OMF V7C190 Isn’t It Better This Way?

Xin Lan finally managed to calm the child down after half an hour. Hua Lin Yu still wouldn’t let go though. The dragon sighed and then just sat down with the child still clinging to his neck. Anyway, he would leave for the Jian Yi Sect soon.

Meanwhile, the Hua family watched the interaction between the two of them with curiosity. Just how had he done that? It didn’t seem normal. Neither of them had ever managed to pacify the child like this when he was fussy. Just what was the secret?

Madam Hua couldn’t help but inch closer and tried to get a look if there was something special about the way he was holding him or something. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case.

Xin Lan looked at her and raised his brows. “What’s the matter?”

“That … How did you do that?”

Xin Lan looked at the child that was also looking up at him with bright eyes and inwardly sighed. “I also don’t know.” Well, at the very least, he couldn’t tell the family that most likely it was because he had been the one who upset the little brat so he was also the one who managed to calm him down. That probably wouldn’t be too good to convince them later on that he was a qualified son-in-law.

Madam Hua Couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Well, it probably didn’t matter anyway. After all, hadn’t her irresponsible husband promised that Jian Yi Sect that he would bring their son over soon? Then she wouldn’t be able to try out her newfound knowledge anyway.

Thinking of that, she sighed and reached out, patting the child’s head. “Your father really doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’m sure he’ll regret this soon.”

Xin Lan glanced at her and pondered silently. It seemed that this Madam Hua wasn’t quite satisfied with what her husband had done. Maybe he should use that to stop Xiang Yu’s reincarnation from going over to the Jian Yi Sect?

But then again, he didn’t know if he would be able to deal with it if he still had to take care of a child for the next few years. Furthermore … If that brat regarded him as family, then how would he become his lover?

He didn’t think that his looks or talent were a problem but one could never know what would happen in the future. It might very well be that being too close in the beginning would be detrimental to their future relationship. Naturally, he couldn’t risk that.

So maybe spending a few years apart would actually do them good. After all, when that little one came back, he would already be an adult and able to enter a relationship. That would be the best moment for him to make his move. Additionally, the previous affection would likely still be there. Thus he would have an advantage over other men that were trying to get into Hua Lin Yu’s good graces.

Thinking like that, Xin Lan finally didn’t speak up. He did look over at Mister Hua though. “Well, while your husband might have acted prematurely, it isn’t all bad, is it? The Hua family is strong but the Jian Yi Sect is even stronger. Considering that there already was a problem with your son, wouldn’t it be better to get somebody else to help you out?”

Fa Min Juan glanced at him. “Isn’t that why we asked you to help us out?”

“I’m but one person. If whoever was endangering your son’s safety was one person as well, it wouldn’t be a problem. But what if it’s more than that? What if there’s a whole organization of them? What do you want to do then?

“I can take on whoever is the strongest and you can also take care of some of them. But what if it’s not enough? What if your younger son still comes to harm? Wouldn’t you rather have the Jian Yi Sect to rely on in that case? Rather than tying him to your side and hovering over him, hoping that nothing will happen and still risking that it might, isn’t it better to let him go and have a carefree life somewhere else where the strongest existence in this realm will be able to keep him safe?”

Fa Min Juan fell into deep thought at that. Xin Lan wasn’t wrong. This situation wasn’t ideal. She couldn’t explain that away. No, she had to deal with the fact that their little darling might get preyed on until he was strong enough to take care of himself.

She couldn’t expect Xin Lan or anyone else for that matter to always be at his side. Lin Yu would also need to have some time of his own. He would need to grow on his own or he would never be able to become strong. If there was always somebody protecting him at the side, then how would he learn? So it might indeed be better to let him go to the Jian Yi Sect where he could strive together with the other disciples, maybe not even knowing about that particular danger outside.

She sighed and then nodded. “Well, I guess you are able to look at this clearer than me. In this case, we should indeed do as you said. It’s better if he is in good hands and has somebody to take care of him instead of getting into a situation where he might die.” She rubbed her son’s head again and then turned away. It was better to get used to the thought now before it actually happened than to wait until the last minute until she confronted these feelings of her.

Xin Lan could see that Madam Hua had finally come to terms with it. “I guess you should talk to your husband about how you want to go about this. Obviously, Xiao Yu isn’t very happy with having to leave. You’ll have to do some convincing.”

Fa Min Juan nodded. “You’re right. I’ll talk it through with my husband.” With that, she left the two of them alone to do as she had promised.

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