OMF V7C225 Heat It Up a Bit

An Bai lost his footing and fell down, coming to sit at the edge of the bed. He looked at the demon warily, realizing that he needed to do something now or he wouldn’t be able to get out of this.

When the guard inched closer, leaning down to press him below his body, he reached up and put a hand against his chest, pushing him back.

The demon’s brows furrowed. “What’s the meaning of this?” Hadn’t he just said that he didn’t want to try anything?

An Bai gave a strained smile. “Well, you see, I’ve been in the dungeon for a few days. You … wouldn’t mind if I freshened up a bit first, would you?”

The guard was dumbfounded. Even though it was a dungeon, it wasn’t like the place was filthy. Then again, the prisoners couldn’t use their spiritual energy so there was no way to use their magic to clean themselves. For this kind of scholar, it was probably unbearable. He really couldn’t say anything nasty about that. And … embracing a fragrant beauty also wouldn’t be to his disadvantage.

He grumbled a bit but finally motioned at the door that An Bai had noticed before. “Then you go and do that but don’t take too much time. If you aren’t back in a few minutes, I’ll go in there and drag you back. And if I notice that you are doing anything you shouldn’t …” He gave him a pointed look and then stood back up, folding his arms in front of his chest and just watching the dragon.

An Bai nodded and then got up, hurrying into the room. Anyway, he hadn’t expected much. It was already very good that it had worked this well. Having only a bit of time for this was to be expected.

He closed the door behind him and then went over to the tub that was filled with water, reaching inside. As expected, the water was ice cold. Glancing at the door, he went back and leaned against the doorframe, giving the demon a smile. “That … You wouldn’t mind heating up the water for me a bit, would you?”

The demon’s lips curled up when he heard that. It seemed that this little beauty hadn’t lied after all. He hadn’t tried anything funny and just walked over to the bathtub it seemed, noticing immediately that the water inside wasn’t hot.

He walked over and pulled An Bai into his arms once again. “I can. I could also come in and take a bath with you if you want to.”

An Bai glanced over at the tub as if he was seriously pondering the question but then shook his head. “I’m afraid that isn’t big enough for the two of us.”

The demon looked over and sadly had to agree with him. “Well, I guess I’ll just heat it up for you then.” He walked over, moved his hand and steam started to waft into the air. He looked at An Bai and then beckoned him to come over.

An Bai would’ve preferred it if he went out but he still walked over, coming to stand in front of the demon. The guard reached out and then slowly untied his belt, throwing it to the side. “Well, you should hurry up. I really don’t like to be left waiting.”

An Bai nodded and pushed his robe off his shoulders, getting into the water before the demon could get the bright idea to do anything else. “Then I’ll rush it.”

The demon continued to look at him, seeming not at all as if he wanted to get out. Only when An Bai gave him a seemingly embarrassed look did he finally move. “There’s no need to be like that. It’s not like I won’t see and touch all of that in a moment.”

An Bai looked away, hiding his disgusted expression. “How is that the same?”

The demon chuckled and then closed the door behind him, not bothering about him any further. Anyway, he just had to wait a moment. And what was there that the dragon could do without his spiritual energy? He really didn’t need to worry.

As soon as the door closed, An Bai looked at the bracelet on his arm and his lips curled into a smile. Honestly, this was such a cheap trick. He used his nails to scratch the surface, grimacing.

Without spiritual energy, he couldn’t use his claws so this wasn’t as easy as it could be. But he didn’t have enough time to search for something else that he could use and it might also make this guy suspicious if you heard him rummaging around.

Anyway, a dragon’s nails were still quite hard so it was possible. And even if he had to bloody his own hands, he would still do this. There was no way in hell he would actually sleep with a demon.

A few moments later, a row of pale signs was scratched in the surface of the bracelet and the light that was still glimmering on the inside diminished. An Bai sighed with relief. He didn’t try to take it off or storm out of the room to fight his way out of the palace though.

There was no way he could do that. For one, there was still the situation with His Majesty and second, he wouldn’t be able to get outside just based on his own strength. No, it was better to play this safe.

Thus, An Bai hurriedly used a few drops of water to draw a few symbols on the ground and imbued it with a bit of spiritual energy that would make sure no sounds could leak outside. Then, he took out a transmission stone and infused his spiritual energy.

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