SML C3 The Advantages of Dating a Decent Guy

The next day, Boss Mo went to work with a bad feeling. Ah, just why had Su Yan had to resign? Couldn’t he have gotten together with Li Ming instead? Then he wouldn’t have to worry about his son now!

Mo Fang hadn’t even started to work yet but he already missed the time when he could be sure that his employees would show up to work on time and in appropriate clothes. Who knew what kind of mischief his son would cause today?

He walked to the service point to ask the others to cover for him if he couldn’t handle the work. Some steps away, he stopped and squinted his eyes. This person over there, wearing their uniform … wasn’t that his son?!

He grabbed one of his employees that just walked by and pulled him over. “Heh, look over there. Isn’t that Mo Fang?”

The man furrowed his brow. “Boss Mo, isn’t Mo Fang your son?”

Boss Mo let go of him and waved. “Yes, yes, get back to work.” He slowly walked over to the counter where his son stood and looked at him. “What are you doing here?”

Mo Fang tilted his head and blinked his eyes in a cutesy manner. “What do you mean, Daddy? Didn’t you allow me to work here? We just talked about it yesterday, remember? It couldn’t be that you don’t want me here!” His tone turned whiny at the end as if his father was the one bullying him.

Boss Mo’s lips twitched. This brat! What was he even saying? He huffed. “Well, then you better do your job well.”

Mo Fang nodded eagerly. “But of course, Daddy!”

Boss Mo stared at him for a moment longer before he turned away and went back to his office. He wasn’t completely reassured yet but it might not be as bad as he had feared.

As soon as his father was out of eyesight, Mo Fang craned his neck and looked around before pouting his lips. “Where’s Li Ming? How come I haven’t seen him yet? I was here so early!”

Zhi Bao Yu on the counter next to him shook her head. “Don’t be hasty. You need to make sure that your father doesn’t throw you out right away or you won’t have a chance to see him regularly in the future. Isn’t it better to plan for the long game?”

Mo Fang huffed. “What long game? I’m so adorable. Shouldn’t he be head over heels for me in no time?” He turned to face her and signed a heart with his hands next to his cheek. “Like this?”

Zhi Bao Yu shook her head with an exasperated sigh. “If he was a blank piece of paper, sure he would. But you can’t forget what I told you yesterday: He’s still hung up on Su Yan. It’ll take some time until he gets over that. And after what happened that time, he might be more careful as well. Otherwise, what if he gets it wrong again?”

“Eh, I guess that’s right as well …” Mo Fang slumped onto the counter and sighed. “Ah, I can’t believe it. Why are the good guys all so considerate? That makes it so difficult. I’d much rather he was an asshole like Lan Heng. Then it would be much easier.” After all, those assholes never cared about feelings and would only look at whether the body was acceptable. In that department, Mo Fang wasn’t worried at all. There was no way he wouldn’t be able to convince a man in that regard. Making someone who cared about feelings forget about another person was difficult though.

Zhi Bao Yu shook her head at him. “If he was, you’d just break up after a few months again. This time, you might have struck gold! Just keep at it. Sooner or later, he’s bound to forget about Su Yan.” She waved as if it wasn’t a big deal. Anyway, he had liked Su Yan for a long time but since Su Yan had moved on, he’d certainly do the same. If there was somebody around trying to make him fall in love, things should become even easier.

Mo Fang just pursed his lips though. Even though it would be nice to find somebody who would treat him better even in the long term, he wasn’t too sure if it would work out. Lan Heng had also seemed nice at first. Ah, maybe it was really true and you shouldn’t sleep with each other right after the first date? But how did you enter a relationship then? He pondered and hardly noticed that the first passengers were arriving and coming over to the counter.

Zhi Bao Yu picked up a pen, reached over and nudged his shoulder. “Eh! Didn’t you listen at all? You will need to work or Boss Mo will throw you out even if you’re his son.”

Mo Fang sighed deeply and sat up straight, restoring a smile to his face. Anyway, he would certainly be able to come up with something. He just needed to get through a boring workday first. At the very least, he could use the time when things weren’t as busy to listen to some gossip. Who knew? Somewhere in there might be the answer to his question about how to make Li Ming fall in love with him.

Ah, it couldn’t be that hard. An adorable guy like him would never have trouble making somebody become crazy about him. The only question was how to make them stay with him after the first few weeks. Yes, that was a much more troublesome question. But … with someone like Li Ming, it might not be that bad. At the very least, Li Ming should be honest enough to first break up before he got together with somebody else.

Mn, dating a decent guy had so many advantages. He really couldn’t wait for it.

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