MYMMP C43 A Beautiful Day, Sharing Good News

The next morning, Yu Huang Rong got up and couldn’t help but smile. Ah, today was the day he would be able to go to the matchmaking pavilion and tell Madam Yan the good news. Then she could finally tell him what the next steps were and he would be able to get married to Zhang Shi Lan soon. This was a beautiful day!

He sat up in a fluid motion, rushed to wash up and put on a nice robe. Even though he didn’t care too much what Madam Yan thought about him, he didn’t want her to change her mind about him marrying Zhang Shi Lan either. So it was still better to make a good impression. And, well, that would also prevent his mother from being too nitpicky.

He tied up his hair and then hesitated, taking out the hairpin the Zhang Shi Lan had given him yesterday. He really wanted to put it on but … he was afraid that somebody would notice. Although wearing what Zhang Shi Lan had worn did have quite the appeal.

Yu Huang Rong sighed and put the hairpin away. Even though he really would’ve liked to wear it, he also understood that it was better not to do so. No, he shouldn’t take a risk. Anyway, he would be able to speak about the next steps with Madam Yan today. Afterward, there would still be opportunities. If he wanted to, he could even swap hairpins with Zhang Shi Lan for the rest of his life.

He picked up one of his own hairpins and then left the room, going to look for his mother. Ah, he couldn’t wait to finally go over to the pavilion! He could only hope that his mother was ready. She wouldn’t take today of all days to —

He reached the room and furrowed his brows when he saw the scene inside. His mother was already up but she was still sitting in front of the dressing table and talking about some jewelry with the handmaiden.

Yu Huang Rong pursed his lips. “Mother, you haven’t finished yet?”

Madam Yu looked up and raised her brows. “What is this? My son who has always refused to marry all these years is suddenly so eager to go to the matchmaker’s? Don’t tell me there really is a girl you like.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Anyway, she already invited us over so let’s hurry up. It wouldn’t be nice to let the matchmaker wait. Didn’t you also want to leave her with a good impression in the hopes that she would put in some more effort for me? So what are you doing taking so long?”

Madam Yu clicked her tongue. “Is that a way to talk to your mother? You should be happy that I know you so well and am already used to your bad mouth. If you speak to your future wife like that later on, won’t you scare her away? You should learn to talk nicely! Then you certainly wouldn’t have any trouble finding a wife.”

Yu Huang Rong gritted his teeth but forced himself not to respond to that. He had already found the person he wanted to marry so what was there to worry about? He couldn’t tell her that though so he could only gulp down his complaints. “Anyway, I’m just saying we should hurry up a little. It wouldn’t be good if we’re late.”

Madam Yu shook her head. She really couldn’t understand that son of hers. Had he really fallen in love? It certainly seemed that way if she thought about it. Unfortunately, she had no idea just who this possible future daughter-in-law might be. Just why was her son being so secretive? Could it be that the girl didn’t have the right status? So he was afraid she wouldn’t allow him to marry her? That could actually be! She should definitely ask that Madam Yan if she had noticed anything.

If there was a girl that her son liked, then she had to know! It was such a pity that he wasn’t willing to talk about it on his own. She actually needed to ask another person to find out. If she admitted to that in front of any of the other Madams, they would probably laugh at her behind her back! Her son wasn’t taking her face into consideration at all!

Madam Yu sighed but still motioned at her maid to hurry up with the jewelry. Since this was so important to her son, she shouldn’t let him wait. And to be honest the sooner she found out just who this girl was, the sooner she would be able to rest her mind. Yes, she definitely had to find out who this girl was. There was no way around it.

She took a last look into the mirror and nodded at herself before she got up and waved at her son, holding onto his arm for support. “Alright, I finished already. Are you happy now?”

Yu Huang Rong gave a wry smile. “I’ll be happy as soon as we’re there. I thought I’d only be accompanying you to give my thanks and then return. She probably wouldn’t want to have me there anyway.”

Madam Yu raised her brows. “What do you mean she wouldn’t want to have you there? What is this about you?”

Yu Huang Rong smiled wryly and motioned to the door. “How about I tell you about that on the way to the matchmaking pavilion? I really don’t think it’d be a good idea to go there late. With how that Madam Yan is, it is still better to be there early.”

Madam Yu sighed but still followed her son outside, getting into the carriage. “So what about her not wanting you there? You can’t say something like that and then expect me to just keep quiet. You better explain it now.”

Yu Huang Rong nodded. “Of course, mother. It’s just that as far as I’ve seen, she’s quite eccentric. Since she didn’t write in the letter that she wanted to have me there as well, I don’t think I’m intended to be there. I think that after those two events where she only invited the men and women, she really only wants to see our families now. She might even be displeased that I’ve dared to come over like this.”

Madam Yu furrowed her brows. “But isn’t that just you showing concern? What could she have against it? She should be honored that you take things so seriously.”

Yu Huang Rong had no idea what to say to that. This was about his marriage. Why shouldn’t he take it seriously? Shouldn’t Madam Yan be able to expect him to take this seriously? Well, then again, if he thought of how Luan Xin’s cousin had behaved … He couldn’t really say that it was to be expected. It seemed that not all of the men were serious about this in the way Madam Yan probably would have liked.

Well, if it hadn’t been for Zhang Shi Lan, he himself also wouldn’t have been like this. He knew that very well. “I’m sure that she will feel like that after I’ve explained why I have come again. She isn’t unreasonable to that degree.” Although he did have to say that she was quite unreasonable. If she wasn’t helpful as well, he certainly wouldn’t want to deal with her!

The carriage finally arrived in front of the matchmaking pavilion and Yu Huang Rong silently heaved a sigh of relief. Ah, finally! He couldn’t wait to talk to Madam Yan and he couldn’t wait to send his mother on her way either.

He very conscientiously stepped out of the carriage and then reached out to help his mother down. “Watch your step, mother. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to you at this place. That would really be unlucky.”

Madam Yu raised her brows at him. “What do you mean that would be unlucky? Are you worried that something will happen to me? Or are you just worried something will happen to your wedding?”

Yu Huang Rong froze and then shook his head. “No, I’m afraid that something will happen to you and you won’t be able to attend my wedding. I wouldn’t want that.”

Madam Yu shook her head and got out of the carriage before clasping his arm. “Well, anyway, we’re here now. So make sure that you think twice before you say anything. This time, you can’t do anything wrong! The person you’ll be talking to won’t be your mother this time. It’ll be another woman and she’ll be the one to find a good match for you. So you better be on your best behavior!”

Yu Huang Rong’s lips twitched. Why was his mother treating him like a child that didn’t know any better? Hadn’t he already met with Madam Yan twice? And she hadn’t completely started hating him, had she?

Since that was the case, there shouldn’t be any reason to treat him like this. Well, even though he thought so, he wouldn’t say anything. After all, they had finally reached the matchmaking pavilion. It was better to keep quiet and let her assume he thought the same than to make her talk even more and thus keep him from entering and telling Madam Yan his good news. He really didn’t want to have to wait any longer.

When the two of them had crossed the square in front of the matchmaking pavilion, the door already opened and Xiao Jia and Madam Yan stepped out. “General Yu, Madam Yu. Welcome to our matchmaking pavilion. We’re very happy that you were able to come here this soon.”

Madam Yu smiled brightly at the two women. “Ah, that’s only natural. After all, this is about my son’s wedding. Such an important matter shouldn’t be postponed for too long.”

Madam Yan nodded and then motioned to the door behind her. “Madam Yu is naturally right. In that case, why don’t we head in?.” She couldn’t help but give Yu Huang Rong a questioning gaze at the same time. This guy … Shouldn’t he rather go and use this opportunity to woo Zhang Shi Lan? What was he doing here running over with his mother?

Yu Huang Rong gave an awkward laugh and cleared his throat. “Well, I know you only wanted to talk to my mother but … I wanted to have a word with you. Maybe …” He stopped talking and raised his brows at her.

Madam Yan’s lips twitched. Was this guy purposefully trying to make trouble? If there was something he wanted to talk about, he could do so another day! Why was he here together with his mother?!

Unfortunately, she could hardly give him a piece of her mind in front of Madam Yu. Thus she could only smile and motion in another direction. “If there’s something General Yu wants to talk about, then I’m naturally willing to do so. Why don’t you follow me while Xiao Jia escorts Madam Yu to the room already? Xiao Jia, make sure Madam Yu is comfortable and doesn’t lack for anything. I’m sure this won’t take long.” She nodded at Madam Yu and then turned around, shooting Yu Huang Rong another dark look.

Yu Huang Rong pretended he hadn’t seen anything and happily followed her. Ah, he couldn’t wait to share his good news with her!

Behind the two of them, Xiao Jia forced herself to smile and then motioned toward the room where Madam Yu was supposed to wait. “Please, Madam Yu. I’ll bring you to the room now and get you a cup of tea. I’m sure Madam Yan will be with you shortly.”

Madam Yu nodded, lost in her own thoughts. The way her son had insisted on coming with her, how he didn’t want to thank Madam Yan in front of her and instead went to talk with her by himself … It couldn’t be that the person he had fallen in love with was this Madam Yan, could it?! But she was already married! No, she couldn’t allow this. She definitely had to talk her son out of this when they got home today.

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