OMF V7C205 This Narrows It Down a Lot

Shen Qiang furrowed his brows. If it was about a human, then he would be able to decide at once. Yes, he did indeed believe that somebody’s circumstances didn’t make the person.

You could be born in a demonic sect and still walk a righteous path in the future. At the same time, just because you grew up among righteous people, it didn’t mean that you yourself would also be righteous. There was no guarantee. Your personality, your experiences, all the people that you met … There were many things that would influence your future. Even if you originally walked in one path, you could change.

But that was because a human wasn’t necessarily bad. They had good and bad in them and it was on them to make their decisions and live with the consequences. That was part of being human.

But what about the demons? The pure-blooded ones and also the ones who had only inherited a little demon blood. Was it the same for them? Or were all of them indeed evil creatures upon birth as he had been taught?

From what Nian Hong Fang had just told him, it was the former but he couldn’t bring himself to believe so just like that. What about the awful things he had heard before then? Was all of that not true? Was he supposed to believe that there was a reason for those massacres he had seen?

Nian Hong Fang could see that he was still struggling with it. He sighed and pushed the cup away before he stood up. “Well, I’ve told you what I wanted to say. You think it through. I’ll come back and see you again later.”

“Ah …” Shen Qiang also wanted to get up and hold him back but then he dropped his hand again. Honestly, what was even thinking? Nian Hong Fang didn’t feel for him like that. And right now, his thoughts were probably filled with his lover. That really wasn’t a moment they should spend together. He sat back down and nodded. “Alright, then I’ll see you again. I’m sorry for everything that happened.”

Nian Hong Fang looked at him for a moment longer and then just nodded before he left the room. What else should he say? He knew what Shen Qiang wanted but it wasn’t something he could give him. So it was better not to say anything.

He closed the door behind him and then leaned against it, looking at his Master who was still waiting outside.

“Did he tell you anything?” The Grandelder couldn’t help but show is worry on his face. He knew how important this was to Nian Hong Fang. He really didn’t want him to suffer any more setbacks.

“He is from one of the demon-hunting sects. They believe that Ma Zhi Wu is a demon so they caught him.”

The Grandelder furrowed his brows. “Demon-hunting sect?” This … He didn’t like the sound of that. Normally, they could have just gone to the Chun Feng Sect to help them inquire about this matter. But with how things stood, that wasn’t possible. No, quite on the contrary, it might even be that the perpetrator in this case was the Chun Feng Sect. He didn’t dare to make any assumptions in this case.

In the end, the Grandelder sighed and patted his disciple’s shoulder. “This definitely narrows down the places where he could be. We should go and tell Min Huan. After that, we can make a plan.”

Nian Hong Fang nodded and then followed his Master over to the Sect Master’s palace.

Currently, Wu Min Huan was once again sitting in his Master’s study, trying to deal with the documents that were piling up on the desk. When he heard steps from outside, he almost wanted to heave a sigh of relief. Even though he knew that this needed to be done, he couldn’t help but feel like taking a break. He leaned back and looked up but his hope was instantly smashed when he saw just who had come. “Did something happen with that Shen Qiang?”

Nian Hong Fang gave him a smile to calm him down but let his Master talk.

The Grandelder sat down opposite Wu Min Huan and nodded. “It seems like the Grandmaster’s disciple was right. Xiao Fang went to speak with him today and he revealed that the one behind him was one of the demon-hunting sects.”

Wu Min Huan nodded slowly. “That narrows the possible places they could be held at down a lot. Considering Zhi Wu’s strength, it’s probably not one of the very small sects. They also wouldn’t dare to outright capture one of the Yun Zou Sect’s disciples even if they thought that he was a demon. They’d notify us first and ask for our opinion.”

The Grandelder nodded. “That’s what I think as well. So it should be one of the more prestigious sects. Or maybe one of the more scrupulous sects if you want to see it that way. There aren’t many that would be so daring.”

“Well, we could send somebody to inquire.”

The Grandelder shook his head. “He’s vanished a decade ago. And they had never bothered to inform us. I’m afraid they won’t tell us even if we asked. The problem is that the kind of sect that will be daring enough to do this, will be hard to confront even for us. We might need to find somebody to help us with this.”

Wu Min Huan nodded slowly. What the Grandelder was saying made sense as well. “What do you think about involving the Liu He Alliance? Alliance Head Hua stayed here for quite some time, didn’t he? His relationship with Grandmaster Zhangsun seems to be quite good as well. Maybe he would help us?”

The Grandelder nodded. “That is a very good idea. Maybe we could also ask Grandmaster Zhangsun if he would send him a letter asking for help.”

“Yes …” Wu Min Huan glanced around and then looked up at the Grandelder with some embarrassment. “Would you mind asking the Grandmaster? I feel like as a disciple, I’m not really in a position to ask him for a favor.”

The Grandelder chuckled but still nodded and then got up. “Of course. This is also for my own disciple. I’ll do everything that I can. The two of you should go and tell Elder Geng about this in the meantime.”

Wu Min Huan and Nian Hong Fang both nodded and then sent the Grandelder off before they exchanged a glance and left as well.

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