OMF V7C163 Too Old to Understand?

Hua Ning Shun nodded and bid farewell to his father before he went to say goodbye to his two sons and his wife. Afterward, he immediately set out for the Jian Yi Sect.

The other sects and cultivation families would all need a different amount of time to arrive but it was better if he didn’t delay too much. After all, getting there early and inquiring for some more details also wouldn’t be bad. That way, he could already think some more about what his opinion on the matter was and would be able to present his stance better when the actual gathering happened.

When he left, the people in the Hua family’s estate couldn’t help but be a little worried. One person less would indeed not make much of a difference but sometimes, just this bit of a difference could already change the outcome of a fight.

Hua Lin Rong turned to his grandfather, furrowing his brows. “Do you think something will happen now that father’s gone? If that presence is indeed after Xiao Yu, having to deal with one person less would be a good opportunity, wouldn’t it?

His grandfather nodded. “Well, if it happens, don’t concern yourself with what happens here. Just take your brother and bring him somewhere safe. I will try and keep whoever it is that is targeting Xiao Yu occupied.”

Hua Lin Rong observed his grandfather’s face. His brows had been drawn taut and there was a graveness about the way he looked out of the door that made him realize just how small his grandfather thought the chances of him winning actually were. If the presence indeed attacked them, his grandfather might not make it. And if Xiao Yu was gone, who knew what would happen to the rest of the family? If that … thing wasn’t able to find them, maybe it would grow angry and attack everybody else to vent its anger? If that was the case …

He looked at his little brother and couldn’t help but sigh. He wanted to protect him at all costs. If it was his own life, that could gladly be given. But sacrificing everybody from the Hua family for one person might be too much. Was there nothing else they could do?

He pondered and finally, his expression lit up. He turned to his grandfather with a sly smile. “Say, don’t you think that this would be a good opportunity to ask for help?”

Hua Ming Jun looked at his oldest grandson and raised his brows. “Who do you know that you could ask for help that is stronger than your grandfather?”

Huan Lin Rong’s smile got even brighter. “It’s nobody that I know. But didn’t grandfather get to meet our friendly neighborhood dragon a while ago? And didn’t he offer his help? Well, now that father is out of the estate, why don’t we invite him and let him make true on that promise?”

Hua Ming Jun’s brows rose even further. “You want to ask him if he could come over to guard Xiao Yu?”

Hua Lin Rong shrugged his shoulders. “We don’t have to phrase it that way. We could just … invite him. As his neighbors. I mean he has been living here for quite a while now. Shouldn’t we do something like that once in a while?

“And then we could casually mention how we’re afraid that somebody might be after our Xiao Yu’s life. Since we were so nice to him, don’t you think he would feel obligated to help us out?”

Hua Ming Jun looked at his oldest grandson and shook his head. “That’s the stupidest plan I’ve ever heard. It could work though. Well, whether it does or not, it shouldn’t hurt to ask him. Actually, we might as well tell him the truth about what is going on. I already mentioned the matter when we met that day and just didn’t give any details.

“If we asked for his help now, he probably wouldn’t take offense. In any case, isn’t this just admitting that he is stronger than us? I heard that the dragons are very proud creatures. He might actually be flattered that we would ask for his help.”

Hua Lin Rong narrowed his eyes. “If that in that case, maybe we should even be a bit more obvious. Just tell him that you’d like him to take a look to see if he can find out more than us since he is so much stronger. Wouldn’t he like that even more?”

Hua Ming Jun rubbed his chin and nodded. “That does indeed sound quite good. Yes, let’s give that a try. Anyway, if he says no, then we can still fall back on the original plan. It’s not like we have many other choices.”

“Then you better hurry up. Father hasn’t left for long. Maybe whatever that presence is won’t attack too soon.”

“Mn. I’ll do that then. Let’s hope that this works out and won’t bring about even more trouble.” After all, if dragons were proud, then even though he might be flattered at being seen as strong, he might also get angry at being asked to do such a simple task.

Hua Lin Rong shook his head though. “I wouldn’t know how anything could bring even more trouble than this.”

His grandfather gave another nod and then left, rushing to the estate that Xin Lan had occupied since the came over to this region.

Looking at this building, Hua Ming Jun’s lips twitched. This dragon … He sure was leading a good life. Hopefully, he would still remember what he said the last time and was a good enough person that he would be willing to leave this place for a while and help them with this matter. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t even be able to tell him just how long that would take. It really was a pity. Well, there was nothing he could do about that.

He landed in front of the estate and knocked on the door. There weren’t any servants around as if this person was living on their own. Well, the only people he could find here to serve him would be humans and most of them would likely not take well to it if they discovered that their Master wasn’t human at all. In fact, somebody who wasn’t affiliated with the world of cultivation might even think of him as a demon as long as he didn’t take on his dragon form. That would truly be too awkward.

Just when he thought so, the gate opened and a woman rushed out, stopping in her tracks when she saw him.

Hua Ming Jun looked at her, his eyes bulging. This … Why wasn’t she wearing her clothes properly? Could somebody give him an explanation for this that did not involve the dragon living in the state?!

Unfortunately, precisely that dragon stepped out, giving the woman a lazy glance before he turned to him. “Is there something I can do for you?”

Hua Ming Jun’s lips twitched. Wasn’t he a little too nonchalant about this? There was an almost naked woman standing right next to them! Could it be that he was too old to understand how this was normal?!

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