OMF V3C28 Nothing to Misunderstand

Jing Yi watched in a daze as Qiu Ling walked toward the table. He didn’t want him to get into trouble but he didn’t want to marry that girl either. If Qiu Ling could somehow make this woman give up on her plan or convince his uncle not to agree, he was certainly the last person that would complain. He was just worried that Qiu Ling might go too far and cause further trouble. But he also didn’t know how to hold him back.

In fact, there really was no way for Jing Yi to hold Qiu Ling back. This woman hadn’t just yelled at his mother-in-law who had always been his biggest supporter and was his beloved’s most important person. No, she had even dared to eye his beloved, wanting him to marry that ugly girl next to her.

How could he let that happen?! He had done so much all these years to keep Jing Yi away from this kind of person. Now, everything should be over just like that? Certainly not on his watch! He would make sure that this woman left and never came back again! Such a menace had to be taken care of.

Thus he went over to the table, slamming the broken tray down with a resounding thud. Then he turned to glare at the woman. “You better shut up now! You think you can come in here, rudely command my mother-in-law around and then try to take away my fiance? You’d better watch your mouth or I’m going to kick you out!”

Everyone, including the Zhongs, as well as the two people seated at the table and the other guests, stared at him. They weren’t quite sure if he was being serious with wanting to throw this woman out or if this was just something he was saying because he was angry. Anyway, they couldn’t help but be stunned that he would dare to say something like this to her. After all, hadn’t she just mentioned her husband? Obviously, she was somebody rather important. That type of person shouldn’t be antagonized.

Qiu Ling harrumphed when he saw that the woman was unable to give a comeback. “Seeing that you’ve realized your mistake, why don’t you get up and leave on your own? You’re really wasting everybody’s time by still sitting around here, waiting for somebody to escort you out!” He definitely couldn’t let her stay. She would just try to kidnap his beloved if he did!

The woman continued to stare at Qiu Ling, unable to believe what she had just experienced. Nobody had ever dared to speak to her like this. She couldn’t help but notice how handsome the person in question was though. This … This couldn’t be the rumored beauty that she had heard about, could it? But … She looked back at Zhong Gang, lowering her eyes. “This is your nephew?”

Zhong Gang who had been pulled out of his thoughts by the fuss gulped at the woman’s expression. “No, that …”

“Don’t lie! I’ve heard people say that your nephew is the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen. I still demand that he’ll marry my daughter!”

Zhong Gang shifted uncomfortably and looked at Qiu Ling. The person obviously wasn’t his nephew but he wouldn’t be able to explain to the woman if she always interrupted him. In fact, he would also like her to leave by now. But as the owner of the teahouse, he could hardly say that and could only hope for somebody else to spare him the trouble. Maybe Jing Yi’s senior martial brother would be able to anger her enough for her to leave on her own?

Before Zhong Gang could ponder further on what to do, Qiu Ling already glared at her. “I’m his nephew-in-law, not his nephew. And why would you think that I’d marry this ugly girl? There’s only one person I will ever marry in my entire life!” He reached behind him and pulled Jing Yi over, pulling him to his side. Then he went back to glaring at the woman.

The girl next to her stared up at Qiu Ling and then looked at the person next to him, looking as if she was going to cry the very next moment. Nobody had ever dared to tell her that she was ugly. Who did this man think he was?! She was definitely much more beautiful than this boy next to him! “You!” Unfortunately, she had no idea what else to say.

Even more unfortunately, she didn’t have to because somebody else was going to do it for her. When Zhong Gang was called over, his wife and daughter had also been at the restaurant. Seeing that something must’ve happened over at the teahouse, they had followed him at their own pace. Now, they had managed to arrive just in time to hear what Qiu Ling had said. Needless to say, Guanyu was everything but happy. She rushed over, reaching out and grabbing Qiu Ling’s arm. “What do you mean with that?! What about me?!”

Qiu Ling stared at her, his brows furrowed. Why did all these ugly girls want to marry him today? Hadn’t he made it known enough that he would only ever consider his beloved? Could it be that they weren’t just ugly but also so stupid that they couldn’t understand words? In that case, it seemed that he had to make them understand in some other way.

Qiu Ling shook her off and then turned to the side, trapping Jing Yi in his arms. “My love, I like nobody but you. Let’s stay together forever!” Then, he leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

Mn, he was just doing this to make sure that the stupid girls understood. He definitely wasn’t trying to take advantage of his beloved. He would never do something like that. No, definitely not.

To prove this point, he made sure that he kissed him a moment longer. After all, stupidity oftentimes knew no bounds. It was best to make extra sure that there was nothing to misunderstand.

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