RMN C97 Pointing in His Direction

Elder Baili didn’t seem to care at all. Anyway, he had already seen how that Yang Wu Huang had behaved the other day so his opinion of him wasn’t very high.

Elder Xing had more reason to wonder about this and couldn’t help but raise his brows. “Why would you say so?”

Mei Chao Bing was already very happy that he was able to explain himself instead of being shut down right away. This meant that Elder Xing did indeed trust him quite a bit. With Yang Wu Huang’s cultivation base and the fact that his Master was also a distinguished Elder of their sect, the Teng Yong Sect definitely wouldn’t easily suspect him.

Most other Elders probably would’ve shut down his words immediately. He didn’t know what made Elder Xing react differently. Maybe it was because he was a very fair person that would want to look at the matter from all sides before making a decision or maybe he indeed did have some trust in him.

Anyway, it was good if he was able to say what he thought. That way, the Elders might be able to find out who the perpetrator was. Then, the ones who had died might be able to rest in peace. By now, it wasn’t too late yet.

“Well, if this was indeed one of the disciples, then there would be a few requirements for them to be able to pull this off. For one, they would need to be able to find the array. The lower the cultivation base, the lower the chance of doing so. After me, Yang Wu Huang should be the person with the second-highest cultivation base so, in that regard, he would be the next likely suspect.

“Other than that, another matter would be the feasibility of going to the array and sabotaging it before returning to where they came from. The one that was used was in the area our group was supposed to search. Thus the disciples would need to rush through their area, into ours and then back again. This is also something that will be easier with a higher cultivation base. After all the speed they can fly at without tiring themselves out and risking that they wouldn’t be able to flee later on if the demonic practitioners appear will be higher the higher their level is. Once again, Yang Wu Huang would be the most likely suspect after me in that regard.

“Furthermore, the energy that is needed to fly over would be less if the person didn’t have a wide way to fly to get to the array. Thus anyone from the groups on either side of our area would be more likely than disciples from the groups that were further away. Yang Wu Huang’s group was next to ours. This would also point in his direction if we assume that it was indeed one of our disciples.”

Elder Xing nodded. Each point Mei Chao Bing had mentioned was indeed true without trying to mask anything or falsify facts. Most of it concerned the cultivation base so, naturally, Yang Wu Huang would be implicated but, well, that was indeed the most important aspect of this matter. “Anything else?”

Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows. “Nothing tangible. There is one thing that is more of a hope actually.”

This time, both Elders raised their brows.

Mei Chao Bing sighed. “I would like to think that there is no traitor among our disciples. So maybe if somebody did this but had another motive for doing so, then that I would be glad about that. This matter would a tragedy nonetheless since we lost disciples but … if this person is indeed a traitor, that would be even worse for our Teng Yong Sect. After all, we would need time to make sure who the person is while they could still give out information to the other side or endanger the other disciples even further. So … another motive would be preferable in my eyes as harsh as that may sound.”

Elder Xing also furrowed his brows. “You mean to say that Yang Wu Huang could have another motive for doing this? One that would not mean that he is, in fact, a traitor to our sect?”

Mei Chao Bing hesitated but then nodded. “I’m not sure if this would be enough of a motive to cause something like this but it could also be that he just misjudged the consequences that his actions would have. Anyway, I think it isn’t secret that Yang Wu Huang and I have been in some sort of … competition since we entered the sect.

“With my current reputation, the others would most likely suspect me to be the perpetrator if something happens here. Thus, Yang Wu Huang might have thought that if he did this, then he could pin that crime on my head.

“It would mean that he was able to eliminate somebody that he deems to be his rival and ascertain his standing in the sect. He might have felt … threatened because of what Elder Baili said yesterday since my cultivation base is still higher. If I was able to restore my reputation, maybe recognize another Master or maybe just be supported by the sect like an inner sect disciple without a Master, I might even be able to make progress.

“That might have put him under pressure and thus caused him to make a rash decision. I would like to think that this is not true but as I said it is still much better than assuming that there is a traitor among our disciples.”

Elder Xing nodded slowly even though he wasn’t quite sure what to think. On one hand, what Mei Chao Bing said was true. If this wasn’t the action of a traitor but just that of a jealous person, then they wouldn’t need to fear for that person’s next actions. On the other hand, he didn’t want to imagine that some of their disciples hated each other to the point that they would sabotage an important mission and risk the lives of all their fellow disciples. If that was true …

He didn’t know what they should do. Traitors could be found and dealt with. But this? They might be able to kick him out of the sect but what then? If they actually were able to find traces and they did point in the direction of Yang Wu Huang, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to deal with it. This case would likely need the Sect Master to make a decision. Anyway, they first needed to find any clues. Until then, all talk was pointless.

“Very well. Is there anything else the five of you would like to add?” His gaze flitted over the five disciples that all shook their heads. “Good. Then you may go.” He waited for them to leave the room and then sighed when the door closed behind them, turning to Elder Baili. Before they spoke with the others, they might need to talk about this. After all, there were still some things left unsaid.

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