Oh. My. Valentine?! (3): His Highness Smiled

On the path to the crown prince’s palace, the Heavenly Empress Bai Fen took a measuring look at her son. “Jing He, you’re looking a little downcast today.”

“Oh? I apologize for worrying you then, mother. There is nothing wrong with me.”

Bai Fen continued to look at her son and tried to gauge from his expression what was wrong. She only found that he was looking sad though. Mn, sad … What could make her even-tempered son feel like that? The thought only brought one person to her mind.

Bai Fen’s lips curved up and she gripped Jing He’s arm. “Say could it be that you feel neglected? Did your not-so-secret admirer fail to show up today?”

Jing He tensed but managed to calm himself after a moment. “What are you talking about, mother? I don’t have any admirers.”

The Heavenly Empress chuckled. Yes, sure, her son didn’t have any admirers. It certainly wasn’t the case that half of the heavenly guards had hidden a painting of him away somewhere in their rooms. And even if she didn’t consider them … there was still that dragon king that was very vocal about his feelings. “It would sound more convincing if you tried to claim that you aren’t in love yet. I’d at least take a moment to consider that.”

“Mother …”

“Aiya, don’t be like that. There’s no reason to mope yet. The day isn’t even over yet. Who knows? Maybe he’ll come by later or perhaps he was already here. Mn, let’s ask the guards about it!” She sped up her steps and pulled her son with her.

Jing He tried to stop her. “Mother, this —”

“Huang Lan!” Bai Fen waved one of the guards at the gate toward them.

The man stepped forward and cupped his fists. “Your Majesty. Your Highness.”

“Did Longjun come by?”

Huang Lan’s expression froze but he shook his head. “No, Your Majesty. I didn’t see Longjun today.” Then again they hardly noticed that guy when he came and only ever saw him walk out of the palace. Who knew if he wasn’t waiting inside right now? Ah, they really were an utter failure as heavenly guards. He should go and have the God of War punish him …

Bai Fen tightened her lips. Ah, that guy! Didn’t he normally run over here every day? Why did he have to leave one out just when her son wanted to see him?! Or could it be her son wanted to see him every day already?

She took a look at Jing He. Nothing seemed to have changed about his expression but she felt that his smile was even more desolate than before. Ah, this child! When would he stop being like this?

“Ah, well, who cares? Let’s just go in.” She grabbed Jing He’s arm and pulled him with her. Maybe that Longjun would still come over later on. It wouldn’t be too unexpected.

The two of them stepped into the palace. Against better knowledge, Jing He took a look around, hoping that that man had come over again and was waiting for him inside. He wasn’t there though.

Jing He forced himself to smile and gently pulled his arm from his mother’s grasp. “I’ll make us some tea.”

Bai Fen nodded and worriedly watched her son walk to the table to prepare the tea set.

Jing He halted in front of the table. That was … He picked up the scroll of paper and looked at the messy handwriting. It seemed some of it had been crossed out but he could still make out all of the characters. He read through the first few lines and his lips curved upward involuntarily, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

Bai Fen also smiled when she saw her son like that. Mn, it seemed that Longjun was dependable, after all. She couldn’t help but inch a little closer toward her son and raise her brows. “Is that letter from Longjun?”

Jing He flinched and pressed the letter up against his chest, his cheeks flushing red. “Mother, I —”

The Heavenly Empress chuckled when she saw her son like that. “Oh, I just remembered there’s something I need to talk to your father about. I hope you don’t mind drinking that cup of tea alone.”

“Ah … Yes. But I …” Jing He watched his mother leave before he hurriedly turned around and looked at the letter again. His heart throbbed reading it again and he couldn’t help but imagine that person saying those words to him directly.

Jing He lowered the letter and looked out of the window. Ah, who could have known? Longjun was actually someone who could find such beautiful words. He couldn’t help but want to see him right now. But then again maybe it was better that he wasn’t there or he might not have known how to react.

Jing He lifted the scroll of paper again, his lips curving into a smile when he read those last few lines. Mn, maybe Longjun wasn’t asking too much. At least, he didn’t mind to spend his days with him.

Hearing your voice for the first time made me look at you.

Seeing you for the first time made me approach you.

Holding your hand for the first time made me love you.

So, please, my love, become mine and accompany me through this life

because I’ve long lost all my senses to you.


Author’s Note:

That’s it for this year’s Valentine’s special. I hope you liked it! 😊

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4 thoughts on “Oh. My. Valentine?! (3): His Highness Smiled

  1. Dior✌💋

    Oh my oh my 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
    *am freaking out *
    Jing He liked the letter 🙉🙊🙈
    Who could have thought Qiu Ling would write such beautiful words😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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