OMF V7C215 A Bit Too Spoiled

Leng Jin Yu didn’t answer immediately. Even though he had already learned quite a bit more about the dragon race than he had known the beginning, he still couldn’t say that he was as knowledgeable about it as he should be. Giving one of them advice about how to go about this wasn’t that easy. “Don’t you think it would be better to ask somebody of your own race about that? What about Xin Lan?”

Fei Bai Mu’s brows raised higher and her little disciple also turned around to Leng Jin Yu, blinking his eyes.

“What about uncle Xin Lan?”

Leng Jin Yu lowered his gaze to him and then raised his brows. This child … knew Xin Lan? That didn’t seem like something very likely to happen. Could it be another person of the same name?

Qiu Ling also looked at the child, raised him into the air and then unceremoniously handed him back to Fei Bai Mu. “You hold that brat yourself.” He didn’t like that bastard. If this child had anything to do with him, then he didn’t want to hold him any longer. Even though he did have to admit that this child really had good taste.

Hua Lin Yu looked at Qiu Ling in a daze. How come he was once again thrown off to his Master? His uncle Xin Lan had also done the same. It made him feel that things were really unfair.

After pondering for a moment, Hua Lin Yu finally resolved to use the same tactic he had already used on the Hua family. He scrunched up his face and started to sniffle, looking at Qiu Ling expectantly.

Unfortunately, the dragon king wasn’t interested in that at all. This was neither his beloved nor his own child. Why should he care if he cried? He just continued to look at his so-called father and raised his brows. “I have no idea where he went. Anyway, I don’t like talking to him.”

Despite her crying disciple, Fei Bai Mu couldn’t help but chip in. “Xin Lan? It wouldn’t be somebody of the dragon race, right? Silver hair? A mask covering half his face?” Actually, the more she listened, the more she felt it was possible. That person definitely didn’t seem like he was good to talk to.

Leng Jin Yu looked at her in astonishment. So she had really met that Xin Lan somehow.

Before he could answer, Qiu Ling demanded his attention back though. “What do you think? If you can’t think of something, can’t you call the old geezer over? A few minutes wouldn’t make a difference.”

Leng Jin Yu sighed and shook his head. “Don’t you have your own advisers? What do you need Jinde for?” He turned back to Fei Bai Mu. “And it’s really that Xin Lan. How do you know him?”

Feeling ignored, Hua Lin Yu slowly started to sob harder. He’d like to see how long they would be able to ignore him!

Fei Bai Mu couldn’t help but feel a little helpless. From what she had seen for the last few days since Hua Lin Yu Yu had come to the Jian Yi Sect, he would do this all the time when he didn’t get his will. Apparently, he had been spoiled a bit too much by his family. This child really knew how to make others succumb to his wishes.

She had hoped that things would get easier after he was in the sect for a while and learned to get along with everyone but looking at him right now, she wasn’t sure. Anyway, she didn’t quite know what to do. Should she try to comfort him? Or should she ignore it until he gave up on his own to show him that things couldn’t go on like they always had in his family? What was the right decision?

While she was still hesitating over how to react, Hua Lin Yu continued to cry, making even more of a ruckus.

Leng Jin Yu’s brows twitched and he looked at Qiu Ling. “Why don’t you just take him back?” He really didn’t want to disturb Jinde. And it certainly couldn’t be that much of a problem to Qiu Ling, could it?

The dragon king crossed his arms in front of his chest though and raised his chin. “No.” He refused to have anything to do with that bastard Xin Lan. Anyway, that wasn’t what he had come here for and he needed to go back to his beloved as soon as possible. Jing Yi was certainly missing him terribly.

Leng Jin Yu sighed and then flashed Hua Lin Yu a smile. “Qiu Ling isn’t always very nice. You don’t have to take it to heart.”

Hua Lin Yu looked at him, cutting a little back on his crying and then stretched out his arms. This big brother was also very handsome. He would reluctantly let him carry him around as well.

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows but thinking of Jinde, he stepped forward and picked the child up, pulling him into his arms. Anyway, as long as he didn’t cry anymore, it wasn’t a problem.

Hua Lin Yu settled down and looked at him more closely.

Just then, the sound of water could be heard and steps rushed toward the room, the door at the side that had been closed halfway opening completely.

All eyes went to the person that had just stepped in. While Leng Jin Yu gave him a gentle smile, Fei Bai Mu’s eyes widened. This person … even though she had joked that all her disciples were good-looking, she suddenly felt that she had never before seen actual beauty.

Jinde ignored her. In fact, he even ignored his own husband at this moment. Instead, he only looked at the small child in his arms and his eyes lit up in joy. He crouched down next to Leng Jin Yu and gave Hua Lin Yu a smile. “Well, hello, little one. What were you crying about right now?”

Hua Lin Yu stared at him with wide eyes and then mechanically stretched out his arms. “Hug!”

Jinde hummed happily and took the child out of his husband’s arms. “Oh? Do you feel better now?”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and gingerly took one of the golden strands of hair into his hands. He looked at it in a daze, not quite sure if he should actually hold onto it. This hair seemed like it shouldn’t just be touched.

Before he could bring himself to let go, Jinde laughed though. “Ah. Do you like it? It’s very pretty, right? When Jin Ling was young, he also liked to cling to it the whole day. It’s especially nice in the sunlight. Let me take you outside and show you.”

With that, the child was taken outside unceremoniously as if the other people didn’t even exist. Well, in Jinde’s mind, there wasn’t anyone but this child at the moment.

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