OMF V7C159 Hardly Worth His Time

Yong Hai chuckled and folded the list, putting it into his clothes. “Not bad. You actually found out more than I expected. I guess that means we can indeed work together.”

Yin Lin Lin scoffed. “Don’t forget that it was you who asked me for this.”

“Yes, yes, of course. No need to be like this.” He turned to the side and grabbed the chin of the young man next to him. “Darling, why don’t you go and get us some wine? I’d like to drink a bit to celebrate my success. I’m sure the … ‘Goddess of Love’ thinks the same.” He grinned, not bothering to hide his derision at all.

Yin Lin Lin wanted to erupt but then reconsidered. Anyway, she still had to work with him. Even though she disliked him, she would have to put up with it for now.

Yong Hai observed her from the corner of his eyes and his smile became even more pronounced when she didn’t dare to do anything. As expected, these gods were all fundamentally weak. That was why they relied on the dragons to shield them and hoped that the dragons and demons would remain as two races. But he would change that. He would make sure that the dragons returned to being a part of the proud demon race and afterward, he would conquer the gods. He would wipe out those that refused to bend their knees for them and enslave those that were too weak to resist. This was how the immortal realms should be. Only their race deserved to be at the top.

The young man twisted out of Yong Hai’s arms and went to do as he had told him. When he returned with the flask, he sat down on Yong Hai’s lap, filling the cup and handing it over to him.

Yong Hai looked at him and took the cup with a smile. Since he started to amass some power, this kind of thing was a normal appearance. These beauties would always gravitate to those who were powerful and could give them what they wanted. Naturally, they would want to develop a good relationship with him before he became king in the hope that he would still remember them when the time came.

Hmph. As if. These people were indeed not bad but he had higher aspirations. He had seen the beauties in Jin Ling’s harem. He definitely wouldn’t allow himself to be any worse off than that guy who had only ever bowed down to the gods. No, he would have a harem that was filled with beauties equal or even better than the ones Jin Ling possessed. This youth was good but just not up to par.

He sipped the wine and watched as the beauty took the other cup, filled it and raised it to his own lips, ignoring Yin Lin Lin to the side. Yong Hai laughed and pulled the youth closer. This wasn’t bad. Temperament was also important. Maybe … he would reconsider this if he continued to surprise him. A king could certainly have a varied taste.

Opposite them, Yin Lin Lin clenched her hands, her body almost trembling with rage. A lowly servant dared to slight her! Who did he think he was?! She wanted to scold him but … then she remembered her situation. Who was he? A nobody. But then who was she? She wasn’t any better off.

Her father was dead and a god no less. The people she had been able to rely on previously weren’t on her side anymore. Her husband was the one standing against Yong Hai and obviously, this servant was currently pleasing to Yong Hai’s eyes. Naturally, he would rather give in to this boy’s whims than to favor her as the one who had brought him information.

But this also meant that she had her answer now as to what would happen if Jin Ling lost against Yong Hai: She would go down with him. There was no way Yong Hai would let her have a good life. He would use her for all that she was worth and then forget about her in the best case or get her killed in the worst. She had to make sure that Jin Ling won this fight.

She once again glanced at the two servants. She had seen this type of person more than once. They would go wherever they saw an advantage for themselves. Establishing connections with who might be the future demon king seemed very beneficial to them right now but … if the current demon king knocked on their doors and showed that he still had the same power as before and was willing to take them in, they would jump ships immediately. So if she told Jin Ling about them …

Yin Lin Lin raised her chin and gritted her teeth. She disliked this way of having more than one spouse that the demons practiced. But this was how things went here. What could she do about it? And obviously, it was beneficial to them. Jin Ling had told her about this before but she had foolishly thought that she might be able to make him change his mind.

Well, she hadn’t. In fact, since she came here, they had spent less and less time with each other while she still had to put up with the other beauties that would come and vie for his attention. Now, she finally understood why.

She pushed the thought away and glared at Yong Hai. “I brought you the information you wanted. You should be convinced that this is beneficial for both of us now, shouldn’t you? So what is the next step? I don’t want to have to see this even a minute longer than I have to.”

Yong Hai didn’t take her complaints seriously at all. In fact, he even pulled the beauty next to him closer, kissing the corner of his lips. “Well, next would be devising the plan as to how to take down your husband. I’m sure you’ll know just what he has been up to over the past weeks. When we use that to our advantage, it’ll be an easy feat. Hardly worth my time.”

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