OMF V7C178 The Dragon King

The people outside looked at each other. “What now?” Wu Min Huan turned to Qiu Ling. He was the one who had had the idea so he felt that Qiu Ling should also be the one to decide how they would continue. Anyway, they couldn’t just wait, could they?

Qiu Ling looked at him and raised his brows. “Why are you asking me?” This wasn’t his problem, was it? He was only doing this because his beloved was sad.

Jing Yi’s lips twitched and he turned to Qiu Ling, tugging at his sleeve. “Qiu Ling, there are three people missing. And you also know Shao Hai and Xiao Dong, don’t you? Don’t you think you should help?”

Qiu Ling looked at Jing Yi and pursed his lips. “Do you think I should help?” If his beloved that yes, then he would probably do so. Otherwise …

Jing Yi had no trouble at all seeing what was going through his fiance’s mind. He sighed and looked at the people next to them. Even though he hadn’t spent much time in the Yun Zou Sect, he still thought of this as his home. And the people here were his friends. More importantly, Shao Hai and Xiao Dong were even closer to him. And he could see how much senior martial brother Nian loved Ma Zhi Wu. How could they not get involved in this?

“I think so, yes. So do you have an idea?”

Qiu Ling pondered and then turned to Nian Hong Fang. “Let him stay in there for a week or two, then go and visit him. Tell him that you have no idea what is going on but that you bothered us for so long that we let you in there.”

Nian Hong Fang’s eyes widened. “That’s all? Do you really think that this will work?”

Qiu Ling very nonchalantly pulled his beloved into his arms and then rested his chin on top of his head. “Why not? Wasn’t he just telling you about how there would be grave consequences if he told you? Well, he’s already landed himself in another grave situation. He might as well tell you now. Furthermore, he will need to do that so you can figure out what is going on and find a way to get him out. If he doesn’t want to tell you, just use that as a means of convincing him. Believe me, he’ll talk.”

Nian Hong Fang and the others still looked somewhat doubtful. Jing Yi just looked up at Qiu Ling with a thoughtful expression. He didn’t think about it very often but Qiu Ling was not just a dragon but even the dragon king. This kind of thing probably wouldn’t be too hard for him to figure out? It was a strange thought to have but it wasn’t unbelievable. The things a king would need to deal with were certainly many.

Jing Yi wanted to ask but with so many people around he could hardly bring it up.

In fact, Jing Yi wouldn’t need to wait for long. Qiu Ling was already getting impatient. There was nothing they could do about the situation of Shao Hai and Xiao Dong right now other than wait and then use the time to their advantage. Anyway, since they had been gone for a few years already, would a few days more actually matter? He didn’t feel that it was all that urgent. Thus, he felt that returning to the bamboo house and spending time with his beloved alone would be for the best.

He flashed everyone a smile and then just pushed off the ground with Jing Yi still in his arms. “Don’t worry. Just wait. You’ll see that I’m right.” With that, he vanished.

The other two disciples and the Elders were dumbfounded.

“That … The Grandmaster’s disciple is really something else.” Elder Geng scratched his head and watched the two people disappear in the distance. He wouldn’t have thought that he’d ever be treated like this by a disciple. He had hardly been able to exchange a few words with him previously.

Wu Min Huan sighed as well. “Well, if he’s right, then that will be for the best. What should we do if he isn’t though?”

Elder Geng furrowed his brows. “I still agree with the original decision that we can’t torture Shen Qiang. We’re a righteous sect. If we allow ourselves to sink to that level …” He didn’t speak any further but the other three people nodded.

Yes, that really wasn’t anything they could do. Even if they wanted to know, there had to be boundaries. If they went past those, then they really would have no right to judge.

The Grandelder sighed and patted his disciple’s back. “Anyway, not all hope is lost yet. Even if Shen Qiang won’t answer, there is still the possibility that whoever he is working for will come to either save him or dispose of him. It’s not impossible. Let’s wait for either of these two things to happen.”

Nian Hong Fang was a bit unwilling to just leave. If he could, he wanted to try immediately. But he also knew that he shouldn’t rush in though. He wasn’t that clearheaded where Ma Zhi Wu was concerned. It would be for the best to listen to what Qiu Ling had said.

He sighed and then bowed to Elder Geng and nodded at Wu Min Huan, following his Master back to his palace. His thoughts couldn’t help but return back to the possibility of finally finding out what had happened to his lover though. Maybe in a week or two, he would finally have his answer. He could see him again and then, they could pick up where they left off. He was waiting for that day to finally come.

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