OMF V7C198 To The Jian Yi Sect

While the Zhong family in the Long kingdom’s capital city was worried about their daughter, Hua Lin Yu’s fifth birthday finally arrived. Unfortunately, things in the household weren’t as happy as they should be. Instead, the child had been making trouble since the moment he woke up, either giving the grown-ups the silent treatment or crying bitterly regardless of what they did.

Hua Ning Shun looked at his son awkwardly, wondering what he should do. Obviously, there was no way to just grab the child and bring him to the Jian Yi Sect. After all, he still very much refused to let go off their family’s guest for even a single moment.

Madam Hua had turned to look at Xin Lan with a complicated gaze. Even though she had originally not been happy, he had convinced her that sending their son to the Jian Yi Sect might be for the best. Thus she was also in favor of this now. Unfortunately, while she had been convinced, her little son hadn’t.

What were they to do now? While Mister Hua was still confused, Madam Hua had already thought it through. In her opinion, that was only one way to achieve this.

“Xin Lan, since he likes you so much, why don’t you bring him over? I’m sure Xiao Yu would like that.” And even if he didn’t, at the very least, they would be a little further.

Xin Lan already had his brows furrowed tightly. For the past few weeks, he hadn’t been able to take this child off for even a moment. By now, he should probably be afraid that this little thing would morph into a part of his own body. It certainly seemed like it wanted to do so. “Even if I bring him over, are you sure he’ll let go when we reach the gates?”

Unfortunately, Madam Hua couldn’t say in good conscience that that would be the case. On the contrary, she seriously doubted that that would happen. After all, if it was so easy to make their Xiao Yu let go of Xin Lan, they would’ve long separated the two of them. But with how things had been going so far, there was no way that would happen.

She cleared her throat and then leaned down to look at her son’s face. “Xiao Yu, how about all of us go and take a look at the Jian Yi Sect? Maybe you’ll like it there.”

The boy pursed his lips and then shook his head. He wouldn’t! He definitely wouldn’t.

Xin Lan took a deep breath and then turned around, marching right out of the Hua family’s house. This brat wanted to cling to him? Fine with him. He’d just go over to the Jian Yi Sect himself. Then he’d see if one of those human cultivators would be able to get him off.

Anyway, it made no difference whether there was a child clinging to him here or there. And … to be perfectly honest, he also wanted to finally make sure just what had been going on in the Jian Yi Sect. Had these guys finally made a move with the information he had given him?

He hadn’t been able to check in a while so he was a little anxious how things stood outside. Was his Master still safe and well? Had those bastards from the Chun Feng Sect that had targeted him been taken care of? It would be good to go over and take a look at how things stood.

The members of the Hua family exchanged glances and then rushed after him. Even though they weren’t sure if they would be able to do anything when they arrived at the Jian Yi Sect, it was still much better to be there and lend a helping hand than to stay at the estate and not know what was going on.

Anyway, they also felt that it wouldn’t be very safe to let Xiao Yu be all alone out there with just one person guarding him. After all, they didn’t know if that presence would return to take him away. So it was much better if there were a few more people there to pay attention. Just in case.

Thus, a while later, a group of six adults and one small child arrived at the gates of the Jian Yi Sect, startling the disciples that were currently guarding the entrance.

The two of them exchanged glances before one of them stepped forward, cupping his fists. “Greetings. May I ask why you have come to the Jian Yi Sect?”

Hua Ning Shun glanced at his father who didn’t bother to say anything and just looked at his youngest grandchild. With a sigh, he stepped forward and cupped his fists as well. “Greetings. I am Hua Ning Shun and I came to see Sect Master Fei. My family … accompanied me.”

“I see. Then please follow me.” The disciple motioned inside and sent somebody to notify the Sect Master of their arrival.

Hua Ning Shun motioned at his family and then followed the disciple, feeling a little embarrassed. He had already made a deal with Sect Master Fei but now, he actually brought over his whole family plus their family’s guest just to deliver Xiao Yu. And whether or not his youngest would agree to be left here … He didn’t even want to think about it. Wouldn’t the Sect Master feel slighted when she saw such a scene?

The group finally arrived in front of the Sect Master’s palace. The disciple stopped in front of the door and exchanged some words with the disciple waiting there. Then, he turned back to the Hua family and bowed before leaving.

Hua Ning Shun nodded and then also turned to the other disciple.

“Sect Master Fei is expecting you.” The disciple motioned inside and then opened the door for them.

Hua Ning Shun took a deep breath and stepped in, his gaze automatically coming to rest on the serious face of the woman on the other side of the hall.

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