up on his make-up to hide his red eyes. In fact, he was just looking over his shoulder, taking a good look at his future boyfriend.

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