OMF V3C30 You Forgot to Ask about Me!

Jing Yi took a deep breath and then shook his hand to try and get rid of Qiu Ling. Unfortunately, somebody was sticking to him very tightly. Jing Yi stared at their interlaced fingers and tried to think of something to make him give up. “Didn’t you want to help around the teahouse? How are we going to work if you’re holding onto me like this? Actually, what about that tray?” He motioned at the broken tray lying on the table with his chin.

Qiu Ling suddenly let go and grabbed the broken tray, hiding it behind his back. “What tray? I can’t see any tray!”

Jing Yi looked at him intently. “No? Then why don’t we go back to the kitchen? I’m pretty sure there are several finished orders already.”

Qiu Ling pouted. “Yes.” Well, if his beloved wanted him to do that, then he would naturally comply. It was a pity though. Hugging and holding hands sounded so much better. Ah, truly a pity!

The guests watched with open mouths how Qiu Ling very obediently followed behind when Jing Yi marched to the kitchen. This difference in behavior was really too big! It made them think of those ministers that were always scolding people to their faces but were said to become very, very quiet as soon as they returned home to their wives.

At that time, the woman at the table finally found back her voice. “Wait! What about my daughter?!”

Zhong Gang’s brows twitched. Hadn’t she seen how adamant Qiu Ling was about not marrying anybody but Jing Yi? It would already be a headache to deal with this in their own family, no need to make it even more complicated by taking outsiders into consideration. “This … Madam, you’ve also seen: Neither my nephew nor his senior martial brother is available to marry your daughter. I’m very sorry. But I’m sure your daughter will find some other good match sometime soon.”

“I won’t accept this! Since he isn’t your nephew, then you can’t decide for him anyway. Which family is he from? Get his parents here to talk to me!”

Zhong Gang really felt that he was getting a headache. Well, at least this wasn’t about his own family and his teahouse any longer. “I’m afraid you’ll have to ask him. I’m not privy to these things.”

The woman pursed her lips. “Then get him here for me!”

Zhong Gang took a deep breath. Ah, why was this happening to him? He forced himself to continue smiling. “Very well. Let me ask.” He went over to the kitchen just in time to see Qiu Ling very obediently pick up a tray and follow Jing Yi back out. Ah, seeing this, he really felt that it was a pity. Adding this kind of person to their family might not be too bad, regardless of who it was he married.

And anyway, with how often Guanyu changed her opinion about the men she liked, it would be a wonder if she was still hung up over this one in a few weeks. It had been a wonder that she was able to wait five years for that blond boy she had seen in the teahouse back then. Although it might become more difficult considering that the people she met seemed to become more handsome every time. Who was supposed to trump this senior martial brother of Jing Yi now?

Zhong Gang sighed to himself and then waved at Qiu Ling. “That woman asked to talk to you again. I’m afraid she still hasn’t given up. Maybe you could exchange some words to dissuade her?”

Qiu Ling huffed and looked at his beloved. He didn’t want to waste time with that ugly hag! He wanted to spend time with his beloved …

Jing Yi saw his gaze and sighed. He stepped closer and gave a small smile. “Isn’t it better to talk to her for a bit so she gives up? If you don’t, she might come here more often. That also wouldn’t be good, right?”

Qiu Ling pondered and finally nodded. “Oh. Then let me bring this over.” He went to deliver the tray he was holding to one of the tables with a wry smile and then went to the woman. The smile immediately collapsed when he looked at her though and his tone wasn’t friendly either. “What?”

“Who are your parents? Let them come here! I’ll talk about your marriage with them.” She looked at him expectantly but Qiu Ling just snorted.

“They’re dead.” And even if they weren’t, what made this woman believe she could order them around like that? She was just some human. Actually, why was he even talking to her? He was the fucking king of the dragon race! Why did he have to cater to some mortal who wasn’t even related to his beloved’s reincarnation?!

He straightened up and cut the woman right off when she wanted to talk again. “Woman, you listen to me! You asked my uncle-in-law if he knew who your husband was, right? Well, you kind of seem to have forgotten to ask me who I am!” He furrowed his brows to stare at her. Unfortunately, he couldn’t reveal his race or his title since this woman was a mortal. She wouldn’t understand. In that case, he could only go with something that had to do with the mortal world. Well, thankfully, he had already forged an identity for himself!

“If you want to talk about my marriage, why don’t you go to the Yun Zou Sect? Ask for my Master there. I’d really like to see if Grandmaster Zhangsun will be willing to give up his only precious disciple for an ugly girl like your daughter.” He harrumphed again and then turned on his heels, returning to Jing Yi’s side to fawn over him.

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