MYMMP C1 A Business Called Love

Author’s Note:

As promised, I’ll be posting the first chapter of “Madam Yan’s Matchmaking Pavilion for Men” today. I’ll put the rest of the story up, as soon as it’s finished on my patreon page.


At the bank of the Fen Hua river, stood a wooden pavilion with a curved black roof and a shining plaque above the entrance facing the street. The plaque read ‘Madam Yan’s Matchmaking Pavilion’ and from the other bank of the river, people could often see Madam Yan sitting there drinking tea with a popular bachelor that wanted to get married or a desperate mother that had trouble finding a decent daughter-in-law for her son. Madam Yan would listen to their worries and her guests would always leave with a smile. A few months later, a wedding procession would pass through the streets of the capital and an influential family would usher in a new era.
Today, people gathered on the other side of the Fen Hua river and craned their necks to get a closer look at the gentleman sitting across Madam Yan. Continue reading

Announcement: Madam Yan’s Matchmaking Pavilion for Men

I’ve mentioned before that there’ll be a new story with MYMMP and slowly revealed some information about this series on Patreon and Twitter. Now, the reveal is done so here’s the final cover and synopsis. The story will first go up on Patreon but I’ll be posting the first chapter here next Monday as an excerpt. Now, onto the details of the story though 😉


Yan Su Su_Madam Yans Matchmaking Pavilion for Men

At the banks of the Fen Hua river stands Madam Yan’s Matchmaking Pavilion where even the most unlikely of lovers can make their wish for a future together come true.

When General Yu returns from the battlefield and is urged to marry by his family, he is less than thrilled. What is this nonsense about only bringing true lovers together in Madam Yan’s Matchmaking Pavilion? That woman is just a money-grubber with a fake backstory! He’d like to see how she’ll try to sell some flower vase to him.
But when he is faced with Scholar Zhang Shi Lan, he can’t help but wonder if this Madam Yan might truly be able to make a miracle come true. Whatever. If she can’t, he’ll just kidnap the beauty.