Oh. My. Valentine?! (1): The Most Romantic Idea

Author’s Note:

It’s Valentine’s Day today so there’ll be another OMF special! 🥰 It’s actually the one I wrote for Patreon last year but since a new one is going up there today I thought you might like to see the old one 😉
There are three chapters that I’ll be spreading over the day so stay tuned.

Anyway, happy reading for the first part!


“Fu Min! Come out here for me!”

Before the blond dragon had any chance to comply with his king’s command, he got picked up by the scruff of his neck and pulled out of the room under the watchful eyes of Fu Heng. Unfortunately, even this so-called friend of his didn’t dare to get in the way of their unreasonable king. Fu Min could only accept his fate.

He retracted his head and kept a watchful eye on the worrisome person. “Your Majesty … What may I do for you?”

Qiu Ling finally let go of him and stepped back. He took his time to brush back his hair and smooth out his sleeves, giving Fu Min a good guess what all this was about. Trying to look handsome? Never mind that their king thought of himself of the most handsome man in the immortal realms anyway but there was only one person he would go to such lengths for.

Fu Min rubbed his cheek and looked away. Ah, he should prompt his king to get to the point. “Could this be related to His Highness?”

Qiu Ling cleared his throat and gave a very handsome nod. “Indeed! Fu Min, I have a very important task for you! I need you to provide me with the most romantic idea you can think of! I want to do something special for my beloved today.”

Fu Min nodded and took out a small booklet from his spatial bracelet. “Something special, yes? Let me see … Flowers?”


“But that’s —”

“I did that yesterday.”

“Oh. Gifting jewelry?”

“I did that on Tuesday.”

Fu Min blinked. Tuesday? Wasn’t that like … two days ago? He peeked at his king’s face but a certain someone had raised his chin and looked complacent as if it was a great feat to have tried all these ideas already.

Fu Min turned a few pages in his book. “Going on a romantic moonlight stroll?”

“Last week.”

Fu Min’s lips twitched. “Dance together?”

“Two weeks ago.”

“A romantic pic—”

“Last month.”

Fu Min’s brows knitted together. Excuse him?! Was there something his king hadn’t done yet?! Why was he still running over and asking for ideas?!

“I don’t think I can give you any other ideas, Your Majesty.”

Now it was on Qiu Ling to frown. “What do you mean you can’t give me any other ideas? You only mentioned five! Don’t you have a book full of them there? Could it be you don’t want to share them with your king?!”

Fu Min wanted to retort that this was the combined effort of all his king’s trusted aides that had spent hours upon hours on coming up with all that. And he had already provided him with ideas for weeks! What did their king think how long this could go on? Those ideas weren’t endless!

Qiu Ling wasn’t happy with the silence answering him. He harrumphed and reached out, taking the book from Fu Min’s hands. “You don’t want to say? Alright. Then just let me have a look myself!”

He went back to the first page and read through the notes Fu Min had scribbled down. It seemed … he had already tried all of this?

Qiu Ling frowned. How could this be? Hadn’t he only gone after Jing He for about three years? How could he have used up so many ideas already?!

Still frowning, he turned to the second page but it went on like that. Either he had already tried an idea or it was something that Fu Min had marked as ‘outrageous’. He probably couldn’t use that. Qiu Ling continued to browse through the book and pursed his lips.

There was some stuff he really couldn’t understand. For example, what was so outrageous about visiting a hot spring with his Jing He? Wouldn’t that be a really romantic outing? They’d probably have a lot of fun together! Mn, just imagining it …

Qiu Ling stared blankly at the book in his hands, his thoughts flying off to the image of Jing He slowly taking off his robe. Ah, that soft skin, those delicate shoulder blades! He liked all of it!

“Your Majesty?”

Fu Min managed to pull his king out of his thoughts after calling him three times. Qiu Ling frowned even more. Tch! Such a beautiful image had been ruined by this guy! And he couldn’t even provide him with any ideas. Fu Min should be ashamed of himself!

He raised his chin and closed the book. “I’ll take this with me to peruse it later on. You don’t have to bother about this any longer.”

“But —” Fu Min wanted to protest but a certain dragon king had already run off when he started to speak.

Behind him, Fu Heng stepped out of the room. “He’ll manage.”

“Yes, he will manage. But what about His Highness? Will he manage to live through whatever crazy thing our king comes up with?”

Fu Heng glanced at Fu Min before looking back at the spot where their king had vanished. He didn’t say anything else and the two of them finally returned to the room.

Meanwhile, a certain dragon king rushed back to his own chambers in the palace. He looked around but nobody could be seen. Ah, perfect! Nobody would disturb him here while he was coming up with the perfect idea to woo his beloved!

Qiu Ling retreated onto one of the wooden beams below the roof with a smile. Mn, this time he would manage to make Jing He fall in love with him for sure! His beloved would be really impressed with whatever he came up with and they would proclaim their love for each other and then he’d take him to the dragon realm and they’d get married the same day! Ah, life sure was beautiful. He really didn’t need anything else than his beloved in this life.

With a sigh, Qiu Ling leafed through the book. He had almost reached the end and his face had scrunched up in displeasure when he spotted two words that immediately made him turn back to the previous page to make sure he hadn’t read wrong.

He stared at the scratchy characters. Indeed! There it was! The most romantic idea he had been searching for that would certainly let him impress his beloved! Mn, he should get to work immediately. Well, it shouldn’t take too long to do this. Ah, writing a love letter shouldn’t be too hard …

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