OMF V3C26 Personal Matters

In the meantime, the servant had run over to Zhong Gang’s restaurant and told him what was happening in the teahouse. Zhong Gang furrowed his brows and then rushed over as fast as he could. Unfortunately, he wasn’t too fit so it still took some time.

Meanwhile, the woman sitting in the teahouse was getting impatient and threw glances at Madam Zhong, almost about to erupt.

Jing Yi looked over and furrowed his brows. He didn’t want his mother to have to deal with this woman again so he went over himself, putting on a smile. “Would you like anything else?”

The woman gave him a once-over and then snorted. “I want to speak to the owner!”

Jing Yi forced himself to continue smiling. “Of course. Somebody has already been sent to call him over. Please wait a moment. I’m sure he’ll be here soon.”

The woman snorted again, obviously not happy that she once again had to hear the same thing Madam Zhong had told her already. “Wait, wait, wait! I’ve already waited for so long. You’d better send somebody else to call him. Who knows if that servant didn’t go and took a break instead?”

Jing Yi’s smile grew slightly strained. Was this woman always trying to think of the worst? “I assure you he wouldn’t do that.”

Another snort was the only answer he got. Jing Yi awkwardly stood next to her table but it didn’t seem like she wanted to say anything else or was interested in getting another cup of tea. Thus he left and went to serve one of the other tables. Behind him, he could hear the woman talk with her daughter, her tone not friendly at all and as for the content … He could only sigh. He had no idea how they had offended this Madam but there was no way to do anything about it.

Not far from him, Qiu Ling’s eyes narrowed. This old, ugly hag actually dared to badmouth his beloved! He’d really like to see if she would dare to do so when he confronted her! He turned around but right that moment, Jing Yi looked over at him as well and gave him a warning look.

Qiu Ling who had just wanted to help him out instantly deflated. He really couldn’t understand why his beloved didn’t appreciate his help. Wasn’t he doing this for him? So shouldn’t his beloved be extremely happy that he cared about him so much? This really was unfair!

Jing Yi sighed to himself and shook his head, just going about business as usual. Anyway, he couldn’t change the fact that this woman had a problem with them. He could only wait for his uncle to come over and talk with her and hope that things would get better that way. Until then, he could only make sure that they didn’t offend her even further. Because if they did, wouldn’t things get even worse? So it was better if he made sure that Qiu Ling didn’t make more trouble.

Thankfully, Zhong Gang arrived after another few minutes and then rushed toward Madam Zhong, asking her just who the one making trouble was while he wiped his forehead to get rid of the sweat. He really couldn’t believe that he had needed to run over from his restaurant just because some customer was asking for him immediately. Just how bad could it be that the person couldn’t wait even another few minutes?

Madam Zhong smiled wryly and then motioned over to the woman at the table. “You’d better be careful. She already asked why you haven’t come yet twice by now. I have no idea what it is either. At the time when she was asking for you, she hadn’t even gotten any tea or snacks. It wasn’t that she had been waiting for a long time either. I asked what she wanted right after greeting her and then gave Nie Huang and the other girls the order. Actually, she was even quite lucky. There weren’t all places taken yet when she came in so her order even came out a little faster. It couldn’t be that she was unhappy with our service.”

Zhong Gang nodded, thankful that she took the time to explain the situation to him. He really didn’t want to go into this unprepared. “Well, let’s see what it is. Maybe it’s not as bad as we think it is.”

Madam Zhong nodded. “Let’s hope so.”

Zhong Gang went over while Madam Zhong went back to work after giving him a last glance. Anyway, there was nothing she could do. Zhong Gang was the owner of the teahouse and the person this woman had wanted to see. So now, only he would be able to resolve the situation. If he couldn’t … Well, then she herself wouldn’t be able to do anything either.

Zhong Gang made sure to smile when he approached the woman even though he inwardly didn’t feel too happy. If there was nothing wrong, then there really was no need to ask for the owner like that. Anyway, he couldn’t show his thoughts. “I am Zhong Gang, the owner of this teahouse. I heard that you were looking for me?”

The woman looked up, her expression slightly easing. “Finally! I was really wondering if you would ever come by.”

Zhong Gang’s lips twitched but he still forced himself to stay friendly. “Well, here I am. What may do for you? Was the service not to your liking?”

The woman waved, not caring about that at all. “Let’s not talk about that. Your teahouse is quite alright. Rather than that, I’m here for personal matters.”

Zhong Gang raised his brows, not understanding what she meant. “Personal matters?”

The woman nodded and then motioned at the girl sitting beside her. “Well, you see, I have a daughter. Yesterday, I heard somebody say that your son had just returned so I was wondering if you would like for the two of them to marry.”

Zhong Gang looked at her in a daze. His son? But he didn’t even have one! He only had a daughter himself. But as for the person who had returned yesterday … Zhong Gang turned to the side and looked at Jing Yi, making the boy who hadn’t heard what the woman had just said turn to him with a puzzled expression. A certain dragon king didn’t have any trouble picking up on what was going on though and his expression was anything but happy.

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