OMF V3C13 Inquiring Information

While the two of them had gone out, Madam Zhong was circled by several women in the teahouse and interrogated.

“Madam Zhong, who was that young man that just entered and then left again?”

Madam Zhong gave a wry smile, feeling that she already knew what this was about when she saw the way these women looked at her. “Ah, my son Jing Yi came by for a visit and brought a friend along.”

“Oh? Then which one was your son?” Naturally, the women could already imagine but they still wanted to make sure. If that good-looking young man was Madam Zhong’s son after all and had somehow carved out a better life for himself in that Yun Zou Sect, then they wouldn’t mind his mother’s status and still suggest for him to marry one of their relatives.

Madam Zhong really didn’t know how to deal with these women. Wasn’t it obvious? “He was the young man that came in first, ah. He’s called Jing Yi.”

“Ah, so it was that way!”

Another woman jumped in, feeling that everything was taking too long. Matters of the heart couldn’t be delayed. “Then what about that other man? That friend of his? How do the two of them know each other?”

“Yes, ah, how did they meet? And what is his name?”

“It seems they met at the deity sect my son attends. And his surname is Qiu.”

“Qiu? Which Qiu might that be? What family is he from?”

“And what is his given name?” Because it would be a disgrace if they would suggest marriage and somehow get the wrong brother …

“And which deity sect is it?” If it wasn’t the Yun Zou Sect, then that would be a letdown. The Yun Zou Sect was very famous at the capital since it wasn’t too far away and they always send disciples every few years to look for new talents. Thus, the Yun Zou Sect’s reputation wasn’t too bad.

It was only eclipsed by the Chun Feng Sect that had specialized in hunting demons but nobody would want their daughter to marry one of these demon hunters. Even though their prestige was very high, their lives were always in danger. Who would want their daughter to become a widow really on? No, in that case, the Yun Zou Sect’s cultivators were much better prospects.

Well, other than them, there were still those individuals from some even higher ranking sects but even the people of the capital didn’t dare to dream about that. You’d probably need to be royalty to even think about them.

Madam Zhong’s smile grew strained. If she had had any doubt what this was about, then she would’ve been able to shed it now at the very latest. It really made her wonder if they should count themselves lucky that Qiu Ling liked Jing Yi or not. On one hand, it seems that they were blessed that somebody like him wanted to be his spouse but on the other hand, she could already see that there would be some trouble in the future. If they really got married, wouldn’t there always be some women trying to push their daughters onto him as well? That couldn’t be good.

Unfortunately, what the women were doing right now wasn’t anything to complain about. They were only asking questions so she could only answer patiently. Especially since these were the loyal customers that had come for a long time. Without them, there wouldn’t be any teahouse so she could not offend them over something like this.

And it wasn’t like Jing Yi and Qiu Ling were already a couple. Right now, her son didn’t even know if he wanted to be with Qiu Ling. In that case, it was best to answer the questions. Although it was getting difficult to remember what all of them wanted to know with all the women speaking over each other.

“They are both attending the Yun Zou Sect. His given name is Ling and I don’t know which family he is from. My son only just brought him over and I haven’t had time to speak with him much.”

The women exchanged confused looks.

“But wasn’t he standing behind the counter? If you don’t know him, why would he help out in the teahouse?”

Some women felt that he might not be of such high status after all if he did something like this and their initial fervor died down. Some others were still willing to inquire some more before they made their decision. After all, this was very important. It wouldn’t do to miss some vital information and thus miss out on a good marriage partner for the females in their family.

“My son and I hadn’t seen each other for a long time so he felt that he should give us some time to talk things through and volunteered to help out a little in the teahouse if it was necessary.”

The women nodded, albeit with some confusion on their faces. Why would he do something like that? Couldn’t he have just sat down and drunk a cup of tea himself? There were other people working in the teahouse after all. They could’ve easily served the customers for the time being.

Madam Zhong just smiled and didn’t say anything more. From all the encounters with Qiu Ling she had had previously, she was sure that he wouldn’t care about any of these women and their relatives at all. He was completely focused on Jing Yi or maybe that person he had known in his past life.

But even though she knew what these women were thinking right now, she had no obligation to tell them and it would only bring trouble to Qiu Ling and maybe even Jing Yi if she did so. So why would she do so? No, it was better to keep things simple and see how everything worked out between the two of them.

Thus she gave a smile and then motioned back to the tables. “Would anybody care for another cup of tea?”

The women jolted and then rushed back to their seats, pretending that they hadn’t just been inquiring after this man in such a manner. If anybody found out that they had wanted to set their relatives up with somebody who would just casually help out in a teahouse, then wouldn’t they become a laughing stock? No, they couldn’t let that happen.

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