OMF V7C210 Whose Descendant?

Fei Bai Mu directly left her palace and only waved over a disciple so they could relay a message for her. After all, she at least needed to tell somebody that she would be going out and maybe only return after a few days. If something came up, somebody else would also need to take care of matters.

As soon as that was done, she left the sect grounds and flew over to the Yun Zou Sect. She didn’t even bother sending a message first. Anyway, these people had asked for help, hadn’t they? Then they should be happy that she was able to come over this soon. She would make sure of what was going on, sniff around a bit to find out if their own Grandmaster was there and then solve the issue that they had been confronted with as thanks. That should be the best for everyone, shouldn’t it?

When Fei Bai Mu appeared in front of the disciples guarding the gate of the Yun Zou Sect, the two of them had no idea who she was. They looked at her and the child in her arms, wondering to themselves just what was going on. It couldn’t be that … this woman was trying to make somebody recognize a child as their own even though it wasn’t?!

The two of them exchanged a glance and then looked back at Fei Bai Mu. “This … I wonder what you might’ve come here to do?”

Fei Bai Mu gave the two of them a look. “I was asked over by your Grandmaster. I’m from the Jian Yi Sect. I’m sure he will know who I am when he is told.” Well, the one who had messaged her was that Hua Min from the Liu He Alliance but he was friends with Zhangsun Xun Yi as far as she knew and anyway, it would be strange telling the disciples in the Yun Zou Sect that somebody from another sect had asked her to come here. That would just be asking for trouble.

The disciples once again exchanged a glance. The Grandmaster … She wouldn’t be trying to make him the father of the child, would she? One of the disciples wanted to speak up but Fei Bai Mu just raised the jade that was hanging from her waist and held it in front of his face. “Are you going to bring me over now or not?”

The disciple’s eyes widened when he took a closer look at the jade. This … This really seemed to be the jade of the Jian Yi Sect. They actually had a guest of the Jian Yi Sect?! This was big news! He couldn’t help but want to go and spread the rumor but naturally, the guest first had to be escorted over. Thus he hurriedly nodded and then motioned in the direction of the Grandmaster’s palace. “Of course. Follow me, please.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded with satisfaction and then followed the disciple. The other one stayed at the gate, watching the two of them leave. He really wanted to go and tell somebody but, unfortunately, he had to continue to stand here and wait until the others came to start their shift. Only then would he be able to tell everyone else. It really was a pity.

Fei Bai Mu soon arrived at the Grandmaster’s palace. The disciple cupped his fists and bowed, announcing her to the people inside before he left with a heavy heart when the Grandmaster asked her to enter.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t go inside with her. He really would’ve liked to know what this visit was about. And who was the child? Even if the woman was from the Jian Yi Sect, who was to say that this was actually the Grandmaster’s child? Maybe there was something that they didn’t know about.

Thankfully, Fei Bai Mu had no idea what the disciple was thinking about. She stepped inside and walked straight to the Grandmaster’s study. When she arrived, not only Zhangsun Xun Yi but Hua Min was also there. She raised her brows and nodded at the two of them. “It seems that I went to the right place.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi actually got up this time and lightly bowed. “Many thanks to Sect Master Fei for coming here on such short notice.”

Fei Bai Mu went over and sat down, giving the two men a long look. “This concerns a matter that the Jian Yi Sect was dealing with. Naturally, I will be taking care of it.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi sat down again but kept quiet. Even though she said so, it was hardly such a simple matter. While the Jian Yi Sect had indeed dealt with this matter before, it was hardly normal for the Sect Master herself to go and take care of something like this. Normally, she should have at most sent one of her own disciples. But since she hadn’t, there was likely more to this than met the eye.

Hua Min also nodded at her but then couldn’t help but look at the child in her arms. “I see that Sect Master Fei didn’t come alone. Who might this be?”

Fei Bai Mu gave a smile and then intimately rubbed Xiao Yu’s head. “This one is my little disciple, Xiao Yu. Alliance Head Hua should take a good look at him. In the future, the disciples of your Liu He Alliance better shouldn’t pick a fight with. This little one is not only my disciple but also one of the descendants of the Hua family.”

Hua Min raised his brows. “The Hua family would actually let one of their children become a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect?” He could hardly believe it. Even though they shared the same name, they weren’t related but he was still very much acquainted with them. After all, the Liu He Alliance was on par with this kind of cultivation family. They had naturally met rather often in the past. And from what he remembered from those instances, the Hua family was fiercely protective of their members. They wouldn’t just let one of their children go to another place like that. He just couldn’t imagine it.

Fei Bai Mu smiled and once again rubbed the child’s head. “What’s so bad about that? Our Jian Yi Sect is a very great place. Naturally, there will only be advantages to him staying with us. Anyway, why don’t you explain this matter about the Yun Zou Sect to me?” She turned back to Grandmaster Zhangsun and then leaned back, clearly not intending to speak about her disciple any further.

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