SML C2 Made for Each Other

Mo Fang left his father’s office in a bad mood and threw himself into Zhi Bao Yu’s arms. “Sis Zhi! Why are all the good guys already in a relationship?! I also want one like that!”

“Ah?” Zhi Bao Yu raised her brows. “Who are you talking about? I thought you had just broken up with your boyfriend and wanted to go after Li Ming?”

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Mo Fang grabbed his coat from her and tried to shake the wrinkles out of it. Naturally, it didn’t work. Ugh. Now he’d have to go back home to get something else to wear. Then wouldn’t he have to see that hateful Lan Heng again?

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Mo Fang stopped caring about his coat and looked up at Zhi Bao Yu. “What do you mean you don’t understand?” Eh? It couldn’t be that his father had lied to him, could it? “Sis Zhi, say … that Li Ming, he’s single?”

Zhi Bao Yu nodded eagerly. “He’s as single as can be! Let me tell you the story behind that.” She grabbed Mo Fang by the arm and pulled him with her toward the service counters. “So, you see when Li Ming came here two years ago there was that co-worker of ours who also worked at the service point. Su Yan. I don’t know what hit him but Li Ming was instantly head over heels for him.

“It was really obvious but I guess Su Yan just never noticed. He never had a girlfriend though and honestly, we all thought he was gay but, well, it’s not that easy to bring that up, right? We hinted and hinted but he never reacted.

“Then, two months ago, we suddenly saw him checking out the men around him, so we thought that he might finally be searching for a boyfriend, you know? So, we confronted him with our inference. He didn’t want to admit to it though but then our conversation somehow drew Li Ming over.

“Oh, wow, we were all sure that this had to be fate. I mean isn’t that way too coincidental? We just noticed that he was checking out men and then there comes Li Ming and helps him when he doesn’t want to admit that he’s into men?

“Well, Li Ming is too nice for his own good. I was sure he wouldn’t go after him if he didn’t get some help so I … well, I kind of just told him that Su Yan had confessed to me a while later that he actually was into men and even liked Li Ming and that he had just been embarrassed because he thought Li Ming wouldn’t like him back?”

“Hah? Then why aren’t they together yet?” Mo Fang couldn’t understand. There was such a handsome and polite and caring man like Li Ming running around and someone even made the effort to set the two of them up but they still didn’t end up together? That was too strange!

“Ah, don’t ask me. Li Ming actually went after him but I guess Su Yan just wasn’t interested in him. He even resigned the next day.” She stopped walking and turned around to Mo Fang. “But what do you know? I was right about him being gay though! He just called a few weeks ago because he wanted some advice for his relationship. He actually got himself a boyfriend.”

“In two months?” Mo Fang couldn’t really believe it.

Well, not that it was so strange to find a boyfriend in two months — he himself had only found out about what that bastard Lan Heng had done yesterday and now he had spotted such a good man like Li Ming — but how had someone who hadn’t dated in two years gotten himself a boyfriend in only a few weeks? Or could it be that this was just a pretend-boyfriend so people would leave him alone? Then he had to guard against that person!

Mo Fang inwardly noted down the name Su Yan as the first adversary he had to beat to get Li Ming.

“Yeah, I was also a bit surprised. But whatever. Eh, come to think of it your father still hasn’t found someone to take over his job. You’re not employed either, right now, are you? Why don’t you take up his job for now? Then you’d have a good excuse to come here every day and see Li Ming.” She winked at him.

Mo Fang’s eyes sparkled. “Sis Zhi, you’re the best!” Mo Fang hugged her and pecked her cheek before running back to his father’s office. Hmph, he’d definitely get this job! His old man should better not try to talk him out of it!

Boss Mo jumped to his feet again when the door was pushed open.

“Daddy! Sis Zhi just told me you’re missing someone at the service pointer. Stop searching already! Your son will help you out of this predicament!”

Boss Mo’s face fell. What did his worrisome son mean ‘help him out of this predicament’? “You obviously just want to go after Li Ming.”

“Eh, so you knew that he isn’t in a relationship! You’re bad, daddy. How could you lie when this obviously concerns your son’s lifelong happiness? You could’ve ruined my chance at finding the love of my life!”

Boss Mo sighed. “What lifelong happiness? What love of your life? Won’t it be over in at least two months again, anyway? And the two of you don’t fit each other at all. This old man is just doing the two of you a favor.”

“Hmph. What do you mean we don’t fit each other? He just got the brush-off and I just got cheated on. We’re basically made for each other! So, do I get the job at the service point now? Then you won’t have to worry about my model jobs anymore.”

Boss Mo sighed again. He couldn’t argue that he’d feel much better if his son stopped doing these kinds of risky odd jobs and instead got a stable employment. “Fine, fine. But you’ll wear acceptable clothes tomorrow.” Ah, just looking at how his son normally dressed …

When the door shut behind Mo Fang his father already regretted his choice. Wouldn’t his son only bring disaster to their railroad station? Why did he suddenly feel like he should hire some more security guards? Some ugly ones, preferably.

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