OMF V7C193 Not That Easy to Answer

For the moment, nothing happened though. Guanyu ignored them, leaving Zhong Gang and Mi Fang in the awkward spot of having to find some kind of excuse for her behavior.

Mi Fang smiled wryly and then waved her hand. “Ah, don’t take this to heart. You don’t know but even though Guanyu and Xiao Li have been married for a good five years, she still hasn’t gotten pregnant. It’s really taking a toll on her so she is sometimes in a very bad mood and will take it out on others. It has nothing to do with the two of you. She probably just remembered because she saw how well you are doing.” She glanced at her husband, hoping for him to help out a bit.

Zhong Gang nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes. That’s what this is all about. It’s not that she isn’t happy to see you again. Of course, she’d also like to have as much of the family here as possible. I’m sure she’ll be better behaved as soon as Xiao Li gets home. When he is there, she has something to focus on.” Even though he said so, he was inwardly scolding her for that behavior.

Of course, he also knew that he wasn’t completely free of guilt for the way she was. If he and Mi Fang hadn’t spoiled her so much when she was young, she would probably be better behaved right now.

But he had really hoped that she would change for the better after her wedding. Who could have known that things would get even worse afterward? In fact, he also couldn’t understand why she was treating her cousin and his fiance like this.

Anyway, what his wife had said wasn’t wrong. She probably was suffering because she hadn’t been able to give birth to a child yet but it wasn’t like Jing Yi could do any better, was it? After all, the two of them were men. How were they supposed to do that? Well, come to think of it, who knew if things were the same for cultivators?

Zhong Gang gave the two of them a curious look but didn’t dare to ask in the end. Anyway, that would be a little awkward if it was impossible, wouldn’t it? No, it was better to just keep quiet about this sort of thing. His daughter’s behavior had made this embarrassing enough. He really didn’t need to add to that.

He cleared his throat and then waved at his wife to come over. “Mi Fang, you come here and sit down. You also haven’t seen Jing Yi and Qiu Ling for a long time. I’m sure you’re also curious about what they’ve experienced all these years.”

Mi Fang was more than happy for her husband to react like this. She nodded eagerly and then came to sit down next to him, looking from Jing Yi to Qiu Ling and nodded. “The two of you really look good. I guess that life in the deity sect is going really well?”

Jing Yi nodded and once again told his aunt what he had already told his uncle before. Thankfully, they didn’t have many more relatives or he might be caught in a circle where he had to tell over and over again just how they were doing in the Yun Zou Sect. Thankfully, Mi Fang didn’t ask too many questions and just relied on her husband to lead the conversation.

As for Zhong Gang … Since he didn’t know much about deity sects, he was also somewhat lost. After having pondered for a while, he finally cleared his throat and brought the only thing up that he definitely knew about that sect. “So … How is that boy Shao Hai doing?”

Jing Yi tensed and then gave Qiu Ling a worried look. They knew very well what had happened to Shao Hai but he couldn’t very well say that, could he? Wouldn’t his uncle feel troubled then? After all, Shao Hai was the son of his very good friend. If he found out, then he would definitely need to go and tell Mister Shao about it.

But then, Shao Chen would be worried as well and there would be nothing he could do about it. He would be in an even worse situation than Jing Yi and Qiu Ling were currently.

Jing Yi couldn’t believe that that would be good. Mister Shao had so much to do, it would be a problem for him if he couldn’t concentrate on any of that. After all, he still needed to take care of the rest of his family. There wasn’t just Shao Hai after all.

Qiu Ling also thought of these things and then gave a smile. “Well, he naturally can’t be considered as awesome as us but it’s not wrong to say that he is doing quite well himself. At the very least, he and Xiao Dong managed to become inner sect disciples as well. I don’t have that much to do with then since I’m learning under a different Master but from what I’ve gathered, their Master seems to trust them very much. Last I heard, they had been sent on some important mission. They’ll likely be out for quite a while so we didn’t manage to see them recently.”

Jing Yi lowered his gaze and just nodded along. Before they had returned to the Yun Zou Sect the last time, that had indeed been true. It was a pity that things had changed so fast.

But there was nothing they could do about that right now, was there? Anyway, things might already have changed again in another week. He should probably ask Qiu Ling if they could return at that time and see how things were going. Since they were able to fly, it wouldn’t be a problem to go over in the morning and then return in the afternoon so they could bring the latest news to Shao Chen.

Maybe he could even tell Shao Hai that he should go home and visit his father soon. After all, Mister Shao was probably worried about him as well. It wouldn’t be nice to always stay in the sect and never see his family. Otherwise, who knew if he would regret it later on?

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