OMF V7C227 Maybe You’ll Enjoy It

Back in the room, the demon was pacing up and down, his gaze wandering over to the door every now and then. Ye Yang had already come over to the cell once today so he didn’t have to worry about him coming by and finding out that he had taken this person away. So he didn’t actually have a reason not to wait any longer.

It was just … Why would he be willing to wait? There was a beauty in his bath and even one that needed him to do him a favor. So whatever he demanded later on, the beauty would never dare to say no. In other words, he would be able to enjoy this dragon however long and in whatever way he wanted.

Wasn’t this simply a dream come true? Since he had that chance, he wanted to make use of every single moment. After all, tomorrow, he definitely had to bring this dragon back to the cell so Ye Yang wouldn’t notice what was up.

Thinking of that, he walked over to the door, leaning his head against the wood and listening for the sounds inside to find out if the little beauty had already gotten further. When he did, his expression turned confused though. Nothing could be heard.

He paused and then closed his eyes, focusing some more. But the result still stayed the same: Nothing could be heard from inside. The little beauty definitely wasn’t using that bath in any way. He … might have used this chance to escape after all!

The demon’s face changed and he pushed the door open, rushing into the bath.

An Bai — who had just been staring at the water in a daze, wondering when he would be able to leave this damned place — flinched and looked back. Seeing the demon’s livid face, he gulped.

It couldn’t be that Xiang Yong had come over but somehow made his presence known, could it? No, that was impossible. He trusted Xiang Yong. Among all of their king’s advisers, he was surest about Xiang Yong’s ability to conduct this kind of mission stealthily. There had to be some kind of other explanation for this.

Convincing himself of this, An Bai leaned back and gave the demon a confused look. “What might be the matter? Did something happen?”

The demon looked around, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. He tried to find if anything had changed since he came in the last time but he couldn’t find anything. An Bai’s clothes were still lying on the floor where he had thrown them and nothing about the furniture had been changed either. Everything was just as before.

Maybe he had thought too much? Maybe this guy really just wasn’t willing to submit to Ye Yang and was trying to get away from him? He couldn’t quite understand that but who knew what was going on in a dragon’s head? Anyway, he didn’t care about that either. As long as this person didn’t make any trouble for him, everything was alright.

He finally relaxed and then gave An Bai a smile. “No, nothing happened. Actually, that’s precisely the problem.” He slowly went over to the bathtub and propped his hands up on the rim, leaning closer to An Bai. “You’ve taken quite some time in here.”

An Bai gave a careful smile in return. “Well, I was in the dungeon for quite some time as well. I can’t help but feel filthy.”

The demon just smiled in return and glanced at An Bai’s exposed chest. Never mind whether this dragon truly felt that way or not, this obviously wasn’t any reason for him to worry. “I don’t think it’s a problem if this kind of thing gets a bit filthy. In fact, maybe you’ll enjoy it that way.”

An Bai’s smile became strained. He knew that Xiang Yong was on the way but he had no idea where exactly he was right now and how much time he would need to find out what was going on. He couldn’t make any mistake now. He had to stall this guy for as long as he could. If not … He didn’t even want to think about that possibility.

He looked away as if he was embarrassed by what the demon had said. “How could that be? I’m sure —”

The demon didn’t let him finish. He reached out and grabbed An Bai’s chin, making him look up. “Oh, I assure you that I’m saying the truth. I have a ton of filthy thoughts about you. You wouldn’t want to say that that is a problem, would you?”

An Bai had a few words of choice to say to that but, unfortunately, he wasn’t in the right position to utter even a single one of them. Thus, he could only continue to play meek. “How could that be? Naturally, I should be honored that you think so highly of me.”

The demon smiled and leaned closer, his lips only a hair’s breadth separated from An Bai’s. “It’s good that you know. Then … I think it’s time to make these thoughts into reality.”

Their lips met, hindering An Bai from uttering another word. An Bai furrowed his brows but what could he do? As long as he didn’t know that Xiang Yong was close by, he couldn’t risk anything. He had to hold on for a bit longer.

He closed his eyes, forcing himself to calm down. He could do this. What was one kiss? Even if he had to give two, he could still deal with that.

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