OMF V3C9 That’s All I Have

Jing Yi pulled Qiu Ling with him and showed him around the teahouse first. There wasn’t much to see though. After all, even though there were two floors, the first one almost only consisted of the room where the guests would be served while the upper floor had several rooms where the guests would be eating in private so they couldn’t just go in and have a look while the teahouse was still open. Thus Jing Yi only walked him into the kitchen once and then up the stairs, explaining what type of room was behind which door before he took him back down again.

Qiu Ling didn’t mind at all. He already knew the teahouse very well. It was just that Jing Yi had no idea about that. Anyway, he himself didn’t care too much. The most important part was that they were together.

Thinking of that, Qiu Ling gave a silly smile. Ah, life was great. The only better thing would be if he was able to hold him in his arms while walking. Mn, he should do so the next time they were going to explore somewhere.

Jing Yi’s lips twitched when he noticed the gaze that was directed at him instead of the surroundings and finally pulled Qiu Ling out of the teahouse. It was embarrassing to be seen like this by people but it was slightly less embarrassing if the people weren’t his mother’s long-time customers. At the very least, he wouldn’t be impeding her business.

He tried to pull Qiu Ling down the street but a certain someone suddenly developed an interest in things around them.

Qiu Ling stopped in his tracks and then stared at a food stall at the side of the road. “Let’s eat that.” He pointed over, his expression overflowing with eagerness.

Jing Yi looked over and recognized the man standing behind the stall. Wasn’t that Uncle Tang? The one who always sold steamed buns? So it turned out he was still doing the same thing even though five years had gone by!

Jing Yi couldn’t help but smile happily when he saw that. It turned out that it wasn’t just his mother’s teahouse. Other places were just the same: Time had gone by but they were still there, the same people were in the capital, doing the very same things. Five years didn’t seem too long when he thought of it that way.

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes when he saw his beloved’s expression. “What is it? You don’t want to eat it?” He looked happy though …

Jing Yi chuckled and shook his head. “That’s not it. The steamed buns he’s selling are very good indeed. I don’t have money on me though. What about you?”

Qiu Ling looked at him blankly. Money … He furrowed his brows and thought back, remembering that there was something like that in his spatial ring. He didn’t remember Jing Yi paying when he came here the last time though. Why was it suddenly different?

Even though he didn’t understand, Qiu Ling very willingly took out the money and held it in front of Jing Yi.

Jing Yi looked at it and then glanced up at Qiu Ling. “Then you should buy one.”

Qiu Ling hesitated and then walked over, pointing at the buns. “I’ll take two.”

Uncle Tang looked up at the man in front of him in surprise. This lad … Did he really want a steamed bun from his roadside stall? He really didn’t look like it. Still, if a customer asked, he definitely wouldn’t say no. He gave a smile and then handed two of the buns to Qiu Ling. “That’s half a Zhao for each.”

Qiu Ling had no idea what that meant and just gave the man all the money he had in his hand.

Uncle Tang stared at the money incredulously and then looked up at the young man again. “Uhm … That’s too much.”

Qiu Ling looked at the money, glanced up at the man, and then turned to Jing Yi. He just wanted to eat these steamed buns with his beloved, ah! Why was it so difficult?

Uncle Tang also looked over at Jing Yi, feeling that he looked vaguely familiar.

Jing Yi stepped closer, giving him an embarrassed smile. “Uncle Tang, do you remember me? I’m Jing Yi. My mother is working in the teahouse on the other side of the street.” He motioned over and the man’s expression lit up.

“Ah! So it was Jing’er. I just thought that your face looked familiar.”

Jing Yi’s smile got lighter and he tugged at Qiu Ling’s sleeve. “What’s the problem?”

Qiu Ling looked at the two buns and then gave one of them to Jing Yi. “For you.”

Jing Yi looked at the bun that was still hot enough to have steam wafting up into the air and then raised his head again. “I …” Well, he hadn’t eaten yet if he didn’t consider the snacks his mother had given him so this was actually quite welcome. “Thank you.” His smile turned sweet and he looked back down at the steamed bun. He still remembered the taste from the time when he had lived in the capital city.

Uncle Tang looked from one person to the other, wondering why this looked a little familiar. Right, hadn’t this also happened with that boy of Shao Chen back then? Every day, that brat would run over, asking him for two steamed buns and then bringing one over to Jing Yi, happily sharing. He almost would’ve thought that this young man next to Jing Yi was actually Shao Hai but the person in question was obviously older than him and he had no resemblance to Shao Chen at all. So this should be somebody else.

Uncle Tang scratched his head, wondering just how Jing Yi managed to attract these boys all the time. Well, he had been a cute child back then and he was also a cute youth right now so he probably shouldn’t think too much about it. “Jing’er, your friend paid too much, ah. They are only one Zhao together.” He gave the money back and then glanced at Qiu Ling. “You’re not from here?”

Qiu Ling honestly shook his head. Naturally, he wasn’t. He was a dragon, ah!

Uncle Tang nodded his head. “I thought so. Look, what you have here are Lin coins. One of them is worth a thousand Zhao.”

Qiu Ling nodded, picked up one of the coins and gave it to Uncle Tang. Then he turned back to his beloved as if things had been settled this way.

Uncle Tang’s brows twitched. “Didn’t you listen? I said one of them is worth a thousand Zhao. A thousand. You only need to pay one Zhao.”

Qiu Ling turned back and furrowed his brows. He didn’t want to discuss this. He just wanted to spend time with his beloved. “That’s all I have. Just take that one. As long as it’s not less than I have to pay it’s alright.”

Uncle Tang stared at the coin, unable to believe what he had just heard. He still wanted to argue but Qiu Ling had already taken Jing Yi’s hand and pulled him down the road, leaving the stupefied Uncle Tang alone with the one Lin coin.

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